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Best tips for a successful business relocation
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Best tips for a successful business relocation


Published on | Moving a business location is a big challenge for any size company. Ensure a successful move with 3 main actions: choose the right commercial moving company, … | Moving a business location is a big challenge for any size company. Ensure a successful move with 3 main actions: choose the right commercial moving company, develop a thorough plan for every step of the move and communicate!
Base your plan on communication with the mover and with employees. Plus, keep these 5 essential tips in mind for a successful business move.

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  • 2. MOVING YOUR BUSINESS TO A NEW LOCATION? FIRST, CHOOSE THE RIGHT COMMERCIAL MOVER— then… Moving a business location is a big challenge for any size company. Think about 3 main actions to ensure a successful move: 1-Choose the right commercial moving company. 2-Develop a thorough plan for every step of the move. 3—Communicate! Base your plan on communication with the mover and with employees. • Evaluate commercial movers to match their capabilities with your specific needs. • Don’t go it alone—get employee input when developing your plan.
  • 3. TIP #1: CHOOSE THE RIGHT OFFICE MOVING SERVICE Questions to ask a mover--do they: • Have all needed licenses for the type of move and locations (at both ends)? • Carry adequate insurance? • Offer careful packing and labeling services? Include packing materials? • Handle technical aspects of computer and electronic systems move and set-up? A lot is at stake when moving a business. Your choice of moving service determines a successful, smooth relocation, with minimal risk and disruption.
  • 4. WILL YOU NEED SPECIALIZED SERVICES? Be sure to review with your mover any specialized needs such as: • complete project management; • packing and handling for medical equipment, artwork, glass desks , marble pieces; • worldwide relocations; • asset disposition and liquidation; • furniture refurbishing;. Consider having employees pack their own personal items. Liability issues could arise if things are damaged or missing at the other end. On the day of your move, do a walkthrough with your mover’s foreman. Check in with the mover for regular progress reports.
  • 5. TIP #2: CREATE AN OVERALL PLAN AT LEAST 2 TO 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE— Good Preparation Means Fewer Problems On Moving Day • Secure a moving date with your choice of a professional commercial relocation firm. • Determine a timeline—working backwards from your moving date. • Inventory office furniture and equipment. Decide what to move and what to leave behind or dispose of responsibly. • Develop a floor plan for new location • Create a power plan for electronics and all wiring/electrical needs, including lighting. • Can you move it all in one day? Or will you need multiple days with possible downtime?
  • 6. WORK YOUR PLAN AND SET GOALS • Create a timeline with deadline dates for stages of moving, like: -move date for equipment and furniture; - date personnel report to new location. • Can everything be moved in one day? Which units should go first? • Identify staff to maintain customer contact or other functions during transition. • Distribute plan to each department and individual employee. • You can’t have too many LABELS--distribute them among staff for categories like: “fragile,” “move first,” “urgent,” “files.” • Include COLOR-CODED and blank labels to identify different locations.
  • 7. TIP #3: EMPLOYEES ARE YOUR GREATEST ASSET Communicate with them Before, During and After the Move Communicate in stages: • Pre-announce, then announce actual move date and new location. Schedule periodic reminders and updates. • Appoint a lead within the organization to manage the total operation and timeline. • Appoint a lead within each department or area to have primary responsibility.
  • 8. TIP #4: SPREAD THE WORD Announce the Move to Customers, Partners and All Connected Communities • Use every available “touch point” both online and in your business neighborhood. • If you are a retail business, be sure to post professionally made signage announcing your move. • Promote your new location through media contacts, online blogging and listings, and remember to update your web site. • Notify vendors and change utilities. • Identify VIP accounts or customers, and reach out with special contact. • Host a special event at your new location, offer incentives like discounts, gift card redemptions or other appropriate offers.
  • 9. Don’t forget your green values in planning an office move. Choose a mover that respects natural resources and adheres to principles of sustainability. How to judge? Ask if your commercial mover: • uses recycled paper products; • uses industrial strength rubber bands instead of non-biodegradable tape to wrap furniture; • shows a level of commitment to the environment by using fuel efficient vehicles. TIP #5: MAKE YOURS A GREEN BUSINESS MOVE
  • 10. • Shleppers Moving & Storage is a leading moving company in New York, serving the most prestigious businesses and organizations, as well as many celebrities. • We now handle moves all along the Eastern seaboard, with offices in New York City, New Jersey, Westchester and Florida. • For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at: MAKE A MOVE—CONTACT SHLEPPERS FOR A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS RELOCATION Toll-Free: (800) 84 SHLEP NYC: (212) 223-4004 Westchester: (914) 684-0606 New Jersey: (201) 227-2001 Florida: (561) 886-0868 For more information about our new Florida services click here