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IM 2 Online ID.

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  1. 1. MY ID SHOBI SEN Today‟s the day, tonight‟s the7STARRCHASERS night.Creating an identity online can bedifficult. I found it very challengingto stand out from the multitudes ofengaging personalities presentingthemselves on the „interweb‟. UntilI realized that there could onlyever be one me. Currently my IDconsists of me trying to put myselfout there, just as I would in a reallife, face to face situation.
  2. 2. Ultimately my mission is topresent myself in a waywhere I can honestly say,“Yeah that‟s me.” I Don‟treally want to be someoneI‟m not, and I want peopleto know the mind behindthe works presented.Creating a personalitytakes time and talent.Whether it is fictional orrealistic.
  3. 3. ID HUB • Twitter Tumblr • Instagram • facebook Twitter • tumblr • tumblr Facebook • instagram • ABC Pool Vimeo • Facebook • Academic Blog Instagram • facebook
  4. 4. I use Instagram to sharemy love of photographyto my friends and peoplewho have the sameinterests as me. I amvery selective as to whatI upload.
  5. 5. I joined twitter early on, anddidn‟t have too much usefor it. Up until I realized thatit had so much potential. Iuse Twitter mainly forinformation. I thinkparticipating is easy,because it felt natural towant to re-tweet somethingsomeone said, almost likeyou would share a piece ofgossip.
  6. 6. As much as I tried to keepTwitter professional,sometimes you can‟t helpbut be a little personal.Tweeting articles, pieces ofinformation, and things thatmatter to me, allow me toflesh out my Twitter profile.
  7. 7. Facebook is almost completely personally. I use it to purely connect with friends andpeople that I am interested in. Here I upload my photos, musings and „fun‟ things. Ihave never really used Facebook to publish any academic work, and I don‟t seethat changing in the near future.
  8. 8. My Tumblr is almost as ifmy Twitter and Facebookmerged. Here I can bemyself without having toworry about being tooprofessional or personal. Iuse Tumblr mostly toappease my inner fangirl,and I find that I am mostparticipatory on thisplatform. Re-blogging,commenting, creatingmedia such as “gifs”especially for my profile, Ifind myself putting moretime and effort to the postsmade on Tumblr.
  9. 9. Creating a successful Tumblrfor pure entertainment is anachievement. Myself andsome friends were inspired tocreate a blog centeredaround American swimmer,Nathan Adrian, and havemanaged to gather over 300followers to-date. This is why,I find, that Tumblr is more ofa community based platform.
  10. 10. Connecting different social media allows contentto flow from one aspect of my life to another.Using different posts to gather feedback fromvarious people is a great way of attaining a wideraudience.
  11. 11. ABC Pool is new to me. I have begun to explore it but unfortunately have no contentthat I feel fits the requirements of the platform. Undoubtedly I feel that it will beimportant in the future, but for now, it lays there unused.
  12. 12. THE END