Developing Viral and Sticky Apps

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This slide deck was presented at Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference 2010 at Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California on Sept 24th, 2010.

This slide deck was presented at Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference 2010 at Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California on Sept 24th, 2010.

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  • 1. Developing Viral and Sticky Apps Sept 24, 2010 Shoieb Yunus Founder & CEO Vpype Corporation - a ‘Social Video’ company
  • 2. Introduction
    • Developing Viral and Sticky apps
      • Social and Mobile platforms
    • How to get there?
  • 3. Where to start?
    • Facebook for desktop and mobile
    • Mobile platforms
      • Such as iPad, iPhone or Android
  • 4. The Answer
    • It does not matter
    • Same issues to deal with, perhaps in a different order
  • 5. The Process
    • Have got a brilliant idea
    • Look at the competitive landscape
    • Pick a platform
    • Resource allocation
      • Human capital
      • $$
  • 6. Market Research
    • Do your homework first before …
      • Market size
      • Target market
      • Target audience
      • Potential strategic partnerships
      • Know your customer
      • Revenue realization methods
  • 7. Ask Yourself
    • Unique value proposition?
      • Does your app solve a unique problem?
      • Niche market versus Mass market
      • Better, faster, economical, easy or fun to use
  • 8. Research Your Competition
    • It’s more than competitive analysis
    • Do an internal audit
      • Core competency
      • Team
      • Funding
    • What’s your secret weapon to success?
  • 9. Your Arsenal
    • Unfair Competitive Advantage
      • What is it that you know/have that your competition does not know/have?
    • Nature of the game?
      • Patents, IP or the Execution
      • Be clear about it!
  • 10. Social Apps
    • The absolute must have --> Simple, easy-to-use, consumer-friendly app
    • The simplicity of UI and UX are paramount
      • Even more important than worrying about designing-in ‘Virality’ and ‘Stickiness’
  • 11. The Hook: UI and UX
    • Focus --> Fluid navigation
      • What’s on the screen?
      • How is it organized?
    • Avoid pull down menus, unfamiliar icons
    • Color selection and color palettes
      • Know your audience
    • Familiarize yourself with a variety of apps on Facebook and iPhone in different genres
  • 12. More on UI and UX
    • You may be a world-class developer, but not a designer
    • Hire a designer and a UX expert
  • 13. Sticky Apps
    • Is your app sticky?
      • Frequently return visits --> repeat usage
      • People install/uninstall apps like flipping TV channels
      • User behavior and psychology
    • Can you name a few sticky apps on any social or mobile platforms?
  • 14. Developing Sticky Apps: User behavior driven
    • Popular Facebook social gaming apps use different tactics to keep their users engaged with the app
      • Provide incentives on time spent on the app, e.g. a gift will be sent, increase virtual currency, etc.
      • Provide incentives when users come to the app more frequently
      • Provide incentives to invite friends/ interact with friends
      • Add to bookmark will earn you bonuses/points
  • 15. Developing Sticky Apps: Using Facebook Social Plug-ins
    • Face Pile plug-in provides a way to draw the attention of potential users as they can see the faces of their friends using the app
    • Recommendations plug-in enables users to suggest the app to their friends
  • 16. Developing Sticky Apps: Content driven
    • Developing sticky apps not relying on induced user behavior for repeat usage
    • Examples:
      • Original content
        • Books
        • Newspapers
        • Film, TV, Music, Video
        • Stocks/Financial app
        • Casual gaming apps (,, etc.)
    • Is iPad an ideal target platform?
  • 17. Viral Effect on Social Graph
    • Social gaming and all other apps fully leverage the built-in viral loops of Facebook
    • Virality is an inherent part of the social platform
    • Virality can’t be transported to a mobile platform without the social graph
      • it must be a social app on a mobile platform to foster the viral effect
  • 18. Designing Virality in the Apps
    • The apps must implement all the features provided in Facebook API and custom tools:
      • News items
      • User activity
      • Counter
      • Stream
      • Events and RSVPs
      • Email
      • Sharing tools (Add this, Share this, etc.)
      • Embedded Video Player
      • Notifications
      • Bookmarking
      • Become a Fan
  • 19. Designing Virality in the Apps
    • The apps must designed such that invite, interact and engage other users
  • 20. Target Goals
    • Customer Acquisition
      • Beta, trial, Meet-up, Co-marketing, Trade shows
    • Activation/Engagement
    • Retention
      • serves the need
    • Referral
      • Incentives, viral loops
    • Monetization
      • Free, pay-per-use, subscription
  • 21. VpypeLive
  • 22. VpypeLive
    • Vpype Live is a landing page for Vpype’s suite of Facebook applications.
    • VpypeLive page acts as a central menu on Facebook canvas
  • 23. Thank You!
    • My Blog: http: //socialvideoceo .com
    • Web site:
    • Vpype App on Facebook: