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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Shoji Kajita, Ph.D., IT Planning Office, IIMC/ACCMS, Kyoto University Yuki Yamada, KEL June 10-15, 2012Growing Community;Growing Possibilities
  • 2.  Part I: Shoji Kajita (Kyoto University) ◦ Background  A brief history on translation activities in the past decade  Current challenges on Sakai L10n  A vision for realizing Community Translation ◦ Benten  Why Eclipse Japan Group developed  How Benten can support translation activities ◦ Demo ◦ Adaptation to Institutional Local Needs  What we are learning at Kyoto Univ to launch CLE 2.9.x Part II: Yuki Yamada (KEL) ◦ How Ja Sakai Community tries to use Benten Q&A 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 2
  • 3. A brief history on translationactivities in the past decadeCurrent challenges on Sakai L10nA vision for realizing CommunityTranslation 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 3
  • 4.  FrankTang: “Mozilla I18n & L10n Guideline” ◦ A set of conventions affected or determined by human language and customs, as defined within a particular geo-political region ◦ These conventions include (but are not necessarily limited to) the written language, formats for dates, numbers and currency, sorting orders, etc
  • 5.  Designing and developing a software product to function in multiple locales This process involves identifying the locales that must be supported, designing features which support those locales, and writing code/transformations that functions equally well in any of the supported locales
  • 6. Locale Independent US Components, Resources Chinese English and Processing UK English Spanish French Japanese1. Separating locale dependent components, resources and processing2. Preparing translated resources for each locale3. Allowing users to select their locale resource
  • 7.  Since 1998, ended at 2002 Version 1.3 – 3.2 7
  • 8. CBookmark Wiki-based Translation SiteCWebProxy Since 2002 by Nagoya University (2002-2003) We introduced Wiki-based translation site to help translators 8
  • 9.  Since 2004 by ULAN Project (2004-2007) Most of Sakai tools are on-going so that keeping translated resources up-to-date is quite tough 9
  • 10.  No ◦ uPortal (JA-SIG)  The portal frame for H.E. ◦ CAS (JA-SIG)  A Single-Sing-On solution ◦ Bedework  An institutional calendar ◦ And more … It is a very good timing to introduce the notion of Community Translation for Higher Ed 10
  • 11. Collaborative translation activities by communitymembers by using the infrastructure with sharedTranslation Memory (Dictionary) and TranslationWorkflow Support System Translation Memory Separately performed and efforts wasted Translation Workflow Support System Sakai Sakai Jasig Jasig Jasig Jasig CLE ・・・ CLE ・・・ Bedework uPortal Bedework uPortal OAE OAE The last decade… The next decade… 11
  • 12. Thanks: Motoki Mori"Tide to Community-based Translation”AGIS2009 Conference 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 12
  • 13. a. Eclipse as A Product a. A very popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java b. Open Source provided in EPL (Eclipse Public License) c. Developed by community like Jasig and Sakaib. Eclipse Foundation as A Community a. Well-organized b. Open c. Promotes “Business with/on Eclipse platform.”c. L10N of Eclipse a. IBM had handled from the beginning and quit in 2006 Thanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 13
  • 14. Version Resource Bundle Files Project Language User Name Updated DateOriginal English Strings Translated Strings History of Translation 14
  • 15.  Help documents remains in English ◦ A huge amount of translation work was required The latter’s translations overwrite the former ◦ No version control Uncontrollable translation inconsistency • Eclipse Japan Group decided to develop “Translation Assistance Tools with Translation Memory” = Benten • IPA (Information Technology Promotion Agency) funded the Benten project in 2009 Thanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 15
  • 16.  Establishing sustainable translation community for localizing help files with a few core members ◦ Supporting scalability of community ◦ Capability of controlling translation quality For the purpose, we provide: ◦ Translation assistance tools ◦ Translation memory & glossary ◦ Role based workflow and supporting tools (translation workflow assistance tools and translation community server) Thanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 16
  • 17.  Concepts ◦ Definition of roles ◦ Definition of translation workflow ◦ Emphasizing review by engineers ◦ Efficient translation and review with integrated assistance Features ◦ Implemented as an Eclipse plug-in ◦ Provided as an open source under EPL ◦ Efficient translation and review by using XLIFF Editor integrated with translation memory. ◦ Applicable to non-HTML format by developing a filters Thanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 17
  • 18. Translation Prioritize and assign translation issues coordinator Convert original resources into XLIFFTranslation committer Commit final translations into TM Reviewer Review translated resources Translator Translate resourcesThanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 18
  • 19. Committer Coordinator Reviewer Translator Convert HTML to XLIFF, Divide XLIFF into and apply the previous small translation translation tasks Create Create Translation Translate XLIFF Tasks Commit Review Translate tasks Commit the translation to XLIFF Review tasks Release Build a delivery package, and release itTranslation committer controls translation qualityThanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference 19
  • 20. Babel Translation community server Translation Assistance tools Task User XLIFF Editor management management Wiki ResourceTranslator Search and get TM Management System admin Search and get Glossary Mailing list Repository Validate Translation Reviewer Translation workflow Benten assistance tools Transform original to XLIFFTranslation Pick out and MergeCoordinator XLIFF Machine translation Translation StatisticsTranslation Maintenance TMcommitter 20 Thanks: Motoki Mori "Tide to Community-based Translation", AGIS2009 Conference
  • 21. How to use Benten in translating newresources (not Community Translation) 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 21
  • 22. 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 22
  • 23. 1. Import Translation Target [skip] ◦ Target: *.properties, *.html, …2. Convert Translation Target to XLIFF…3. Apply Exact-Match Translations4. Apply Existing Translation [skip] ◦ To incorporate context dependent translations5. Apply Fuzzy-Match Translations6. Manually Translate New Targets…7. Export Translation Results Please join our Tech Demo Session on Wednesday evening! 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 23
  • 24.  Manual operations required to… ◦ Import translation target ◦ Generate initial Translation Memory Glossary Dictionary must be re-built for us ◦ The current Glossary is dedicated to Eclipse world Collaborative translation workflow must be developed for us ◦ We don’t have Bebel Translation Server ◦ Each product has their own repository 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 24
  • 25.  Benten could be used for the infrastructure… We need more investments to tackle challenges… We need more other locale experiences…Launching a project as a Jasig Incubator could be away to develop Community Translation Infrastructure 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 25
  • 26. A Simple Example 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 26
  • 27.  The word “Student” Modified TM for Kyoto University must be changed from “学生” to “受講生” ◦ The initial use case was in-house training for faculty, staff and students ◦ Topics: information security and appropriate use of grant money The steps to adapt to the needs ◦ Change the word in Translation Memory ◦ Perform the translation workflow by using the modified TM 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 27
  • 28. An initial trial to seek the wayto Community Translation 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 28
  • 29. On Shoji and Yuki’s talks 2012 Jasig Sakai Conference 29