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  • 1. The ways of the animorphs By Corwyn Shochet
  • 2. Animorphs are...
    • people that can turn into animals
    • 3. a group of kids trying to save the world
  • 4. How animorphs began
    • 5 kids were walking in a deserted construction site
    • 5. An anodite crash lands on earth
    • 6. The kids see the anodite
    • 7. The anodite decides to give the kids the power to morph
    • 8. The anodite hopes the kids will help destroy the yeerks
  • 9. Yeerks are...
    • Evil aliens that want to take over all other creatures
    • 10. Very smart
    • 11. Things that take control of you by crawling up your brain
    • 12. Green slimy things that look like big slugs
  • 13. Animorph Rules
    • You must have touched an animal to morph into it
    • 14. Do not stay in morph for more than two hours
    • 15. You can not morph from animal to animal
    • 16. You must control your brain as well as the animal's
  • 17. hork bajir/taxxon
    • Hork bajir are huge 7 feet tall creatures with bladed limbs
    • 18. Hork bajir are gentle creatures but when a yeerk takes over them they become dangerous
    • 19. Taxxon look like a huge millipede
    • 20. Taxxon have two instincts to eat and kill
  • 21. how being an animorph helped Cassie
    • being an animorph helped Cassie because she was able to save a person's life
    • 22. being an animorph also helped Cassie kill yeerks
  • 23. Image Sources: Slide 1: Cover of Animorphs: The Unexpected. From Wikipedia.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unexpected_(Animorphs) Slide 2: Animorphs: The Aftermath from http://animorphsafter.proboards.com/index.cgi? Slide 3: Book cover from The Andalite Chronicles from http://www.bookapex.com/ Slide 4: White, Jordan. “Yeerks” It's Turtles all the way down. http://worldonaturtle.blogspot.com/2010/05/yeerks.html Slide 6: Monster-Man-08. “Animorph Races: Taxxon” DeviantArt. http://monster-man-08.deviantart.com/art/Animorphs-Races-Taxxon-121009663 and Monster-Man-08. “Animorph Races: Hork-Bajir” DeviantArt. http://monster-man-08.deviantart.com/art/Animorphs-Races-Hork-Bajir-121689125 Slide 7:Picture of Cassie from Animorphs TV series. http://nickrewind.com/live-action/animorphs/