Question 3


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Question 3

  1. 1. How did you use media technology in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages.
  2. 2. For our documentary we used the Sony HXR- MC200E camera to film all of our footage.It was a really good camera to use and was a really high quality camera. The camerafilmed in 1080p so give of a really vibrant and crisp image really enhancing thedocumentary making it vibrant in colours and detail. It was a really good experiencelearning how to use these cameras as it really gives you an in depth feel of what it islike to work in this sort of industry and how lighting and framing can really make anpice of footage really good or really bad as we learned to film our subjects from thefront capturing them in the rule of thirds this give the frame a good composition andmade sure you could clearly see the subject.
  3. 3. For our radio advert we filmed it in the college radio booth. This give us an incite whatits like in a radio station and all the equipment they use to create a show. Using theradio booth for the voice in the radio advert it really give off a clear crisp soundingsound that really sounded professional and helped develop our work into a higherstandard.
  4. 4. We used clip mic’s when filming interviews for our documentary these give a muchmore focused sound and help to block out a lot of background noise so again therereally helped take our documentary to the next level. Once we had used clip mic’s theyrecorded in mono so only played in one headphone but this was easily fixed using thefill left in adobe premier which filtered the sound into both headphones. We also usedboom mic’s on the camera for general filming of the band at gigs and rehearsing thisgive a much more unfocused sound capturing all the sound around it which wasperfect for filming the band as it captured all the instruments and crowed whichcreated some nice non diagetic sound for the documentary.
  5. 5. We used tripods for filming parts of ourdocumentary such as when filming theinterviews. The tripods we used wherereally good and we were able to makesure we had the height and angle wewanted for the interviews. Being ableto use tripods for our documentaryhelped us keep to the codes ofconventions of filming an interviewhaving a steady cam and using the ruleof thirds we were able to createprofessional interview setups with agood mese en scene. We did not usetripods for all of our filming as we diduse the cameras hand held this lookgive the documentary a real life rawfootage feel too it and I think we had agood combination of both tripod andhand held shots throughout.
  6. 6. In the process of making the documentary we used a lot of adobe software. This was a reallygood set of programs to used and are used at a professional level. We used adobe premier toedit together both the documentary and the radio trailer. I think it was a really good piece ofsoftware, that was hard to understand at first but once we understood the software we foundit easy to edit the documentary together being able to edit the sound and fill left with the clipmics and also being able to edit the footage it self enhancing the colours and adding effects tothe footage like a cross dissolveWe also used Photoshop to create the graphics for our documentary like the title screen “ theK’s road to stardom” this enabled us to really make some unique stand out graphics thatpeople would see and remember rather then just Palin text we wanted to make it moreexciting and eye catching to the viewer. And finally we used light room to edit the photographswe really wanted our poster for the documentary to stand out so light room enabled us toreally enhance the photograph chaining the contrast and vibrancy of the image to really makeit stand out.
  7. 7. Adobe premier was a really good technical program we used in this I learned about thedifferent layers you can use this was really good to learn as you had to learn about adding nodiagetic and diagetic sound and with out knowing you way around the layers this would ofbeen really confusing and hard to use. I also learned a lot about the effects bank. And how thiscan really enhance the documentary with its transitions and also effects on the video beingable to enhance the colours making a much more eye catching documentary. Finally the timeline was really important as it really helped get the documentary in order and run smoothlygoing through the right frames.
  8. 8. Photoshop and light room was also a really big part of making our documentary we used it tocreate text for our documentary using dafont to get the text and then putting it intoPhotoshop and using the cut tool to edit it and change the colours of the photograph. Weused light room to edit the photographs this was a really good program to use it was fast andeffective. It worked really well as there was easy to use tools to the side that would easilychange the colours and the vibrancy. It was also really good to enhance clarity in thephotographs and over all created a really nice stand out image. We then placed the photoback into Photoshop and placed in text and logos of the bbc. Combined the programs made areally effective and professional poster and graphics for the documentary.
  9. 9. We also used a lot of Microsoft software I have used word to type up my documents such asthe radio trailer and the running order for the documentary. The software was easy to use andwas the best format to do this type of work in as it was easy accessible and easy to change ifneeded.We also used PowerPoint to construct a lot of things for our documentary I have found it veryhelpful in my evaluation stage using each slide as a different section I feel that it flows reallywell and looks good too. Finally we used Microsoft excel to create some feedback from ourquestionnaires this program was really effective and give us our feedback in a much easier andmore understandable and enabled us to take effect on what our audience thought.We also used the dell insperon to work on this was a really good computer to work on as ithandled the software well handling all the data we needed fast and effectively.
  10. 10. I also used a lot of web based programmes to help construct the documentary. I used dafontto get unique fonts for the documentary this was good as it give us unique fonts that reallystood out and people would remember.We used blogger to keep our progress of the documentary on. I think it was a great piece ofsoftware to use as we were able to access it form any were and work on it or be able to reviewthings such as audience feedback so it worked really well as it was always accessible to us.Finally I used you tube for a lot of the research I did this helped me a lot as if was able to useyou tube to watch all different types of documentaries and use the information I gathered tomake my documentary a lot better.
  11. 11. SummaryTo summarise the question I feel like we have used a wide range of technology from programsI am used to such as Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint but I have also used a lot of newsoftware such as adobe premier this was a really good piece of software I found it to be reallycomplex and confusing at first but with some work shops found the software a lot better tounderstand and a lot easier to work with.With the new way with digital editing it made the process a lot easier we were able to veryearly transfer the footage from the camera to the computer rather then the old way of havingto take out a feel of film and transfer it. It was also a lot easier to look through the footage onthe computer as it was converted into small easy to view files so it really helped speed up theprocess.