Textiles Basic Processes


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Textile Production Processes

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Textiles Basic Processes

  1. 1. Simple Textile Production Process Spinning : Process or process used into production of yarns or filaments. The process involves in the ring spinning yarn formation are •Funtion : The removal of unwanted non-lint or trash from a fiber mix •Section: BlowRoom (manual / automatic) Plucking •UoM : Lab •Function : Straightens, parallels, and cleans cotton fiber •Section : Carding Carding •UoM : Sliver (Drum) •Function : Silver are blended, parallel of fiber, reduce thickness of sliver by drafting, •Section : Drawing Drawing •UoM : Roving Sliver (Drum) •Function : Remove short length Fiber. (Pre comber , Comber, then Post Comber) •Section : Comber Comber •UoM : Comber roll •Function : reduce the thickness of sliver. Pre process of Ring Spinning Process. •Section : Roving Simplex •UoM : Roving Bobbin •Function : True twist is inserted into parallel fibers by means of a rotating spindle. •Section : Ring Frame Ring •UoM : Ring bobbin •Function : Transfer yarn from multi ring bobbin to One cone of Standardized weight. •Section : coner (Auto / Manual) •UoM : Cones > Bags / Cartons Cones Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 1
  2. 2. Simple Textile Production Process Weaving: The process of interlacing at least two yarns at right angles to form a fabric. •Functional : transfer yarn (cones) into Warper's Beam. Sectional Warping is used for Yarn Dyed Fabrication. •Section :Warping •UoM : Warper's Beam Warping •Function : Before weaving to protect the yarns form abrasion in the healds and reed against each other, apply starch mainly, a chemical treatment to mutliple (calculated) warper's beams. •Section : Sizing •UoM : Sizer's Beam Sizing •Supporting : Sizing recipe •Function : in the process of drawing the warp’s thread passes through the eye of heald wire and dent of reed according weave type / pattern. In case ot running pattern Knotting process is used from Sizer's beams to Loom •Section : Drawing In (manual / Automatic) Drawing In •UoM : Weaver's Beam •Function : Intersection of Warp and Weft yarn in loom for the formation of fabric. •Section :Loom shed •UoM : Cloth Roll Weaving •Support : Reed of esp count. Weft yarn. •Function : Inspection fabric, mending if required. Also assign grading to fabric. •Section : Inpsection hall (manual / automatic) •UoM : Pieces , with identifucation tag. *Loom number, weaver,* roll number, * grade,*length (yrd/meter), Inspection & *width (inches/cms), Mending •Support : Packing on the bases packing instruction in UoM *Roll, *Bale, *pilates. Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 2
  3. 3. Simple Textile Production Process Processing: the Yarn Fabric or Garment treated combination process of Chemical and / or Mechanical process which change physical or chemical state of Textiles (Yarn, Fabric, Garment). The sub-processes are; Pretreatment: Preparation process (es) of textiles. •Function : a mechnical process to remove of protruding fibers by direct flame or by infrared radiation or by burring against hot plate •Section : Pretreatment •UoM : in length mtr / yrd. Singeing •support : machine & process paramenter. A-frame/trolley to hold material •Function : removal of size (starch) from the fabric (usually in warp) during sizing process in weaving. •Section : Pretreatment •UoM : in length mtr / yrd. Desizing •support : Desizing Recipe, machine & process paramenter. A-frame/trolley to hold material •Function : the treatment of textile materials of aqueous or other solution in order to remove the natural fats, waxes, proteins and other constituents, as well as dirt, oil and other impurities (by sponification). •Section : Prtreatment > Bleaching •UoM : in length mtr / yrd. Scouring •support : Scouring Recipe, machine & process paramenter. A-frame/trolley to hold material •Functional : a process for improving the whiteness if textile material with or without the removal of natural coloring matters and/or extraneous substances. •Section : Prtreatment > Bleaching •UoM : in length mtr / yrd. Bleaching •support : Bleaching Recipe, machine & process paramenter. A-frame/trolley to hold material •Function : the treatment of cellulosic textile in yarn or fabric form with a concentrated solution of caustic alkali where by the fiber are swollen, the strength and dye affinity of the material are increased •Section : Prtreatment > Bleaching •UoM : in length mtr / yrd. Mercerizing •support : Mercerizing Recipe, machine & process paramenter. A-frame/trolley to hold material Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 3
  4. 4. Simple Textile Production Process Dyeing: the application and fixing of a dye and substrate normally even distribution throughout the substrate, Printing: the production of design or motif on a substrate by application of a treatment of colorant or other reagent usually in a paste or ink in a predetermined pattern. Finish a process physical/chemical applied to a substrate to produce a desired effect. Process includes; Fabric Processing Yarn Dyeing Garment of Prepared fabric Finsihing Soft winding Dyeing Printing OBA Treamtment (Perfurated cones) (washing/finishing Finshing (cehmical Dyeing & Washing Dye Print Dry / mechnical) Re-Winding Dry cure/Steam (Parper Cone) Cure/Steamed Wash if required Finshing (cehmical Wash / mechnical) Finshing (cehmical / mechnical) Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 4
  5. 5. Simple Textile Production Process Stitching: attaching the multiple panels of textiles through thread/yarn to make a wearable (apparels) or useable (home textiles) material •Function : create marker/Design of Textile madeups for cutting of fabric. •Section : Marker (manual / automatic) Pattern •UoM : paper sheet marker Design •Support : Customer Textile pattern or sample •laying the fabric in specific length with multi layers •Section : Cutting •UoM : Layers Layering •Support : Marker / pattern •Function : cut fabric according to pattern/marker setup on fabric. •Section : Cutting •UoM : Panels Cutting •Support : Marker / pattern •Function : combine panels of each garment in a bundle(s) •Section : Bunlding •UoM : Bundle Bundling •Support : Garment pattern •Function : apply design on fabric panel through diferent means like printing, Embroidery. •Section : Embellishment Printing or •UoM : Bundle Embroidery •Support : Embellishment design and instruction/specification. Embroidery thread, Applique, Printing Recipe etc. •Function threading the panel (bundles) of each garment, home textile to finished product. •Section : Stitching •UoM : Pcs Stitching •Support : Panel / Bundles, Accesories •Function : Triming of hanging thread, pressing, inspection and packing •Section : Stitching Finsihing Finishing & •UoM : Cartoon (pcs per cartoon) is can same pcs in one or different in one carton) Packing Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 5
  6. 6. Simple Textile Production Process In the Textile Processing Flow, the inspection process is not shown it does not means that it is not necessary, it is the most important factor. The role of Inspection is very important at each and every stage of process from Fiber to Dispatch. So inspection may online or offline, both are required and according to the process requirement. The role of Quality Assurance and Quality Control is important to do such tasks., A typical Knitwear unit production process with Quality Control step involved Yarn Dyeing and Knitting Cutting Stitching Procurement Finishing QA – R 1 Bleaching Layer LAB – R Flat 2 Knitting Pretreatment Caustic Sizing Cutting Marker Stiching Circluar Washing Cutting D – 100 Yarn Dyeing 16 D–R D–R QA – R 5 7 11 QA – R QA – R 17 3 Cake Clipping QA – 100 Dyeing 6 Dyeing Bundling Collection Finishing LAB – R Washing Pressing 4 Bundle D–R QA – R D – 100 8 NO QA – 100 12 18 13 Slitting NO Farmeing Chemical Finishing QA – R Finishing Embroidery / Packing Embellishment 19 Printing compacting Finishing (Clip / Cure) Rasing QA – R checking 20 QA – 100 D – 100 9 Lab Testing 14 MD MD Physical NO Printing Inspection QA – R 15 QA – RX Lab Testing QA – 100 21 10 Physical Re-bundling Inspection Prepared by Muhammad Shoaib Asad Khalid 6