8th Semester (Dec-2013) Electronic and Communication Engineering Question Papers


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8th Semester (Dec-2013) Electronic and Communication Engineering Question Papers

  1. 1. 06EC81 USN o oo a I ,.o o0 () L 0) o o ! o 6 o o0 L o a o () L o CB o oo o O-, (f:::: o o z o a b. c. networks. Describe the basic wireless MAN. Describe the differences between WLAN and WPAN. {<{<{<r<* (10 Marks) (04 Marks) (06 Marks)
  2. 2. 06EC82 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Embedded System Design 'f,m€i 3 hrs. Max. Marks:1.,.0,O, Note: Answer FIYEfull questions, selecting ""7d"."i;..,..',"..,,',-,.' i at leost TWO questionsfrom each part. rr-', , .g ..*,t:". PART - A E I a...=...:::.:r.,. L[st a. pair of design metrics that may compete with one another, prodding an intuitive € E explbnbtion of the reason behind the competition. (06 Marks) $u ir b. W^hat it-""--rq#k"a window? Derive the percentage revenue loss .qrrilil"for any rise angle, 'f; o' ' == 1,,,,,:,t, ,i-l E EE H= t5 .' ioolt c. rather theiqi4ist for 45 degrees. ",,'; (08 Marks) " For a particular product, you determine the NRE cost and unit',cobt to be the following for the three listed IQ technologies: ' FBGA: ($10.00G,$s0), ASrC: ($50.000, $10). {LSI: ($200,000, $5). Determine precise volqgnes for which each technology yields the lowest totalcost. (06 Marks) r too rT:: .=N ; 2 a. List and define three main Or.jCF technologies:..H,ow are the benefits of using each of three different design technologies trelpful to desigrqrs? (06 Marks) ; t() : b. What is single-purpose processor? What are the benefits of choosing a single-purpose ; E processor over the general purpose proiessor? (04 Marks) qA c. Design soda machine controller,. g{ven thqt soda coats 75 cents and your machine accepts fI € 5 ouarters only. Draw the blackrhx'view, coryre with a state diagram and the state table, . :'.-:bu minimize the logic and then final ciidffifl.= (10 Marks) ! ff46+4he ; ! " f; &E c .E' : E €€ -+ i E* +$ 5rd 3 a. b. c. d. .r What is meant by pipelinihi? And why it is used in insiiuction execution? t06 Marks) Explain in detail the general software design tooh that are used by embedded system designers. -,ti '''r,i'"".,',, LCD* (06 Marks) (04 Marks) Distlnguish in b€t,fueen timer and counter. Explain in detail the operation and initialization sequence of (04 Marks) E 4 a. Givq-11-''.5- iOO UHz crystal-controlled oscillator and a 32-bit and ml,rtnumber of 16-bit teffihl-count timers, design a real-time clock that output the date and time down to EE -----e-(c E rnttrliseconds. You can ignore leap years. Draw a diagram and indicate termi4$rpount values # (06 Marks) = " for alltimers. AF" b. How-to control the speed of DC motor by using PWM? g loo naa'6 5 .. Given an analog input signal whose voltage ranges from -5 to 5V, and 8-bia.difrital E H "..";' q :, ; encoding, calculate the correct encoding l.2Y and then trace the il]Egq.iye approxirfr#ion. thentrace I ilfgges{ye approxirfmtio* 6€ " approach to find the correct encoding. =(08 Marks) av"l 9 .-N' g E 4 E E .T 5 a. b. c. , t, lt -- I -, B !I4I CEHTRAL IcI What is interrupt latency? Ard explain ttre fuctors affecting t,l* LIBRARY j; J;peMarks) Explain briefly the operation of round-Robin with intemrptr. .1i/ (06 Marks) How to selecting an software architecture for your system affigffgld"o'#flacteristics of PART _ various software *.s;z architecture? I of2 (08 Marks)
  3. 3. ^-_^3 06EC82 6a. b. c. Describe the function of scheduler with suitable transition diagram. (06 Marks) Define semaphore and list oftried-and-ture ways to mess up with semaphores. (06 Marks) Explain the role timer function in RTOS. (08 Marks) 2 of2
  4. 4. f w' 06E,C834 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.20L3 lJan.2014 Biomedical Signal Processing -,...,.,a, o o Time: 3 hrs. 1 o i'a i' .l ''"'..,;;utL.. c. 2 a. o Cd I E9 -y. b. *t ll oo coa .=N d+ 9il otr -0 c. o> a. Ee b. 6= o() (6O 60q (!d E: a. .G .<,!s b. c. a6 oj5 o5. tro. a EEG. b. 9E t (.) 6lE !o != boe troo (06 Marks) diagud'm sys;t.ern dre, andO$filters. What are the advanta@of an adaptive filter? treSlgn an adaptive filter using LMS algorithm. (10 Marks) filter. 4= l Discuss briefly any"" applications of adaptive Explain fro* qsjgE*ar" -od.t is used for OO Hz adaptive 1:"" PART *ART -B & ation. (04 Marks) (06 Marks) """"-$ij'--- qr "',r,! ,l to ,roir. ratio by Jfu"tot of 16.(10 Marks) Me.nfu the characteristics of rroir. and signal in signal averaging tecffiues. Explain with ,Unik-Airgram tlpical signal averager. Draw the flow chart oi a ptograffforpveraging an ''-,rr.{10Marks) *.-;.'ECcsignal. 5.v >, frequency (08 Marks) to ;,,iff oFi. o sis. (06 Marks) Starting frodmg$ equations of potential difference betweff*he limbs RA, LA and LL, derive the exprt:$$ns for ova, oVp and avr. Also reprgserit relationships between these (08 Marks) standard and augrrEqi*d.t ua vohages using vector Draw a diagram to illffigle the electrode placemffi foi the frankVCG lead system. Also write the resistor netwo&1fur combining the body'i"dlrface potentials to produce three time (06 Marks) fr'aft VCG varying scalar leads of the ft'd* yCC lead sys;t.e4. (06 Marks) Draw and explain ECG signal Char..$cteritt_U#.'lrr'n'rrji:'::: .i 'tiifferent elements of a digital filter? Mention What is a digital filter? What (10 Marks) advantages of digital filters over If the output sequence of a digitaffiei is 1l?,3:2 in response to a unit impulse, what is the transfer function of this filter?fiaW the pol&.*fod zeros of this transfer function mentioning :!::: =(! o= o. ;; tr> Xo block diagram, explain the objectives of biomedical signal"ful .--= ' Draw the waveforms and giv€ the effihr ttre following biomedical signals. rangeGifu.,l€.,]rant to these signals: i) ECG, ii) Explain ih1e-=difficulties encountered in biomedical signal analysie*+ill acquisition. ;l-{try,ith the help of b. c6 PART _ A 1u,* s..- L a Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part O*1aJ Givenasequence of2Sdatapoints {1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, I,2,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,3;';4,"'4'r.4,4, (06IYIi 0 jo"."'. 5,5,5,6,6,7|,illustrateHuffmancoding. ' U. What is a data reduction algorithm? nxpUin lossy and lossless data compression. Chsiify., o- .l:## (06 Marks'),,r{1' ud, ,t."{J the four data reduction algorithms into these categories. J{N ",N c. 6) choosing the o z o o. With an example, illustrate and explain turning point algorith-. 4 ffi% K*g tt *r-'O (08 Marks) samples. Marks) 7 a. Explain QRS detection algorithm. ll{ - - ?(10 b. Write a note on different template matching techniques used in{p^€fGEElNygIS" }g Marts; ffiemyngr l}j(fi0 monitor.I /;rli} Marks) b. Describe the differences between a general purpose microprocessfoffipp$"S/(06 Marks) -Sgl (06 Marks) c. Write a note on ST segment analysis. 8 a. With a block diagram, explain the portable arrhythmia ,<d<*{<{< .
  5. 5. / 068C844 USN Eighth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.20L3 lJan.201.4 GSM .' Ilme: !'n: '.d,s J nrs. ::r Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least TWO questionsfrom each part. lll :]' r-,,li;r," d o o 6t 't! xr a. b. c. 'o 0) ..1' PART _ A ..,,.'l MS. 9) a. b. c. J. ': ', "' r1. ,,,,,,,,,ri'r,..,, d E9 ,t Calculqle the number of channels available in GSM 900 and GSM 1800:,r Bring oUuthe tunctions of i) HLR; ii) VLR. Write a sffitnote on . GSM. Describe howpgrypr control is achieved in Briefly explain fuffi;taAio fink measurements are made Explain the uses of ildpp;ive antennas. (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) ,.,i1 irf'SM (04 Marks) EO 3 E'J .= 3 b10 otr _co o> n a. b. ..1 (g+ a. b. 8* With the help of flow chartlrgyplain logical channels in GSM. Explain GSM frame structuies with a neat diagtqfn. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Explain briefly the different attributes of spebch coder. With a neat block diagram, explain time domain waveform (12 Marks) (08 Marks) coding. b. a= bd oog (gd E5 a6 G!cd 6 -.'B bs i:X o.6tro. . t o -i' 9E i, lE !O x.Y >. !: bo<o0 li!) =0) o- o; ,i ; o z 8 a. Briefly explain the 4uthentication requirements b. J PART _ B 'initiated by ihe mobile using flow Explain the process of call relpa List the bearer and teleservices related to the GSM PLMN. Using the call ffi;w, explain the token based a. a. b. c. ,,,-'rt ,, " ,. lrtx. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) i,ll,: needed *to provide security in wireless ';, ;, (10 Marks) challenge. t0 Marks) ,,t:tlt" .., Explain the ilArameters needed in selecting TDMA modulation siheme. (10 Marks) What i$directral efficiency of a wireless system? (02 Marks) Ca" the minimum signal power required for the acceptable quality o.firvoice at the BS -futeof a GSM system? Assume receiver noise figure Nlto be5db, receiver temperature ,'6edeiver .,,{Bqual to 290"K and Boltzman's constant equal to 1.38 x 10-20 Joules/oK" [hat is the 1''-" maximum allowable path loss? The effective isotropic radiated power of"',thel MS is lW (30 dbm), transmitter cable loss is 0 db, receiver cable loss amounts to 2.5db, and : transmitter and receiver antenna gain are 0 dbi and 12dbi respectively. Assume a fade margin of 10db and required Eb/I.{r of 13.5 db. (08 Marlrs) a. b. c. What are the management requirements for wireless networks? Briefly explain. With a neat figure, explain how TMN architecture is used in the GSM network. Explain the different interfaces of TMN. ! o a diagram. ****d. (08 Marks) (06 Marks) (06 Marks)