7th Semester Mechanical Engineering (2013-December) Question Papers


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7th Semester Mechanical Engineering (2013-December) Question Papers

  1. 1. 1OME71 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 / Jzn.2O14 Engineering Economy Time: 3 hrs. o; o o Note: l. Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting atlesst Tl,yO questionsfrom each part. 2. Use of discrete interest tables is permitted. PART - A U d ,,, ",, o I 0) ! 3e Max. Marks:100 ,,, "' ,,' a. '(05 Marks) Distinguish between strategy and tactics with suitable examples. b. ,,Explain the law of demand and supply with suitable example. c. Determine the effective interest rate for a nominal annual rate of 6% that is compounded (06 Marks) i) S,errf - annually ii) Quarterly iii) Monthly iv) Daily. ,,.., d. A peisgn:invests a sum of Rs 50,000/- in a Nationalized Bank at a Nominal interest rate of 6v o0' g0a .=N (d$ -il 13% foi 15,,::/e&rs. The compounding is monthly. Findthe matufity amount of the deposit (04 Marks) after 15 Veari?,. -il Y() oEi 2a. -O =e b. State the conditisns for present worth comparisons. Determine the equivalent present worth of the following series extending over 8 yeais rising annual interest rate of 20o/o. (06 Marks) of year and cash flows (04 Marks) .....::: a= o() i:20% q-11-*.r;Y_- Fig.Q2(b) ooi Q-ts- ,6 c. d. Eg0 OE g; tra. orv oj ;o o: ao 6LE qo ? (03 Marks) What do you understand by present worth by T2 rule? An Entrepreneurs intending to stalt a New Business knows that the lnst few years are the most difficult. To Lessen the chance of failure b loan plan for start up capital is proposed in which interest paid during the first two years *ill be at 3%o, 60/o. For the next 2 years if 12% For the last 2 years of the 6 years loan. How la,rge a loan can be justified for proposed repayments at the end of 2, 4 and 6 respectively foi Rs20,000/- , Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000/(07 Marks) lor 2nd . 4'h and 6'h year respectively. Two types of power converter Alpha and Beta are under consideration for a particular application. An economic comparison is to be made at an intg1-sSt rate of l0%. Following the two cost estiuratibn has been obtained. Determine the Annual Equivalent system$,' s€lect the besj:eUS4g1 ) 5.v >, 1 bo "tro0 (J= o.B tr> Cost Particulars or U< Purchase price J6i Estimated service life Salvase value o o '7 Annual operatins cost b. O Aloha Beta Rs 10,0001 5 vears Rs 25,0001 Rs 3,000/Rs 2500/- Rs 5,000/- 9 vears Rs 1200/- A Conventional Agricultural Equipment has a service of 6 years. lr(gned equipment is 50% costlier than the conventional one but has many . The operating costs of both these equipment are almost same and salvage value is negligible. What will be the service life of the New equipment that makes its cost comparable to that of (10 Marks) the conventional one at r: ljoh? r,"'l E 4a. (06 Marks) Define the following terms : i) MARR ii) IRR iii) ERR. (06 Marks) b. Explain the causes for depreciation. c. An XYZ company has purchased an equipment whose first cost is Rs 2,00,000 with an estimated life of 8 years. The estimated salvage value of the equipment is Rs 40,000 at the end of its life time. Determine the depreciation charge and book value at the end of various years using SOYD method. (08 Marks)
  2. 2. 10M871 PART - B 5a. b. c. What are the different elements of cost? Explain. (04 Marks) D ifTere nt iate between e stimat io n and co sting. (04 Marks) From the following data related to manufacturing a standard product for the month of Sept 2012, prepare a statement showing the cost and profit per unit. 2. Direct wages :24,000 Raw Material used : 40.000 4. Machine hour rate @ Rs 4/tr 3. Machine hours worked 9,500 works cost 6. Selling overhead @ Rs l/unit 5. Office overhead 20Yo of 8. Units sold 18,000 @, Rs 10/unit. (12 Marks) Units produced: 20,000 ::::, l. : hrs 7. you understand by the following Financial terms Fieferential shares iD Assets iiD Liabilities iv) Sundry a. . W,hat do i) creditois, v) Sundry (10 Marks) Following,,is the Financial status of a company as on sheet as on,3,]" March 2005. 3l't March"2005, prepare a Balance (10 Marks) Amount (Rs),, Particulars Cash in hand Sundry debtors 22,000 Bank loan's 40;000 10.0ffi, .Bill's navable i, 2CI$00 ,Ehuitv shares t,13.000 Land & Buildinss Plarit &Machinerv Inventories Creditors: Bank Balances a. debtors 50,000 90,000 1s.000 30.000 16,000 What is a Financial Ratio? E*ptain Liquidity and Solvency ratio's, mentioning their ''""".,,:;rt (10 Marks) t.,,'1,,'-' b. Calculate the Current A$s€ts of XYZ company, with the-following information. D Stock turnover : 5 times ii) Stock at the dffi : 5000 more than the stock at the beginning iii) Sales : Rs 2,00,000/- iv) Gross profi! ratio:20o/o v) Curent significance. Briefly exptetrh the objectives of profit planning. (05 Marks) "-l11r"" On 2006:Jhiie Abhilash Enterprises has Rs 10,000 cash balance. The expected sales are to the.valUe of Rs 7,0001-, Rs 12,000/- and Rs 15,000/- respectively. It ii estimated that the d'is5r*r'ibment is to be made in 3 months are Rs 15,000/- , Rs 16,000/- and Rs 12,000/-. ,W'henever a shortage occurs Bank loan is assumed to be raised to a value of Rs 5.000/-. -:Prepare r a cash budget and show the cash balance at the beginning of September: (08 Marks) o. Prepare a purchase budget from the following particulars when the estimated:prioelkg is a. b. X-Rs2 .Y -Rs3,Z-Rs4 Materials x Y Z Materials X Y Z Estimated consumption of Materials in kss 1,00,000 2,00,000 2,50,000 Stock at the Besinnins 30,000 40,000 45.000 Stock at the end Estimated 15,000 20,000 s0.000 (07 Marks) ,r rr ?k r( r( 2 of2
  3. 3. t0nllB72 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 Mechanical Vibrations Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 N ote : o o o y a w y-!!,(r fu il, u estj on s, s e I yct i n g. 1 otleast TWO questions from each part. PART _ A L I a. With a sketch, explain the beats phenomenon and obtain its resultant motion. (10 Marks) C) (! (.) Eq b. If x(t): uo + Lancosnwt*IU"cosnwt, n=l expressions for a6, all and bp. z Jh -bol i00 .= c{ where x(t) us apefiodic, nonharmonic, obtain n=l (10 Marks) 2 a. What is the effect of mass of a spring on its natural frequency? Derive. b. Find the natural frequencies of Fig. Q2(b). (10 Marks) (10 Marks) 9d otr aO o2 ;:: oO a0< a6 Fig. Q2(b) 'l,6 4o 'Ca oj5 , For an under dar'nped system, derive an expression of (10 Marks) A vibratingrsystem having a mass 3 kg, spring stiffness of 100 N/m and damping coefficient of 3 N - sec/m. Determine damping ratio, damped natural frequency, logarithmic decrement, ratio of two consecutive amplitudei and number of cycles after which the original amplitude is reduced to 20Yo. (10 Marks) o-E oj 9E to 6LE LO JE >, li b0c olJ a= Xo 4a. b. VL o_ U< ,r.' C.i () Analyse the undertamped system subjected to constant harmonic excitation and show the complete solution. (12 Marks) A vibrating system having mass 100 kg is suspended by a spring of stiffness 19600 N/m and is acted upon by a harmonic force of 39.2 N at the undamped natural frequency. Assuming visious damping with a coefficient of 98 N - sec/m. Determine resonant frequency, phase angle at resonance, amplitude at resonance, the frequency corresponding to the peak amplitude and damped frequency (08 Marks) PART _ B o 5 a. b. to measure displacement and acceleration. Discuss the relevant frequency response curves. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Derive an expression for amplitude of a whirling shafts with air damping. 1 r'rf') Mention the instruments used
  4. 4. 10ME72 6a. b. Discuss the effect f mass ratio on frequency ratio of an undamped dynamic vibration (12 Marks) absorber with derivation. Two equal masses are attached to a string having high tension as shown in the Fig. 6(b). (08 Marks) Determine the natural frequencies of the system. Fig. Q6(b) 7 a. Determine the influence coefficients of the triple pendulum system as shown in Fig. 7(a). ,, Fig. Q7(a) (10 Marks) b. Use the Stodo'tra method to determine the lowest natural frequency , 7(b). fieedom spring mass system as shown in Fig. -,1 of four degrees of kK Fig. Q7(b) (10 Marks) a. b. c. d. e. Write a short notes on any FOUR : Signal analysis Dynamic testing of machines Experimental modal analysis Machine condition monitoring Orthogonality of principal modes. (20 Marks) {<i<**+ 2 of2
  5. 5. 10ME73 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 100 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questions from each part. (J () (.) 1a. L b. c. C) o 8e What ar€ the factors to be considered for selecting a hydraulic pump? Explain in brief. (07 Marks) (07 Marks) Explainthe.constructionandworkingofaexternalgearpumP. A vane pump is to have a volumetric displacement of 82cm'. ,It has a rotor diameter of 5cm, a cam ring diameter of 7.5cm and a vane width of 4cm. What must be the eccentricity? (06 Marks) . 2a. Jh s 'ooll c. .=N d<t Yo otr -c() o> , 'l a: oc) a. ootr d.B b. .Y a6 -a .) 6 .!l o. 6. d.e o= to 6LE 130em3, operates with a pressure of 105 bar and has a speed of 2000 rpm. If the acqrql flow rate consumed by the motor is 0.005m3/s, and the actual torque delivered by the motor is 200N-m find: Volumetric efficiency. Mechanicalefficiency. Overall efficiency. Power developed by motor in kW. (10 Marks) Classify hydraulic control uelu.r. Explain with neat sketch working of check vave, and give its graphical represenlation. (10 Marks) Draw symbolic representation of the lollowing hydraulic control valves. i) Simple pre'ssuie relief valve. ii) Pressure:ieriucingvalve. iii) Sequence valve. iv) Counter balance valve. v).. ,;.'N,tanually operated, spring centred, tlree position four way valveJ. (10 Marks) -,Explain with neat sketches meter-in and meter-out circuits. b.' What are hydraulic accumulators? Classify the different system and explain spring loaded hydraulic accumulator. a. E'F !o >(H co& (06 Marks) (04 Marks) A hydraulic motor has a diiplacement of D ii) iii) iv) *,^ () motor. t b. trca or= o.B tr> oJ< -al Explain with neat sketeh balanced vane (10 Marks) hydraulic (10 IVIarks) . ..:: a. b. c. PART - B Explain briefly filters and strainers in hydraulic system. Derive expression for beta efficiency. Discuss about sealing devices. (07 Marks) What are the advantages using pneumatic system? Explain with neat sketch and cushion arrangements in double acting cylinder. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (08 Marks) (05 Marks) o z L a. b. I of2
  6. 6. 10ME74 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.Zol4 Operations Research Time: 3 hrs. o o o o. (! I a. (.) o ! oX b. Ir^ 6 --t goo .=N cB$ 5x, + 4x, <200 3x,+5x, S1.50 5x, +4x, > 100 8x, +4x, > 80 -! 3s o(.) PART _ A Old hens can be brought at Rs.50/- each and young hens can be brought at Rs.100/- each. The old hens lay 3 eggs/week and young hen's 5/week. Each egg cost 2 Rs. A hen cost Rs.S/week to fbed, if a person has only Rs.2000 to spend for hens, formulate the problem to decide hoW many of each kind of hens should be buy? And he cannot house more than 40 hens, formulate the problem a LPP model. (10 Marks) Solve the following LPP by Graphical method, Z,rror=3x, +4x, Subject to constraints, ts.r otr -o 6: Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting qt least TWO questions from each part. 2 a. (10 Marks) Solve the following LPP using Simplex method: Zrrru*=10x,+5x, aotr Subject to constrainls. 4x,+5x, <100 e^ >d 'Ca or= 5:: o. 6. tro- 5x,+2xr<80 x, &x, >0 b. o(! ()j u= 'u ='LO 4tE 2*, *2x, =lQ 5x, +2xr>10 x,&x, >0 >.: 50' -cQ o! go r< :^ 0.) 7 Solve the given problem by using Big.M. L,nir, = )xt +Jx2 Subject to constraints, 2x, + 4x, <12 o.i tr> ;o o- (08 Marks) 3 a. (I2 Marks) Find the optimality tbr tven proDtem a nd initial SO utron ble mrt using V AM method. 1lo Marks) -------r.- Origin W1 W, Wr Wa Supply Destination]S---=-1 Fr 2 2 2 1 J Fz l0 8 5 4 7 F3 7 6 6 8 5 Demand 4 J 4 4 I of 3
  7. 7. 10ME74 3 b. A AML company has 5 tasks and 5 persons to perform. Determine the optimal assignment and to minimize the total cost. (10 Marks) A Machines B C D P 6 7 a 7 5 10 9 6 R 5 4 J 6 5 Jobs a E 5 9 4 S J 5 6 4 T 4 a. 8 4 7 5 6 6 A traveling salesman has to visit 5 cities. He wishes to start from city once and return to his starting ,"T nT the least cost route. l-.o 4 l0 l4 Bl12 co 6 t0 Cl16 t4 co 8 A a particular city, visit each (10 Marks) 2- I olz+ 8 14 12 m to 6 4 16 oo El2 I b. 4 What is integer programming? Why it is needed and write the branch and bound algorithm. PART _ B 5a.Thefo1lowingtablegivestheuffiaconstructionprojectandotherrelated Activity to 1-3 20 9 1-2 2-3 2*4 3*4 4-5 i) 1 t,, 30 t 46 t2 21 J 5 7 2 J 4 I 2 J t2 l8 24 Draw a pert network Calcutate project duration iii) Find the critical path. iv) Find the probability that the project will be completed within 50 days. Define the following: i) Normal time ii) Crash time iii) Free float (14 Marks) (06 Marks) Define: i) Fair game ii) Pure strategy iii) Mixed strategy Use dominance rule to trnd the optimum strategies for both the player. (07 Marks) ii) b. 6 a. b. Br B2 B3 Ba Bs (06 Marks) 86 t r-l F 2 o 2 2 2 orla 3 I 3 Player A-, l4 3 7 -5 1 2l tu14 3 4 -r 2 z A' | c. Asl_4 3 3 -2 2 I 2_l Solve the game by graphically method. I ttr -3] t3 st tt 6 l-l tt l+ (07 Marks) t 1 .l ) of?
  8. 8. 10ME74 a. b. c. a. b. c. Write the characteristics of waiting lines. (05 Marks) At what average rate must a clerk at super market work in order to ensure a probability of 0.9 that the customer will not have to wait longer than 12 minutes? It is assumed that there is only one counter to which customer arrive in a Poisson fashion at an average rate of 15/hr. The length of service by the clerk has an exponential distribution. (07 Marks) In a hair dress by saloon with one barber, the customer arrived follows Poisson distribution at an average rate of one every 45 minutes. The service time is exponentially distributed with a mean of 30 minutes. Find: i) Average number of customer in a saloon. ii) Average waiting time of customer before service. iii) Average idle time of barber. (08 Marks) Define the following: Idle time (04 Marks) ii) Total elapsed time Write the asSpmption underlying the sequencing problem. (04 Marks) Find the sequenCe that minimires the totalelaps tota EIADSEC time. idle t ime and normal time. D Machine A B 6 8 Mz .,) 2 M3 4 8 MI Jobs C D. E 10 6 '.5 6 4 6 7 8 7.. (12 Marks) .'l' * {< 3 * *.{e of3 ,:*Jr'
  9. 9. 10ME754 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 Non o o o L - Gonventional I Jan.2Ol4 Energy Sources Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 a Note: Answer uny FIVEfutt questions, selecting atleast TWO questionsfrom each part. o o I oX a. b. ?. Explain the following : i) Solar constant ii) Solar radiation data of India. (06 Marks) b. Sketch and explain the working of shading ring pyrheliometer. (08 Marks) c. Calculate the day length of location (latitude 220 00' W, 730 10' E) during the month of =o co troa ,, - Ol) orl March. -O a= o() 60 the tilted surfaces. a. (10 Marks) Explain transmissivity based on reflection refiaction in relation to flat plate solar collector covers. b. Two glass covers each 3mm thick have refractive >(! (06 Marks) index of 1.526 and an extinction coefficient 'K' of 0.0161mm. Calculate the transmittance taking into account the absorption and reflection both for normal incidence and an angle- of incidence of 750 and also find the 5.) 'ia oi= o-X o.. (.) c. Write short notes o,n: i) -i. performance. o= al.E 5." >1 (k (06 Marks) 3 a. Name the different types of:,:solar thermal power cycles and explain any one type, with a neat sketch (to Marks) |, b. With the help of usual expressiorl explain the beam, diffirse and reflected solar radiation on 50tr Lo PART - A Discuss with the help of recent statistics comrnercial and non - commercial energy reserves and production in India. (10 Marks) Explain the advantages and limitations of the use of non - conventional sources of energy. (10 Marks) Solar collector heat loss coefficientrftQF $i{ar collector ar ,,Atru Marks) ,(+9 ,') c r' PART - B s) List the foui important applications of solar photovoltaic sy Marks) /^' Marks) b. With a neat sketch, explain the horizontal axis wind machine. c. Wing at 1 standard atmospheric pressure and 200C has velocity o "ry it The total power density in the wind stream ii) Maximum powei y ur) Actual power density, assuming : 30% iv) Total power produced, if the turbine diameter is 120 m. (08 Marks) 5a. ooo olJ c *o AU o E> (r< (.) a. o Z b. (! c. a. b. Explain the mechanism of wave motion. with the neat sketch, explain the working principle of oTEC (closed) plant. State the environmental problem associated with geothermal energy conversion. b. (08 Marks) (06 Marks) List the factors affecting bio gas generation. Explain any four, in brief. (10 Marks) what are the main applications of bio gas? Explain briefly the sources of production of biomass. 8a. (06 Marks) what are the different methods for hydrogen production? Explain in brief. Write short notes on : i) Safe utilization of hydrogen energy transportation. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) ii) Hydrogen (10 Marks)
  10. 10. l0ME766 USN Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.20l4 Time: 3 hrs. Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting at least TWO questionsfrom each part. (J () () PART _ A a 1a. o o ! Briefly explain the types of robot. Explain the,follswing robot joints: i) Rotary joint; ii) Spherical joint. b. 3s :;': 2a. -.o a'l "' Explain the inverse kinernatics for a 3R manipulator;: *u.u.; (10 Marks) lt .= 'i' Discuss the kine@tics of SCARA manipulator by using link transformation -u,tir1ro b. du """" (06 Marks) (14 Marks) oo" =oo 3a. xbo ogl Explain the features of Jacobian matrix for a sprial manipulator. Explain the static's of parallel manipulator. c. (10 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) b. -co 4a. a2 a= Illustrate the equation of motio, ne * fifu*, 2R manipulator using Lagrangian formulation. (12 Marks) (08 Marks) Discuss the inertia of a link Uy uiilg"u rigid body. b. oO -! o-o ooi PAI RT-B ..r a6 5a. 'l,d or= Cartesian circular motion planning. Explain. c. (06 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) b. p- 6- Explain the joint space schemes. rce oJ 6a. o= ,, AE b. !o =v, .= ^: oov c ta. ot) o= 90 Briefly explain the feed back control of a single link manipulator for a firsf order system. ..,,::,, 'c. b. , r- (10 Marks) PID control of a multi link manipulator. With the help of a neat sketch, explain the working of a brushless D.C. motor. (06 Marks) Explain the types of actuating system. tbonnai.xO Explain the operation principles of a stepper motor and its characteristics. (08 Marks). =d) o ->. L)< -i c.i o z o o. 8 a. b. c. d. e. ',ll Write short notes on: LVDT. Piezoelectric sensors. Eddy current proximity sensor, Capacitive sensor. Optical sensor. (20 Marks) ,k{<{<**