Learn What Bookmarks Are, The Different Uses and How Tos


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In MS Word bookmark is a feature that allows you to mark some text or location in document so that you can refer it in future. While you are creating document, you may encounter many situations where you’ll need to remember a particular paragraph that requires editing after some time. Rather than noting it elsewhere, MS Word offers bookmark feature by which you’ll save a mark for the passage and find it whenever you need to return to it.

Another use of MS Word Bookmark can be to offer readers an easy way to navigate your document. Having a list of meaningful bookmarks, your readers can jump from one saved location to another quickly without needing to scroll the document.

Similarly, Bookmarks are cross referenced to show the relation between the two different locations in document. For example when you are explaining ‘Bagmati’ and a term ‘Kathmandu’ is mentioned in it’s paragraph. You can cross reference that ‘Kathmandu’ to some other location in document where you’ve explained about ‘Kathmandu’

Thus, in brief, MS Word bookmark is marking and saving it in document so that you can use it in future to jump quickly, create cross references and hyperlinks.

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  • I never use this concept 'create hyperlink using bookmark' .and 'Cross references' - is like insert note in excel sheet? wish to try now. Thanks for sharing the basics of bookmark it will really help for many bloggers and online users.
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  • Learn What Bookmarks Are, The Different Uses and How Tos

    1. 1. INTRODUCTION & USES ON MS WORD BOOKMARKS Suresh Khanal http://icttrends.com
    2. 2. Welcome
    3. 3. Today’s Overview 1 • What is bookmark 2 • Different Uses of Bookmarks 3 • How to Create bookmarks and use it
    4. 4. What is a bookmark?
    5. 5. Bookmarks • Essentially they are the marks placed in book. • Saved location in document so that you can refer in future Bookmarks make your future reading and editing easier as you can quickly jump
    6. 6. Uses of MS Word Bookmarks
    7. 7. Bookmarks are useful! • jump quickly to saved locations • Cross referenced to link topics • Create Hyperlinks to saved locations
    8. 8. How to Create Bookmarks
    9. 9. To create new bookmarks • Select the text that you want to mark • Click on Bookmark button in ribbon • In Bookmark dialog box, enter a meaningful name for your bookmark and click Add.
    10. 10. How to Show/Hide Bookmarks
    11. 11. To show or hide bookmarks • From File button go to Options menu • In Options dialog box, go to Advanced • Scroll down the Word Options panel to find Show Document Content category • Mark the check box Show Bookmarks to display or remove check mark to hide bookmarks in document.
    12. 12. How to Remove Bookmarks
    13. 13. To remove bookmarks • Open Bookmark dialog box. Remember? You can press Ctrl + Shift + F5 • Select the Bookmark you want to remove. • Click ‘Delete’ button.
    15. 15. Quick Jumps • Open Find and Replace dialog box with Go To tab fronted. Press F5 or Ctrl+G • From ‘Go to what’ list choose Bookmark • From the Enter Bookmark Name drop down list choose required bookmark • Click on Go To button.
    16. 16. Create Cross Reference • Place your insertion line where you wish to insert cross reference • Open Cross Reference dialog box. Access through Insert ribbon »Cross Reference in Links group or Reference ribbon »Cross Reference button • From Reference Type drop down list choose Bookmark • From Insert Reference to drop down list choose suitable • Select the bookmark you wish to refer to from the list of bookmarks displayed • Click on Insert and then Close
    17. 17. Create Hyperlink using Bookmark • Select the text or object on which you want to place link • Open hyperlink dialog box. You can access through Insert ribbon » Hyperlink button. • In Insert Hyperlink dialog box, choose ‘Place in this document’ • Choose required bookmark from the list of bookmarks displayed • Click OK
    18. 18. QUESTIONS?
    19. 19. Contact Lead Contact information ICT Trends http://icttrends.com Email admin@icttrends.com Contact Page http://icttrends.com/contact-us Email contact@icttrends.com