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Anne Hutchinson's Life



Anne Hutchinson's Life

Anne Hutchinson's Life



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Anne Hutchinson's Life Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By: Sarah Holgerson and
    Kierston Matheson
    Anne Hutchinson
  • 2. LIFE
  • 3. Anne Marbury was born in Alford, Lincolnshire, England on July, 1591
    Her mother and father was Bridget Dryden and Francis Marbury
    Francis Marbury was a deacon at Christ Church, Cambridge
    Anne Hutchinson’s Early Life
  • 4. Anne Hutchinson’s Early Life
    During those days the church ministers were chosen for government reasons instead of spiritual reasons
    Anne’s father disagreed with this method of running things and he spoke out
    He was punished but he stood strong
    Anne inherited his assertiveness and it would play a life changing role in her life
  • 5. Anne Hutchinson’s Life
    Anne grew up home-schooled and was very well educated
    Her interest in theology grew and her opinions and beliefs mirrored her fathers
    At the age of 21 she married Will Hutchinson
    They settled in Alford and she became a mother and a housewife
  • 6. Journey to the Colonies
    By that time many people were concerned about the corruption of the catholic church
    Anne Hutchinson and her family made the journey to America (the colonies)
    They settled Massachusetts
  • 7. When they arrived they thought that they could worship freely as they pleased but it was not so
    In Massachusetts it was Puritan based, and there teachings were not the same beliefs as Anne Hutchinson's
    So, she decided to stand for what she believed
    Arriving in Massachusetts
  • 8. Creed
    She lived in a time where women weren’t allowed to do much, so she created a creed, a list of her religious beliefs.
    The puritans in Massachusetts prosecuted her for the creed.
  • 9. Beliefs
    She believed that people should have freedom of thought, speech, and worship.
    She thought that there shouldn’t be slaves, and they should be free.
    She disagreed with the lack of women’s rights.
  • 10. Bible Study Group
    She started a home Bible study group where people came and asked questions about the Bible.
    She started by inviting friends and neighbors that were women.
    Later, more people started coming, including men, until there were 80 people. They had to move to a local church.
  • 11. Anne studied the Bible in great depth on her own.
    She especially studied the story of Adam and Eve because it was important to the puritans. They believed it to be the doctrine of original sin, and she had questions about it.
    Puritans didn’t agree with her religious beliefs, so they arrested her.
    Beliefs and Persecution
  • 12. The Trial
    1637, Anne stood alone on trial against 49 educated and powerful men
    She was tried for expressing religious beliefs that were not the same beliefs as the colonies' rulers
    She was quick witted and smart but she was found guilty and she fled to Rhode Island
    In Rhode Island she was able to worship freely
  • 13. Anne’s Legacy
    Anne Hutchinson left a legacy that if we believe in something strongly, then we should fight for it and not give up
    Sir Henry Vane, who was part of Anne Hutchinson’s bible study group, later became the governor of the Massachusetts bay colony.
    She helped make it possible for us to have freedom of Religion today
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