8th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2010-June) Question Papers


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8th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2010-June) Question Papers

  1. 1. 06fc8l Eighth SemesterB.E. Degree ExamiDation, May/Jutr€ 2010 wireless Gommsnication Notet A^*et at! FIW full queslions, sele.tiflg at ledst 1WO questids lrom eoch pdrl. PART-A a. Briefly exllain the dilferenl geneddonsofceliula s,stems O0Mrk!) b. phone svsten) nelwork oleraiions for a mobile ! Dxplain the aMPS (advmced nobile orisinated call. (loMrrk) Vhat is the fuction of the visitor loqtion eghter? (0a Msrk) l-platrthepuroo"eolElobJdllerdsobalu.udlar,onlora.d.Ll&).rn.06Mrtu ;ai e $e tunftons olLhe moorle qw: chDc lenk (MsCr wiil c necr blo(L didg-m. explaio ine conponents of lhe Msc. ( l0 M irk!)E* a. Explain lhe difeEnces bdween cell splirring dd cell sectorins!g b. Exilain thc concept of frobilny nmasemenl. with a neure. explain the nDdions pe.lomed by lhe lo.alion mmaeemenl2a c, Wlite a note on nelwork secwiq. !. Explain with a neal schehalic, the GSM .elturk inlerlaces ed Prolools."-: b. Biefly €xplain fie GSM chmel concopl.;E PART BE! Define MSiN. Wbal is the purpos of motile stalion rcmuc number? Also explain the".,! GsM call serup using lhe MSRN, 0 0 Mrk) Explain lhe TDMA concept. Hov n h implemente! in CSM? 0 0 M*k) a. Explain with a neal diaslm, the n€twork nodes foud in a CDN,-A 20009.;..^.,E! (06 Mrrk) spectn& ft odulalion syslems. (10 Msrrs) (04 M8rLr)i; a Pietess LAN ed a wir€l€ss PAN,E
  2. 2. 06ML8l Eighth Semestcr B.E. Degr€€ Extminrtion, Mavflur€ 2010 Embedded System Design Notc Antuet dN FIVE Jall questiohs. Ylectilg at least TwO q"estiohslrom eo.h Part. PART A a a. r ro drn re omon oensl meL. olm embedded r:reF h uin rhe.elb ol md!- rindoh..parn lime o rdNer dengr ps-entse ?lPrle lo-+. he Doo;."s l: nrinr i r(15 d d l n c, What de llE sreps involved in desi8nins an edbedded rystem2 B Bycor.ider.trg,nempcol.. D epar ISVD dd.r. oblrmra or. b. ihd . a "iree prryJse prc.e$o. rra a-e rhbec:N ol cloang, .lge brmoe po.e*orover d eele_ar pu?o.e p_ocer.or:s c t n, e a C-vOs I r.Jo- impled.nkriol ol l)Nro:iiorcac. a. Explain the basic dclitecture olgcneralpulose pmce$or lloMrrk) b. Explain the diifere.t tooh alailable in IDE (0sMrikl c. As an embedded designerhas do you selccl a up for designins a edbedded svsien, Mrrk) a. Explain: i)Temimlcounl : P e Jer to6 Mek) i tiner. Explain bdeflv b. Meilion sy two applications for titoer, couder and satching:! (06 M.rki) c v e a shotr note on UAR1. (03 mrk)tn PARI _ B41 Explain how Dc motor is conlrolled using pm a Ectnique. (10 Mrk) In;ucce$ile apprcximatio!, ADc calculare lhe cotrecl encodins of5v given a ealog signal whose vg rmges fton o to I 5V dd & 8 bn dignal encoding. (r Mrk) 0EE a. Conpose lK * 8 ROM ioa2K*I6ROM. 6. Explain the diilecot cache mapping lechriques.ad; c. wrile a note on OT? ROM. ,a:;jj a. Ho* 0 imase is captued by CCD? b. Explain the diferent potocols used!
  3. 3. 05EC834 USN Eighth Semester B.E. DegrGe Examinetion, May/Jur€2010 Blomedical Signal Piocessing Nore, A$wer aa! FIVE ta questiots, selecrins dt least TWO qqestio,s hom eoch pa,L r i PART A a. Explain lhc folloRine bionedical sienaG Draw $c wavefoms and Bive lhe lrequ.ncv mces ielNml to these sicmls B i) Ecc 10 EEG (03 M*k) ,! wilh the help of a blek diaerM, cxplah fie objecrives of biom€di"al .iend *lvi:;_k) Explain llnee dilflcullies encoule@d in bionedicol siSnal malysh dd acquisition.!* (06 M,rkli*:: Stanirp lion hesh equalions of poteniial difleEnces between the limbs fu{, LA dd LL.E* dcrive the expressio.s lor aVR, aVL dd avE. Also Epres. ielaiio,5hips betseen lheseg5 srMdard md suSmenred leads !ohase. trrhar @ rhe two tvles oI eleclmdes nsed in ECGz r/hich oflheh ,, ,oru,"t ,YuIE ,,.*", D6* a diagrm ro iUnstlare lhe ehclrcde piacenenls for lhe &an} vCC lead syslen. AhoZ1 wite the resistor neiworl for conbini.C lhe body sutface potenlial 10 produce fie three tine varyinsslal,rleadsoftheft lvCGleadsysieD.AE a. If rLe oublt sequence of a disnd fille! h { l. 3, 2) in Espons ro a uir iDpulse, what is rheei rransfer frhcrion of fih nher? DBw lhe poles md 4toes of this tansfer fucdon wnai m rhe advanhses oldicilal filles over analog filleN? Exllain.ES rhe z-rnnsfod ofa ther is HA:=!lu...) whar is ils (i) mplitude respone, ii) phas respoBe, iii) di1fffie equation?E?!3 With a block diaere and releht1t Wn.l rc the advutases ol adaptive orisin for Bins rhe adgpdve lillers.E vhal de the difiiculties encounteEd in:. 5 a. showfiat sigal aveEcins inprcvcs lhe SNRby a facrorof 16, whm n is lhe Nmbe! of€ b. Under {hal noise orditiotu ,ill signal aveoeirg fail lo @prove th. SNRz (05 Mrrk) c. In a sienal a!@grng applicalion,lhe @plitud. ofmconelated ndise is iniiially 16lines d ldee 6 lhe sie.al dplitude. Eow mdy saeels nul be 3vfrged to eive a rcsulti4 signsl-
  4. 4. 06EC844 Eighth S€b.ster B.E. Desrec ExaDination. May/June2010 GSM Notet 1. Atsw.r an! FIW Ju qaestio,s. sele.tit? d tdst TWO queslions l.on each ?un 2. Use of Erkrls tabl. a owed. € TART - A E with Elelel tgures, exllain GSM?LMN-. What ee its objeclives bd seRices? (03 Mrkl) : lvith a neat block dias6n, explain nrlpins ofcsM on to osl hyos (07 Mrks) Vrile a nole on MS subsynem (05 Mlrks) a-B a. $rhat a( lhe future lechniques lo ieduce inte,ler.ncc in csM? b. Calculate dre nmb€r of calls requiEd Nirh i) Nolml anlema and ii) Alaprilc may anletuahaving fouelenenls aor rhe data ,(Asme hexagotul ceu) i, Cov€rage ea = 6o,O00ni1e, {id1h = 12.5 MHz. Ore - say system band chmel sp&ing =21okF,z FEquency reuse facloi =4 MS otrtput power = 800 nW BS elema gain =2l]dB:! Recei,e cablc/comedor loss = 2dBg: MS temgai. =odB Requned S/I rado = 12dB Inlomation are =271kbFs Recei,( nolse 6snre = 7 dB6e PmpagatioD lath loss cxponenr =4?B Onenile path lossinte(epl =80d8E$ Loenomal fadingndgin = t0dB KT = l?4dBn/rlz a. Explain ysious busls usd in CSM, with th,jqtr.etdjagBms.:; b. DerfliDe rle robrir.denrl:c c -rp.ail rFd,raenlDprioi fted od Fcd irpsM a Ir tl.cpeelh.odi4e nelhodssdexotai, Lieatuibr,eso. !p"e(h.ode:: b. Eplain wilh LilunELion, wo rinE ollltl rair i oder. . Wdreihofr note.n rnr T$nd;.n. PART B a Explain ncssage ,ow disgre foi catl sct up by Dobile srarion.E b. Descdbe intr!,MSC nMd.!d in csM
  5. 5. 06EC8446 a. Nde all the dala Fdccs provided by GSM n rwork. Exptain SMS ir bdefwitt rcleva 6gur6. (osM,rb) b. Erllain the caU ,ow for tokm bed resistElion. (0z Mrk) c, Vha! @ tne secuily.lgo hns ued in cSM? Explain lhem biefly. 105Mitu)7 a. wlate the frctos considered fordesisnoiawireless srstem? @aM.rks) b, wnle shon noteor spellal €fiici€ncyofwnebss system. (0sM,iks) c L rerhe roJomsd".d o-dGsMs)sencdtluure i) Ave6sebusy hou lralfic per suberiber ii) TEmc capacity per cell iii) RequiEd nmbd of BSs per &ne ed lhe heEsonal cell ndis for the zone. Subsdibq uage per month =24 =5 = 5 Ml:tz = 1^2 =60,000 GEfiic capacity of a s{tor ar 2% GoS for l6 chmls = 9.82) (03 Mrrk)s a. lrftdr deLI.e fie TAI lar.6 m VlOlOr Fiplon t. p..rnenr LnEe --N,iN lay6 b. wrd re rhe nmgmem ftqui.nenrs ror a wn€bss nerwo,*r [:H:[] c. Explain sinplned TMN physioal archftatu€ sith necessory diasm (06 M!rk)
  6. 6. Uslng rh. TP algorithm, seiecl the smFles to be stoEd from the dEla: {15, 10,6,7,5.3,7,7, 10, 12} Explain rhe relelanr mathenatical ed logical equalion and also shov the lable lor choosing dre sampl6. (03 Mirk) Explain the meeing oflosless and lo$, daB comprcsion. risl lhe alsori ms undei both meihods. these (06 M.*!) w,](aqy,aqk-iltlltr{.:ediAcdqutto3(qqdi{L Q(tteti.. wilh the help of a diagim of m ECC sigml with tokeN md of stale erpbrn rdrooab baed mplakoa..hinB olQRSdmjonb. wilh lhe help ofa 6lock diagm showing various nlters involved, explain theEcGsi$al.c. In a moving windov intesaioi of lhe QRs deleclion 3lgoithn. ho* should the widlh or window be.hor.? $ftal e the er{ts ofchoosing a window widlh thlt is 1oo ldge or t@ small? Explain with the help of ! dias@. (06 Mrk)a. wilh a block diagdm explai. rhe portabk mbdmia nonilor.b. Describe the diferences berween a goe6l purlose nicrcptucessor and DSPS.c. Den.e lhe folowins Iems: i) PaEllel processing ii) Bir serial prcc.ssins.