Aamft s code of ethics
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Aamft s code of ethics






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  • Ana C. RamosBSHS/335BeatrizZayas01/02/2014Will give verbal examples in class
  • Ana C. RamosBSHS/335Beatriz Zayas01/02/2014Will give verbal examples in class

Aamft s code of ethics Aamft s code of ethics Presentation Transcript

  • AAMFT’s Code of Ethics Ana Ramos, Julio Davalos, Leticia Galindo, Alma Amaral University of Phoenix Ethics and Values BSHS 355 Beatriz Zayas January 2, 2014
  • Agenda • Responsibility to Client • Confidentiality • Professional Competence and Integrity • Responsibility to Students and Supervisees • Responsibility to Research Participants • Responsibility to the Profession • Financial Arrangements • Advertising
  • Overview • To provide information regarding the AAMFT’s Code of Ethics.
  • Responsibility to client • Non discrimination • Informed consent • Multiple relationships • Sexual intimacy with clients and others and with former clients and others • Report of unethical conduct • No furthering of own interests • Client autonomy in decision making • Relationship beneficial to client • Referrals • Non-abandonment • Written consent to record • Relationship with third parties • Electronic therapy
  • Confidentiality • When practitioners are not allowed to disclose what they have learned through the professional relationship • Except when: • When its mandatory • When necessary if client is at harming themselves and others • When therapist is a defendant • Waiver has been obtained in writing • Or court ordered
  • Professional Competence and Integrity • Social workers must adhere to the ethical principles of integrity and maintain a high level of professionalism, honesty, trust worthiness, being respectful, and a sense of justice and fairness. We do this by displaying a certain amount of sincerity and morals when working with clients by maintaining a sense of integrity to our profession, values, ethics, and principles.
  • Responsibility to Students and Supervisees • When an approved supervisor agrees to mentor, the approved supervisor assumes responsibility for overseeing the training,and also Providing supervision, mentoring, evaluating the candidate progress, and assisting in the candidate in making the final application for designation.
  • Responsibility to Research Participants • Researchers must make sure that they let their participants aware of all procedures being done and follow all the rules within a university or clinical setting. Furthermore, if the research project is done outside any of those settings, regulations still need to be followed.
  • Responsibility to the Profession • Couple and family therapists in ethical practice need measures of accountability that meet professional standards • Ex: Therapists are not allowed to see clients who are already seeing another therapist, report malpractice, and give time to creating a better society.
  • Financial Arrangements • Before establishing a therapeutic relationship, the client and therapist must be disclose all the financial arrangements. The client should be informed if there is fees for cancelation of appointment. • The process of use for collection agency if the clients failure to pay. • The client must be informed if there is any change in fees, once the service has begun.
  • Advertising • Advertising has to be accurate representing the competence, education, and experience in the advertise therapy. • In case of any incorrect or false information the company has the responsibility to correct the information.
  • Reference • http://www.aamft.org/imis15/content/supervision/Responsibilities.asp x