8th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2011-July) Question Papers


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8th Semester Electronic and Communication Engineering (2011-July) Question Papers

  1. 1. USN 05DC8l Eighth Scmester B.E. Degree ExamirstioD, Jun../July 2011 Wireless Cornmunic.tion Note. Aaed FfvEfull quediow teleaTlns at leasr TWO quatio$lrm uch pa,L E4BI:-4 e a. De$ilbe with a blck diagm the AMPS cellula srstem, uBtrale wilh a diagm the vaiou sisnals lhat flow oEthe AM?s foMdd ed reE €hIm€h. O0 M,tu) b. Wirh flow diagm explain now a nobile moble call is establisned in AMPS srstem. 3 ! c. Lisl the checreistics of lc mobile networks Ming ell siz€ t a. Wirh a block diag.aq explain the MSC ebsrstem, b. D6crlbe tlt subscnpdon pro6le of HLR md its wse itr bfldofi;9 c. Defne ed exllain Mq used in iDt€mtional nobil€ n tworks.e; a. Defire: i) Re@ !ubn; ii) Interfq€n@s ir Eobil. syslem- (0sM!rk)E$ b. For a rohil€ wice prcvide!, liense is poyid€d for 5 MHz ed prcvides l0 kHz of btudwidth 10 every E!. CoBidding a single trffiind site, 500 use8 eet come.liyity simdtaneouly. If howevq wj@ !rcvider imple66ts 5 celluld system wilb 35 Lmsniner sites d clutd size, detemine the new syslen capacity, Also, ifmobih syslem h6 a clsld siz of ?, delemirc fi€qu€ncy rue distece lbr a c€il Edi6 of 5 kN.?*E! c. with Elevmt figm, qllain a taical ceUtla ladoff opsatior a, Lisl lhe sri€s provided by GSM. Explain briefly. (07 Mrki b. rind th€ mainm nmbq of suberibN who @ get .ometivity sindtosuly in a GSM n€tworL wlrat c the fenues of Sn!,l c.!d in a CSM systcn? (06 Mrrk)t: c. Descibe de Amefomal Eed lorcsMt6fiic. (07Mrrk) PART _ BE:. a. Explain in detail lhe Eeistation md qll stup proc€dues in CSNIte b Desribe GSM ciphdirC mode setiing opdatiotr ed ME checl . wllhsblocl diagr@dplaii ISo(( D M/4 c1ire.nEi: b. c. Conpe the rDMA. TDMA ed CDMA inter&.6. Explain sDtading pmcedule ued on CDMA foMard chmels, a Descnbe the palh loss nodel ued tor malyzing irl€s chmels. lrl6t e the pameteB a$ecline signal t-{Mission uwiEtess ohmels? Fhd the Neir€d pow€r at a disiame of I tn for a lntrnitring 900 MEz. Asme tutrniting tud reeiving oretra gains 6 m dB. @Mrrrs) b. Eaplaillhe@nce of block inGr leming, @sMrrl.!)€ c. DiffeEnliale betweetr sprce d polrizalion divdity $heme. !,lat e advetagB of enployingdivBity? (07 M.rk)E I is $e tefues of I LEE 80.1 Ehrologies. De.cribc $e Bu( ooh pD@colsra(k r h r rBurcs. e.et .. E{., fpa:1,,e No .1.es olhnlsd.fri"d by Bl".l"",h $-d.d..-.t.-. :;; ;; zi "no ":".""" l" .:;>-r- ./
  2. 2. USN 06Mt"q, Eishth S€mester B.E. Dcgr€e Enmination, Jonc/July 2011 Embedded Syslern Desigri E Not t Anuer FlVElu questioB tetecliag ot least TWO quesliods ftom each oon. n a. Expl0ln $e design chsllense by oprinizins desig. nstices. (06 Mrr!) b, Explaln lhe diiTerent Ploessor qles wi$ rwo diE€laces. (06 M,rr.)--, c. Delia. lhe equton lor pscenlage re!d& loss for &y ndket ri* sgle 0. A product ws!a onir: d€layed by 4 weeks in relBing ro mdket fte peal Fve!@ for ihe ptuilucl for enby to ndket would occu aft€r 20 weeks for s mdket nse eBle ol45o. Dckmine tle rime Percem.g€ revenue los.E*EE a r*rhd dethe adv tag6 md disdvmtages ofRTOSEE b. Wri|e a simple algorinm for fnding rhe GCD of txr inlegd nmbers. wrlre FSMD forlhisEi akon$h ed explain how ir ca be oDlinird ad Mite optihized ISMD tud irs (llMrrk) Explah the baic archited@ ed operation ofgeneral purpose prccBsor. Explain the addrEssing mod* wiih €mpl.s.;! a. Mrat m mtchdog dhds? Erplain ATM dne od using walch dog-i! b. Wncshon nokson: ir UAil iirTir*udmus.EE:"d a. Expldn @Imon thre typs ofrcad only nenory for mtedded systen6. .wilh b- block dias@. elirlaln cache mapDi"s tehnique.:g3,; a. With a neal diag.u, explain how pdse width nodulaior eik for @trtrclling a DC notor. 00 M.rxr);3Ei b. Explain the worldng of srepps notor nsing a driv€r. 00 Msk):i a. $hal is apeto@l? Explain different Fnal Drotoools. b. Define altitation. Explain veclor€d int€mpl md irtempr lable,ii Vith ln. nnctional bloct diagrm of digiBl cmeB dDl,in rhe m.delE Expldn the diffftnce import b6ed Uo sd
  3. 3. IJSN 06EC834 Eighth S€mester B.E. Deg€e Erimir{tio& Juf/July 20ll Biolnedlcal Signal Pnoces,sing E N.ner A$w.r FIW lul ryaribn, ple.Ting alleNt TWO E questions @.h ltun Pon - A e.l Pdn - B, T Explain briefly ho, @tiotr potendah de go@red ed pmpaealed in a h@d tEdy. DeIme EEG. Bnefly qllatu io 20 systm of electo& pl*."", t. ",JJruf; Ecordibg. (o,lMrrb) Deuibe ihe dificdtis enounieEd h acquisition ed Mllsis of bionedical signal.-x,I (06 Mrk) Explain brlefly rle phrsiolog oflhe he.d dd elaboEte o how altiotr polenrials propasateE* dmngn 0E healt siving ns lo difeMt ssnents ofECG, (m Mrtu)EE lxplain in derail cldsification ofel€trods in a 12 - lerd ECc sysr€m. Oo M.ds) WIat is a digilal filier? Phal @ the differe elmats ol a digital filter? Mqlion advanlg6 oI disilaL filten over tualog 6llds. b. Erplaid brieily pole - &!o plot @ a Z - plme, CoNider rhe rNfo tuncrionl?€ n(, = t@res pol6 an l zms in tu Z pl&emdshowhe:9 obbq mmbtu€ for eimuth ecle (Az) = 1800, deviation (EL) = 00. o0 turk) a. Vbat @ {r advmrag* of adaptive filtE? D6ieD m adaptive,jtr.r uine LMS83 alSoritln ooMr.kli b, Distuss briery &e <liffercnt appli.*ioN ofa&ptiae filtqs. O0 Mek)EF 84BL-8 " Shoq $d a srgml qverag.ng mpov$ lhe sisml to mis dro (SN Rl b) a trbr ot !fi .ie b. i) h a sisnal aveEsins appticaiion the d!,litude ofucoftt"ted.oie is ioiri"nyl#fr:.1 a lage 6 rhe sig,,l mdiludq How ndy sweps must be averaged 1o giv€ a r€sdring3; sis.al to noie dio of4rl? @Mek) ii) Wftn a n€t blo.t diasm! explsiD a grical sign l aveags. (07 Mrrk) a. rlIlt is a daa rducrim algontlm? Er?lain lossy dd losslss data conpre$ioi. Clsitd€ the fou dala Educlion algorithss into the& calegories. (06 M,r*.) b. Explahbneflyih. FAN algorithh. (osM.rk) c. Oiven a sNen@ of28 dai! poinr! ( 1, 1, 1, r, l, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2,2,2,2,3,3,1, j,3,4,4,4,4, s, s, 6. 6, 7]. Illustrate Huflmm coding, Also calculate ihe expected code @!d lmgth, {06 Mrk)€ a Explainbrieflythe QRS det€clionalgorithn. O0 M&k) b. Wilh a nar skerch, dplain the pow6 A6nu of m ECc, Exptain in d€rail one of the Ghplare mtchine i6luiqB for QRS deEdion. 00 MrlG) a. III-SI erooB for biooedi@l sig@ls. b. ST ssnenr mlru r, c, Portable mhrlhoia monilo.
  4. 4. 06EC844 Eighth Sem€ster B.E. Degr€e Eramination, Junc/July 20rr GSM 3 Not t l.Ahsper FIVEfu qr.stiohs, sele.ting aaleosl rWO ! qae nons each frod Ptn - A and Pan - B. T 2. Trafrc ,oble not to be suwlieA I 84BL.A a. Explai! GSM ,efmn model viL ibeir mtiti€s ad logical intercomeciid, 103 Marrc) e b. With a nea! diaglm, qplain dre nappins ofGSM on 10 OSI layes. {03M,rk) c. Calculai. the nmbe! of physical chmels aE anb i. GSM 900 ed DCS 1900 fteq.e.cy bmds. {o,l M*tr)5* i e.feMe in cSM? Erplain. Mrk) Wnat & the tuturc techniques availabte to rcduce 103 Explaio the CSM losic.l chnmels. {07 Mrrb)iz GSM. with near diasrm, explain wjous busls Nd in (05 M..k)!a a. Disuss lhe nobility D@geo€ntp@ess in OSM. (03Mrk!) b. Brieflyqpiaindaraencr,?tion in GSM- (06 Mrl{r) c. Explaln ore 6me stluctN ofGSM fo! both rainc ed control sienals. @6M.rk) a. Vhal d€ the atrribul6 ofspe@h code? Explain. (03 MrrLt) b. Vnal m vo@des? Explain with illutrarion working oItull rale Vo@der. (06Mik)F: c. Brieily explain the basic telecomuicalion seNies pbvided by lne GSM PLMN. (06 Mrk) PART - B a vith illu$ralion. *plain the nesqges llow diagrm for CSMa,E (03 Mrk):E b. Explain Inrre MSC hud oEinGSM. (03 Mrk) c. Wlat @ the secuity aleontnms Bed in GSM? (0.{ Mrris)Ed a Nam aI the data seNices pDvided by GSM nenvorks. Exllain SMS in detail.F b. Explaln GSM GPRS with the help of both lhe diaE@s for nerwork c. v{hd do you ocm by toto based aufimlicalion? a. Dessihe the faclo6 to be consider€d Enile desigling a wilele$ sysreo.t b. c. WIal @ the hodels used ir mo.leling nuewok for E}?laitr pleirg of a {jreles netwdk. a ceUuld / ICS nermd(? Whai & the five TMN l8yeB h 3010? Explain lne ledinent Dmw lne simplned Nhit€ctu€ ofTMN. Explajn nodes ed WlEl ae the eaegd€lt requiemats for wieless nel .t I *",.,"