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"S" Is For Strategy: Charting Communication In The Digital Age

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In July 2010, I presented a two-part seminar to PRSA Alaska, both in Anchorage and Fairbanks. This is Part I, which focused on strategic communication planning in the digital age.

In July 2010, I presented a two-part seminar to PRSA Alaska, both in Anchorage and Fairbanks. This is Part I, which focused on strategic communication planning in the digital age.

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  • 1. “S” is for strategy:
    CHARTING Communication in the digital age
    Shonali Burke, ABC
    Presented at PRSA Alaska
    July 21 & 22, 2010
  • 2. Cartoon: HubSpot, Flickr (CC)
  • 3.
  • 4. Fundamentals of Planning
  • 5. Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery
    First-ever OutwinBoochever Portrait Competition (2005-2006)
    Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery
  • 6. What was the problem?
    NPG perceived as outdated
    Lack of connection with today’s artists
    Portraiture not perceived as “cool” or “hip”
    Aimed to reach emerging & mid-career artists
    Needed to secure 2,000 entries for the contest to be viable
    Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery
  • 7. Image: saaby, Flickr (CC)
  • 8. What We Did
    Media outreach
    Media buy
    Direct mail
    “Portrait of an Artist”
  • 9. Results
    Changed creative
    Impacted tactics & collateral
    Influenced media buy
    Influenced media outreach
    Net-net: 4,000+ entries (double goal)
    Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery
  • 10. A Good Foundation Doesn’t Change
  • 11. Communicator, SWOT Thyself
    What internal factors add value to the organization? Services? Thought leadership? Financial base?
    What are the organization’s internal value-destroying issues? Low morale? Bad reputation? Lack of vision/leadership?
    What external negatives threaten the organization? Change in government? Change in audience? Technology?
    What can add value to the organization from the outside? Weak competitors? Growing marketplace? Technology?
  • 12. Take a Snapshot
  • 13. From Snapshot to Strategy
  • 14. KPIs… What The @#*!
    “… a measure of performance used to help an organization define and evaluate how successful it is, typically in terms of making progress towards its organizational goals.”
    ~ Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_performance_indicators
  • 15. Key Performance Indicators
    Track effectiveness of your program against business objectives, e.g.:
    Web traffic
    Image: Art by Steve Johnson, Flickr (CC)
  • 16. KPIs Business Objectives
    Courtesy: KD Paine & Partners
  • 17. KPIs Business Objectives
    Courtesy: KD Paine & Partners
  • 18. Launch of the ASPCA’s “Mobile Animal CSI Unit”
  • 19. Tactics
    Micro-site featuring a “pledge to fight animal cruelty”, www.fightcruelty.org
    Aggressive media outreach
    Integrated social media & internal communications
    Postings on ASPCA’s online community, MySpace and Facebook pages
    Pre- and post-surveys to gauge post-launch and campaign awareness
  • 20. Results
    Secured earned media coverage in all top 50 DMAs (goal):
    Print: 2.3 million+ impressions
    Radio: 7.5 million listeners
    TV: 16,000,000+ viewers
    Raised Web traffic by >22% over November (more than double goal of 10%)
    Secured 4,700 new registered users via signing of Anti-Cruelty pledge: 56% > goal (3,000)
    Pre- to post-survey awareness 28%
    Expense budget: $130,000
    CPI: $.10
  • 21. The Importance of Messaging
  • 22. Consistency Is Key
  • 23. Cartoon: HubSpot, Flickr (CC)
    And Now We Have Social…
  • 24. The Craziness of Social
    Image: Masonite Burn, Flickr (CC)
  • 25. Opportunity to Ask…
  • 26. … and Listen
  • 27. “Question”
  • 28. “Answer”… Sort Of
  • 29. Monitoring

    Image: ErlendAasland, Flickr (CC)
  • 30. “Getting a Seat at the Table”
    Image: oskay, Flickr (CC)
  • 31. Questions?
    Where you can find me:
    E-mail: info@shonaliburke.com
    Twitter: @shonali
    Blog: www.WaxingUnLyrical.com
    Web: www.shonaliburke.com
    Skype: sburke15
    Image: Håkan Dahlström, Flickr (CC)
    Title slide image: teachernz, Flickr (CC)
    Thank you!