Re tooling for data management-support


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Re tooling for data management-support

  1. 1. Re-Tooling the Library: Staffing to Support Data ManagementSherry LakeSenior Scientific Data ConsultantUniversity of Virginia Library 2012 DLF Forum Workshop November 5, 2012
  2. 2. BrainstormStrengths in your Library staff Structure/Organization ResourcesThat could be directed toward datamanagement support.
  3. 3. OutlineThe UVa Scientific Data Consulting ModelOther ModelsTakeawaysRe-skilling
  4. 4. Scientific Data Consulting GroupDecember/January 2010:rethinking the earlier research support model(budgetary pressures, changes in organizationalpriorities, emerging demand in research community)Spring 2010: close of Research Computing Lab, start-up of the Scientific Data Consulting Group (SciDaC)
  5. 5. Developing the SciDaC Model…Take what we learned in the RCL experience and applyit to the focused demands around dataSteps: Conduct a stakeholder analysis Make a short term plan (12 months) Develop clear priorities Include Subject Librarians
  6. 6. Short Term PlanSurvey Office of Sponsored Programs to match grantholders with regulationsEducate/engage subject librariansBuild political awareness/supportBuild partnerships with local/national/internationalgroups
  7. 7. Clear Priorities1. Data Interviews/Assessments with science and engineering researchers2. NSF Data Management Plan Requirement preparation and development of policies and workflow3. Institutional Repository Data Working Group
  8. 8. How to make this work…Librarians as partners• Consult with and advise researchers• Provide leadership to the institution• Work with existing data organizationsIn order to succeed, librarians need to:• Build and develop specific expertise• Facilitate communication
  9. 9. Training LibrariansUVa Library Staff Model Scientific Data Consultants Subject LibrariansTraining Model Brown Bag Data Curation Discussions Data InterviewsGoals and Objectives Build Data Literacy Create Collaborative Opportunities Establish the Library for Data Preservation
  10. 10. UVa Research Data Services Core Distributed University
  11. 11. Brainstorm Data Management SupportAny additions to your list?Strengths in your Library staff Structure/Organization Resources
  12. 12. Purdue University Libraries D2C2: Distributed Data Curation Center Centered in the Research Department of the Purdue University Libraries Comprised of four core researchers Work closely with subject specialist liaisons in discipline areas throughout the Libraries Actively engage researchers to address problems of data curation in distributed environments
  13. 13. Purdue University LibrariesBusiness Information Specialist: Develop interdisciplinary collaborations and research opportunities with faculty to meet the University’s and the Libraries’ strategic directions.Geographic Information Systems Specialist Advocates for best practices of geospatial data management, including using open source formats, appropriate documentation and use of metadata to enable downstream sharing of research data.
  14. 14. Johns Hopkins University Data Management Services Outgrowth from the Sheridan Libraries’ work on the Data Conservancy Comprised of two consultants and one manager Provide services and support to JHU PIs to prepare data management plans for proposals Provide research data archiving services once an award has been made
  15. 15. Cornell University Research Data Management Service Group
  16. 16. University of Wisconsin – Madison Research Data Services Collaboration between: • UW-Madison Libraries • The Graduate School • DoIT • School of Library and • CIO office Information Studies Data management plan help Consultations Training and education Referrals (data storage, security)
  17. 17. Rutgers University Ruresearch Data Team Team: programmers, developers, data specialists, metadata librarians, and subject liaisons Consulting on Data Management Plans and data best practices Permanently archiving data in the RUresearch data portal Work on larger and more complex data needs in grant-funded projects
  18. 18. Brainstorm Data Management SupportAny additions to your list?Strengths in your Library staff Structure/Organization Resources
  19. 19. Takeaways1. Investment is critical: infrastructure is important, but staff/services are critical2. Gradual integration: doesn’t have to be creation of a new unit/center/etc., just needs to be a coordinated effort with a plan3. Collaboration is fundamental: no single part of the institution has all the necessary expertise, focus on organizing the right people4. Communicate: do your homework, come up with a message, get the team on the same page, and spread it far and wide (and over again)
  20. 20. Admin, Problem-solving, Risk- Personal taking, Self-development, Time management Budgeting, Business acumen, Contingency planning, Project management, Service marketing Management Collaboration, Communication, ManagingInterpersonal expectations, Negotiation, Relationship- building, Teamwork, Training Library/ Access rights, Collection management, Discovery tools, Information organisation, Intellectual Info Science property, Reference consultation, Service provision Competencies for data management Computer Data formats, Database design, Information modelling, Interface design, Operating Science/IT systems, Programming, Servers, Software maintenance, Systems administration Domain expertise Terminology, Methodologies, Stand ards, Techniques, Workflows© Information School / University of Sheffield 2012
  21. 21. Variations for Data Management Services and ProgramsCommonestEasiest one-off data consulting/DMP evaluations consciousness-raising efforts data-management training policy work at the institutional level generic storage, short-term and/or long at the institutional level bespoke tool-building bespoke storage, short-term and/or long at the institutional levelRarest/Hardest
  22. 22. Re-Skilling Existing StaffICPSR Summer Course Applied Data Science: Managing Research Data for Re-Use Curation Curriculum Search database of programs and courses covering data curation and closely related fields, UCLA Information Studies Syllabus for Data, Data Practices, and Data Curation (Part 1) (Part 2)
  23. 23. Dorothea Salo Online CoursesResearch Data Management Across the Disciplines (LIS 341) Content available online Designed and developed by Wisconsin Research Data Services version Digital Curation course (LIS 855) Introduction to Research Data Management Feb 4 – Apr 26 (signup) (syllabus)
  24. 24. Questions?Sherry LakeSenior Scientific Data Consultant, UVA Libraryshlake@virginia.eduTwitter: shlakeuvaSlideshare:
  25. 25. Slide ReferencesCorrall, S (2012), Skills Which Librarians Need, presentation at “Clarifying TheRoles Of Libraries In Research Data Management: A Discussion Day To FindCreative Solutions”, RLUK Slide Photo CreditsDigital Library Federation Website Denver Downtown Photos Away Vacation Rentals and Its Effect on Small Business - Indyposted. (2011). Retrieved September28, 2012, from that Surrounds Us. Good & Munday