media kit for BitSummit 2014


Published on exhibits on BitSummit 2014 as "Japanese Flash Game Developers &" at D8-10(7th Mar)/C13-15(8th-9th Mar).

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  1. 1. Japanese Flash Game Developers & - about features 1600+ free online games submitted by 300+ game developers. Formats are Flash/shockwave/Unity/Java/HTML5/cgi etc. On BitSummit, we introduce Flash game developers who have played important roles in Japanese indie game scene. - contact info Web: Twitter: @mogeraJP Facebook: Email: - company info Brazil Producer: Shunsuke Miyahara @shnskm
  2. 2. Japanese Flash Game Developers & Yoshio Ishii(NEKOGAMES) on 7th , 8th , 9th Mar. NEKOGAMES is known as the developer of “Parameters” and “Hoshi Saga”. His unique style games are popular among the world wide audience. PSP “Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke” (From Software) uses the idea of “Cursor*10”'s game system. - media coverage - features Hoshi Saga Cursor*10 Which? - new game preview Shippo Neko and the Missing Fried Shrimp - contact info Web: Apps: Twitter: @NEKOGAMES Facebook:
  3. 3. Japanese Flash Game Developers & BABARA(BABARAGEO) on 7th , 8th , 9th Mar. Known as the developer of retro-style “Flash Quest””Uchu Forece” “Boschvos”, his games have addictive game experiences. Especialy popular “GINORMOSWORD”'s game system is the base of PS3”3D Dot Game Heroes”(From Software)'s game system. BABARA also hosts 48 hour game jam “murigee”. - media coverage - features GINORMOSWORD BOSCHVOS - new game preview D BOSCHVOS - contact info Web: Twitter: @babara
  4. 4. Japanese Flash Game Developers & KING( on 7th , 8th , 9th Mar. Hardcore platformer “Jinsei Owata no Daiboken” was influential title. Kayin, the developer of “I Wanna Be the Guy” mentioned that IWBTG was inspired by the Owata. He spent about 2 years to develop “Rokko Chan”, “Megaman” styled hardcore platformer with beatiful 8bit graphics and chiptune sounds. KickStarter project for the sound track CD of Rokko Chan was funded successfully. - media coverage - features Jinsei Owata no Daiboken Rokko Chan - new game preview Rokko Chan 3D - contact info Web: Twitter: @king_75
  5. 5. Japanese Flash Game Developers & Wataru Nakano( on 7th , 8th , 9th Mar. Puzzle game creator Wataru Nakano has experienced authoring Web version of “Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan”(Bandai Namco Games). Currently producing iOS/Android apps by Adobe AIR, “Vaccine Case” won Multi Platform AWARD of Adobe AIR Contest 2012. - media covorage - fertures Kyounoshikaku Vaccine Case Jyuuki vs Shuumai - new game preview Jyuuki vs Shuumai App - contact info Web: Apps: Twitter: @warateru @kyounoshikaku
  6. 6. Japanese Flash Game Developers & Takahiro Miyazawa(SKT) on 7th , 9th Mar. Takahiro Miyazawa a.k.a. Takahirou is the developer of “Moai Mawashi” “Nest of Moai””Tower of Moai”, a series with unique character and gameplay. Technically, he had established physics puzzle shooter style gaming in 2008 by his “Samurai Movers”, before “Crush The Castle” or “Angry Birds” - media coverage -features Moai Mawashi Samurai Movers - new game preview Shcocooococo - contact info Web: Apps: Twitter: @moaijp
  7. 7. Japanese Flash Game Developers & Murigee & Ahoge They are also the members of 48 hour game jam “Murigee” and 24 hour game jam “Ahoge”. - murigee - ahoge - media coverage
  8. 8. Japanese Flash Game Developers & Guest Developers POINTZERO on 8th Mar. Known as the developer of “METALIX Tower Defense””METALIX RPG” “Exploding Goro”. Features “METALIX Tower Defense”. Hojamaka Games on 8th Mar. Known as the developer of “Mamono Sweeper””Samegame Fighter”. Features “Mamono Sweeper”. Taqoo on 8th Mar. Android app developer features flapflip. Sitappa on 7th , 8th , 9th Mar.'s popular developer features “Cookie Collection by Marisa & Alice”