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Published in: Sports, Education

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  • 1. Running yes it is more than one foot in front of the other
  • 2. 5 Ke y Q uo te s • Everyday is a great day. • Extra effort is the key to success • Don’t waste a heartbeat • We go with goal oriented people • Goal Oriented people find ways
  • 3. Why sho uld I train e ve ryday ??
  • 4. O xyge n is yo ur BEST FRIEND (it will go to the movies with you and tuck you into bed) • No one ran a race and had too much oxygen • It’s important to improve your Oxygen Delivery system • If you don’t use it you lose it
  • 5. O xyge n De live ry Syste m • Heart pumps blood and carries oxygen your heart grows w/ everyday training • Arteries deliver blood your arteries become smoother and more elastic (able to hold more blood) with everyday training • Capillaries you will grow more capillaries with everyday training
  • 6. Why sho uld I try ?
  • 7. Yo u pro bably sho uldn ’t Running is lam e anyw ays No bo dy like s sho rt sho rts o r w aking up e arly fo r practice
  • 8. JUST KIDDING You should try your best no matter what… you might as well… Just do it
  • 9. Wo rk Ethic • Work= exact labor • Ethic= Set of rules • Do the first things first and the first things right
  • 10. 4 kind o f inte re sting things that m ight he lp yo u be kind o f succe ssful …..o ne day • 1. Listen get it right the first time • 2. Think know what your supposed to do • 3. Do things on your own be motivated • 4. Follow the rules or else ;]
  • 11. Mo tivatio n • Means doing things on your own • Do NOT wait for others • Do NOT wait to start training intensely- do it now • Find ways to stay motivated: - have a positive attitude -make others negatives positive - desire to do better than yesterday -if you say it, mean it, and do it
  • 12. What ’s w ith the acro nym s ? LR? CT? SPPM ? LPPM ? LD ? HLT? CD ? TM ?
  • 13. LR (Lo ng Run ) • Any run over 30 mins that is nonstop • Continual stress builds your oxygen delivery system stronger
  • 14. CT (Critical Thre sho ld ) • Continual stress builds cardio strength • Recovery day • Meant to be run 45 sec to 1 min slower than your ppm • Helps get rid of lactic out of your legs • Cleans out your blood system
  • 15. PPM (Pace Pe r Mile ) • Intense run • Push yourself your absolute hardest • Helps build your oxygen delivery system • Go all out… even puke if you want • If you give it your best then there is not such things as a bad ppm
  • 16. LD (Lo ng Day ) • Fast Mile- shocks your oxygen delivery system because of short distance and converts to make your sppm faster • Extra Mileage- can be broken up into different runs • Completing total mileage is important to use up all of your glycogen so you will rebuild more the next run
  • 17. CD (Co ntinuo us Days ) • Running one mile or more per day without missing a day • Basically how many days you have run without missing a run
  • 18. HLT (Highe r Le ve l Training ) • Go faster • Go further • Then faster further • Train intensely Higher Level Training = Higher Level Racing
  • 19. Why Race ?
  • 20. Racing • You train to race • You can only race as fast as you train • Racing is a time to be intense (know how and when to be serious)
  • 21. Ho w to Race • Go hard in the beginning and harder at the end • Run fast enough • Race Shock- going out hard and fast – Unintentionally – Intentionally • Out hard but controlled and kick last 400 meters
  • 22. State Me e ts • You must first believe you can make it • Train like your going to make it • Let your training take over while you race • Don’t do something new while racing • Never limit what you can accomplish • You have three months until the state meet whether you’re ready or not