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using for your assigment

using for your assigment

Published in: Technology, News & Politics

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  • 1. CONTENT…  What means hacking?  Natural and environmental threats  Advantages of hacking  Effects of hacking
  • 2. Hacking is source of threat to security in computer .It is defined as unauthorised access to the computer system by hacker. Hackers are persons who learn about the computer system in detail.They write programe referred to as hackers.Hackers may use a modem or cable to hack the targeted computers.
  • 3. NATURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL THREATS… Computers are also threatened by natural or environmental disaster.Be it home,stores,offices, and also automobiles.Examples of natural and environmental disaster:  Flood  Fire  Earthquakes,storms,and tornados  Excessive heat  Inadequate Power Supply
  • 4. ADVANTAGES OF HACKING… Hacking has many advantages.hacking can involves testing an organization’s also helps to identify any weakneess that outside could tap. Otherwise,it can use to test applications to find any flaws and source can testing for the possibility of attacks from someone to the wireless network,and checking for unauthorised modems. Later, hacking can helps an organization better protects its systems and informations and it can be used to argumenting the efforts of an organizations information technology professionals.
  • 5. EFFECTS OF HACKING… Hacking also has many effects.hacking can expose sensitive user data and risk user privacy.Hacking activities expose confidental user information like personal details,social security numbers,credit card number,bank account data and personal photographs.User informations,in the hand of computer hackers make it valnerable to illegitimate use and manipulation. Hackers may even delete sensitive informations on gaining to it.Deletion or manipulation of sensitive data with intent to achive personal gain is another effects of computer haacking.A user whose computer has been hacked is at the risk of losing all the data stored on his/her computer.Manipulation of sensitive user data is a grave consequence of hacking.
  • 6. SOURCES OF REFERENCE…  of-computer-hacking.html  ethical-hacking.html  Reference book of ICT.
  • 7. CONCLUSION… Hacking fends to be a misunderstand topic,and the media likes to sensationalize,which just exacerbates this condition.Charges in terminology have been mostly ineffective-what is needed in change of mindset.Hackers are just people with innovative spirits and an in-depth knowledge of technology.
  • 8. GROUP MEMBER  Shobana D/O Varathan
  • 9. ASSESSOR’S OBSERVATION… I feel so great with doing my my assigment with my topic,hacking.Ihave learnt many things about hacking.Hacking is a negative activity that we should not follow.So,we have to follow or use computer and internet by right way and according to Malaysia CyberLaw.