Shoga Deck: Sandbox


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All the details on the SandBox (Let's Play) product for SmartTVs.

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Shoga Deck: Sandbox

  1. 1. SandBox (Let’s Play): Private Online Communities / Global Audiences Application for Smartphones and SmartTVs Using Airplay or Chromecast Access to Top100 curated content, purchasable in-app 10 categories: 100 selections in all Multi-users: “Experience” and “Share” via Screensharing App-in-app: photo / video, Calendar, e-book reader, Evernote, Messaging, Netflix, Prime, broadcast, dropbox, etc.. All via cloud-based social CRM
  2. 2. SandBox (Let’s Play): Cliques As Leader: User can quickly and easily video chat and hangout with others setting up a “Clique” a private room for just themselves or invite others They can all watch videos and other content together And chat about it via private messaging or video chat Share photos / videos Schedule further get-togethers Among many other activities And that’s not all…
  3. 3. SandBox (Let’s Play): Content Refer to Top100 for curated suggestions for: Video, Audio, E-books, Photos / Videos, Interactive A place for the user to “Live” with others in the “Clique” for as long as they want Easy-to-use tutorials to get the most out of the app
  4. 4. SandBox (Let’s Play): Share / Permissions As Leader: User can choose to share on social networks (post on FB, TW, Pinterest, etc.) And can also give permissions to other users Or transfer the Leadership role altogether
  5. 5. SandBox (Let’s Play): Curated Top100 Content What makes SandBox unique is: Curated content, targeted to that “Clique” Purchasable from within the application Family, Business, Health, Sports, Parents, Seniors, Travel Faith, Food, Gadgets, Arts Top100 suggestions of online, interactive, streaming, broadcast, e-book, video, etc. for each category
  6. 6. SandBox (Let’s Play): The Technology “ All using Wi-Fi Smartphone, either IOS or Android SmartTV: AirPlay or ChromeCast Later we’ll develop for Playstation, Xbox, Wii, etc. All using Cloud-based Social CRM
  7. 7. SandBox (Let’s Play): Bottom Line Cost: The premium version includes more functionality than the free version Bottom line: The average user @ $10 / year 1M+ users within 12 months of launch. 10M+ within 36 months or less It’s the Next Generation Social TV: Simple, Elegant, Easy to Use Whew. That a heck of lot of Convergence!
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