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Module 5 ppt

Module 5 ppt






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    Module 5 ppt Module 5 ppt Presentation Transcript

    • The Constitution
      Federal Involvement in Education and it’s Basis in the……
    • The U.S. Constitution is the highest law of the land. It is one of the greatest documents ever written. The U.S. constitution has been the backbone of the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.
    • Initial Intentions
      When written the U.S. Constitution was intended to serve as the highest law of the land. If followed explicitly the document would serve as a virtually infallible text with which a nation could be forged and maintained.
    • Throughout the years there has been a consistent departure from strict adherences to the constitution which has resulted in several problems.
      There has been a gradual erosion of liberty.
      There has been a steady decrease in the powers specifically guaranteed to the states.
      Increased spending has resulted in an out of control national deficit.
      With each new act of increased Federal involvement in our lives there has been a reciprocal loss of functionality within our country.
    • Federal Spending on Education
      This graph illustrates how Federal spending on education has increased by nearly 6 times since 1980!
    • Federal involvement in education is unconstitutional and has only served to hinder the ability of states to fulfill their obligations of providing our children with the quality education that we have come to cherish as a right here in the United States.
    • David Boaz writing for the Cato Institute in his article titled “Education and the Constitution” states the following:
      “Education is not mentioned in the constitution and for good reason. The founders wanted most aspects of life managed by those closest to them, either by state or local government or by families, business, and other elements of civil society. Certainly they saw no role for the federal government in education.”
      See Article Education and the Constitution | Cato @ Liberty
    • The No Child Left Behind Act may be the greatest example of the failure of the federal government in education. Below are just few of the problems with NCLB.
      Too little focus on social causes of poor performance.
      Too much focus on a narrow curriculum.
      Top down mandates.
      Punishment before capacity building.
      Lack of evidence of for change strategies.
      Inadequate funding.
      Violation of states rights.
    • Top down mandates have a tendency to be based upon silver bullet approaches to education. Education is dynamic in nature and requires educators to adapt to ever changing circumstances.
    • With every new level of power usurped by the federal government the wishes and recommendation of local officials, educators, and everyday citizens are trampled upon.
    • Ten years of NCLB has resulted in increased administrative cost and turmoil
      for local school districts.
    • It is the desire of the composer that each individual will take a very in depth look at the individuals perpetuating the policies that are bringing down our educational system that was once the envy of the developed world.
    • Only we as citizens can bring about a new direction that will help refocus the direction of our nation and preserve a future for our children.
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