5th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers


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5th semester Computer Science and Information Science Engg (2013 December) Question Papers

  1. 1. l0rs51 USN Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2014 Software Engineering .,'rll', ,,,i'i' Max. Marks:100 ,T,ime: 3 hrs. i,.,,' Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting atleast TWO questions from each part. ' o o o PART _ A q (.) () La. b. c. ox Define software, software engineering, software process. What are attributes of good software? Explain two types of emergent properties. (06 Marks) (08 Marks) Explain system a.p.nauUitiry. Explain the process iteraiioif ; (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Give software requirement documbnt"(IEEE atandard). Explain requirement validation. : .r-'' ll (10 Marks) (10 Marks) (06 Marks) Gle -uo ll trca 2a. b. .=N tsdJ oEl FO 3a. b. o2 t'' :,, a= o() 4a. 50i cnd b. cd PART _ B 5a. b. o-l 9.9 6= 6E !o 6a. o.>, li boca0 so tr> :o VL U. U< (10 Marks) (10 Marks) ,], -'a 'ia .i= o o-a tr0. "' Explain structured methods. Explain risk management. ,G 'c : b. Explain system organization. Give state,diagram for weather station and explain design evaluation., ,: ",,,, (10 Marks) (10 Marks) , 'lr'i "" Explain extreme programming. Give Lehman's laws. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) , ':':7 b. Explain clean room software development. Explain component testing. a. b. (10 Marks) Give factors governing staff selection. Name factors affecting software engineering productivity and cost estimation techniques. a. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) -N (.) o '7 (10 Marks) o ***,f*
  2. 2. 06css2 USN Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 /Jan.20l4 System Software Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at leost TWO questions from each part. () o o o. () PART _ A I a. Bring out the differences between application software and system software. (04 Marks) b. Write programs in both SIC and SIC/XE to copy a character string 'system Software" to c. o ! 3e -b0 I Eco .= .n .r! io0 Y() aZ eO =ts 2 a. b. c. another string. Explain the following with reference to SIC / XE machine architecture: i) Instruction fbrmats. ii) Addressing mode. iii.l Data lormats. iv ) Register organization. (10 Marks) SUM START FIRST LDX a:! oi) LDA i ooi 3di 'Ca OE TIX JLT +STA :q tro. orv j (.) COLNT TABLE TABLE TOTAL :9 -, ^= !0" co0 o o '7 o #O COL]NT LOOP TOTAL OPCODES LDX -04 LDA -OO LDB -68 ADD -18 TIX -2C JLT -38 STA -OC RSUB -4C RSUB o= aLE NC -i #O LOOP ADD TABLE, X ADD TABLE2, X /N -o(n 3a. (r< O +LDB #TABLE2 BASE TABLE2 f,L (f- (10 Marks) Explain the different data structures used in two pass assembler. Mention clearly their lunctions in Pass I and Pass 2. (06 Marks) What is the need of pass 2 assembler? Reason out with a simple example. (04 Marks) Generate the object code and complete object program for the following SIC/XE program. o2 ,> :o VL (06 Marks) b. RESW I RESW 2OOO RESW 2OOO RESW I END FIRST With suitable example, explain the use of LTORG assembler directive. (04 Marks) Differentiate between program blocks and control sections. Explain how control sections are processed. c{ c. (08 Marks) Discuss how forward references are handled by multi-pass assembler. Show step by step procedure to evaluate the following statements. Show the symbol table after each scan. 1. NUMB EQU MAXLEN/2 2, MAXLEN EQU BEND-BUF 3. PREVB EQU BUF-I 4. BUF RESB 4096 5. BEND EQU * Assume the value for location counter as 1034 (H) at line number 4. (08 Marks)
  3. 3. 06css2 4 a. b. c. 5 a. Explain with an algorithm the working of an absolute loader. (06 Marks) Distinguish between linking loader and linkage editor. (04 Marks) What are the major data structures required for linkage loader? Write and explain the algorithm for pass 1 of linking loader. (10 Marks) PART _ B What is an interactive editor? List the four tasks performed by document linking process in an interactive b. c. 6 a. system. (04 Marks) Explain briefly structure of a typical editor with the help of a block Discuss briefly the following debugging functions: i) Break points. ii) Tracing. iii) Trace hack. diagram. (06 Marks) Explain with an example the various data structures required for the design of a macro processor. (08 Marks) SUM MACRO &ID LDA ADD STA c. (t0 Marks) X&ID_+I X&tD-+2 X&lD-+5 MEND Expand the following macro invocation statement using the above given macro: i) SUM BEETA ii) SUM A Explain the advantages and disadvantages of general purpose macro processors. Explain with an example the structure of lex program. Define regular expression. Give regular expression for the following: ii) * vi)? i). iii)" iv)$ 104 Marks) (08 Marks) (08 Marks) v){} (04 Marks) (08 Marks) c. Write a lex program to count the vowels and consonarlts in a given string. a. What is shift/reduee parsing? Explain the parsing for the string "tu"ed 12 + [3" using the following grammar. Statement.+- NAME : expression Expression -+ NUMBER + NUMBER / NUMBER - NUMBER (10 Marks) Write a Yacc program to recognize the validity of an arithmetic expression that uses *, -, * and l. (10 Marks) b. : 2 of2
  4. 4. 06css3 USN Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 Operating Systems Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:10O Note: Answer FIVEfull questions, selecting atleast Tl4/O questions from each part. .: d o o ) PART-A ! 0. C) I a. b. o ()x 6v ;, troo (08 Marks) : ! 7n Explain the storage device hierarchy, with a neat diagram. Explairtrthe following in brief : i) Real time embedded system ii) Multimediasystems. Write the system call sequence to copy a file fiom source to destination. c. 2 a. .=& b. c. go ()i -O Explain the implementation of producer - consum€, pro".rr., using bounded buffer in shared memory systems. (08 Marks) Explain the different multithreading models. with neat sketches. Consider the lollowins set of o Process Arival tinre (ms) Burst time (ms) Pr o! 0 8 P: 2 -) ,i,,i 9 Pr oO "li 4 Pz a= (06 Marks) (06 Marks) 5 Draw Gantt charts and calculate average waiting time and average boi non-preemptive SJF and preemptive SJF scheduling algorithms. (06 Marks) ,6 5o 'ia or: o. 5. 3a. b. otu o.. iii l.E i, !o .= >- (F ooo cb0 o= o. ;j c. 4a. b. ,c. E> VL ^O o o< + a.l Explain the resource allocation graph with an example. Explain the Banker's algorithm for deadlock avoidance. Explain the following methods to recover liom deadlock 0 Process termination ii) Resourcepreemption. (04 Marks) (10 Marks) :" (06 Marks) PART _ B d) '7 Explain the critical section problem. list and explain the requirements to be met by a solution to critical section problem. (06 Marks) Write and explain with respect to synchronization hardware i) The definition of TestAndSet( ) instruction ii) Mutual - exclusion implementation with TestAndSet( ). (06 Marks) Explain the monitor solution to dining - philosopher problem. (08 Marks) 5a. b. a a c. Draw and explain the multistep processing of a user program. (08 Marks) In the paging scheme with TLB, it takes 20 ns to search the TLB and 100 ns to access memory. Find the effective access time and percentage slowdown in memory access time if i) Hit ratio is 80% ii) Hit ratio is 98o/o. (04 Marks) Prove that Belady's anomaly exists for the following reference string using FIFO algorithm when numbers offrames used are 3 and 4. 1,2, 3, 4, I,2 5. 1.2, 3. 4. 5. (08 Marks)
  5. 5. 06cs53 6 ",',,'a:.,,,,:a'J a. b. c. List the common file types with their usual extension and function. Explain the typical file - control block, with a neat sketch. Explain any two file allocation methods, in brief. a. b. With a neat sketch, explain the structure of moving (08 Marks) (06 Marks) (06 Marks) mechanism. - head disk foA,eifiir.rl Suppose that a disk has 50 cylinders named 0 to 49. The read/ write head is currently serving ,t,,,, &t cylinder 15. The queue of pending requests are in , order '"'.,,'" 1:''"4, 40, 11,35,7, 74 ShO,w the graphical representation and calculate average head movement;using C - SCAN and'0- Look scheduling algorithms. r''":,,,, (0s Marks) c. Explai-the following operations in access matrix with an example for each. i) Copy ,;"" ii) Transfef ' : ..., iii) Limited.opy:,f. (06 Marks) : ,,, ,,,,...,,,''.'..,... ,,.' .,,.. a. b. c. .. ,;..........,. Explain the components.pf Linux system, with a neat d{agtam. Explain the following irtiili reference to process management in Linux , i) Process identity ii) Process context. With :1"i., '" '",,i .,,r" a neat diagram, explain the ,,, . rnemory,layotif'for ELF prograns in 'lllllllllll'r"" ii"r'ir!*i* (06 Marks) Linux. (08 Marks) (06 Marks) ' * * * ', ,,,,,....u.,... ,,::,,, 1,' ',,.-'i;"rr ' ,,rtl""li 'i,.,,lil. . , ""']." lllr .''
  6. 6. 06css4 USN Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 / Jan.2014 Database Management Systems (.) o o Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 ! d Note: Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting atleast TWO question from eoch part. 6 PART _ A o () ! EP la. b. c. j (08 Marks) Explain Tluee - level schema architecture, with a neat diagram. Define Data model. Briefly explain Object based and Record based data models. (08 Marks) What are the functions of Database administrator (DBA). (04 Marks) bol troo a. g() -O b. a2 a= oO 3a. bQa >(i '(, cO _?o 'ia Oj: :q o.j Explain Binary relational algebra operations, with example. b. Consider the following relations and write relational algebra expressions SUPPLIER (S-id, S-name, S - address) PARTS (P-id, P - name, colour) CATALOG (S-id, P-id, cost) i) Retrieve the name of all the suppliers who supply yellow parts. ii) Retrieve the name of the suppliers. who supply both Blue and Black iii) Retrieve the name of the suppliers who supply all parts. a. o= to a(;: C'!o With respect to SQL, explain with example command. : i) ourt/,.V, )/ 5; The DROP command 5 1,,1r;:r.l--il - -1+2 Mfrks) ii) The ALTER (08 Marks) Consider the following tables, write the SQL statements for the following queries: CATALOG (book-id, title, au-id, p-id, Catg-id) AUTHOR (au-id, name, city, country) PUBLISHER (p-id, name, city, country) CATEGORY ( cat-id. descript ion) MEMBER (m-id, name, address, city, state) ORDER - SUMMARY (O-no, m-id, o-date, amount) ORDER - DETAILS (O-no, book-id, quantity) i) Display details of all the members who have placed an order for the book 'CODING'. ii) Display the name of all the books for which an order has been placed. iii) Display the name of all the authors who have more than 2 books in catalog. (12 Marks) =,: bo- .OO o= *o F> o (r< - Define the following terms, with an example for each : Mapping cardinalities ii) Strong entity iii) Degree of a relation iv) Ternary relationship v) Foreign key. (10 Marks) Design E * R diagram for keeping track of information about COMPANY database taking into account at least four entities. (10 Marks) i) a.l (.) Z o a E PART _ B 5a. b. C. With example, explain aggregate functions in SQL. Explain INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE statements in SQL with What is a VIEW? What are the advantages of view? example. (10 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks)
  7. 7. 06css4 6 a. Explain Informal design guidelines for relation schemas. (0E Marks) b. What is normalization? Explain the First, the Second and the Third normal forms, with example. ,r, *u*, 7 a. Explain Multivalued dependencies and Fourth Normal form. b. Explain Join dependencies and Fifth Normal form. 8 a. p,xplain the ACID properties of b. S,xplain: i) erash (tO Marxs) (10 Marks) transaction. (08 Marks) ,;:,,,, recwery ii) Serializability iii) Deadlock. '.1,, , ,,,."'i" .,"' , , ,,. ,,: (12 Marks)
  8. 8. 10csss USN Fifth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec. 2OL3lJan.2Ol4 Gomputer Networks -I Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting atleast Tl4/O questions from each part. d o o PART _ A 1 a. (s 4) b. c. (.) Ey dU oll I EOO go OE: -o 2 a. b. c. 3 a. b. =! C) Y,: What is data communication? List and explain the five components of data communication system, (06 Marks) Discuss the ISO-OSI layered model, bringing out the functionalities of each layer. (10 Marks) Differentiatg between ARP and RARP ii) UDP and TeP-. i) : (04 Marks) Write a descriptive note on three causes of transmission impairment. Explain the transmission modes? Explain delta modulation? -6 . -. I Co;i"',,,:.*i I" '.uk Tou"'"tt"'j,"''1 ,p .r _/.:?,' )____-/-d,) iv) Duration of output frame v) o0i c. (06 Marks) What is FDM? Briefly explain its multiplexing and demultiplexing process. (06 Marks) Four sources create 250 characters per second. The frame contain one character from each source and one extra bit for synchroaiZation. Find : il The data rate oIeach source ii) Duration of each character in each souice a: oO (08 Marks) (06 Marks) Frame size in bits " 'dP vi) Data rate of link. ruqc4--' (06 Marks) What is time division multiplexing? Explain how statistical T-DM- overcomes the disadvantages of synchronous TDM. 'ia or= sa o'i 4a. b. c. (08 Marks) Describe different types of enors. Explain errot detection and error correction with respect to block coding. Find the codeword, using CRC given data word "1001" and generator "1011" (03 Marks) (08 Marks) (09 Marks) aZ A,i PART _ B !o o.r >': aoco0 6= *o tr> Xo v! o- J< -i 6i o o Z P o a. b. a. Explain briefly, with neat figure stop and wait ARQ and Go Back N ARQ. Explain the liame format and transitional phases of point to point protocol. (12 Marks) (08 Marks) Explain: i) ii) csMA csMA/cD. l (12 Marks) b. a. b. Describe 802.3 Mac frame (08 Marks) ExplainIEEE 802.11 architecture. Bring out the differences between repeaters, bridges, routers and gateways. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) a. b. Explain with respect to IPV4, classful addressing and classless addressing. Explain in detail IPV6 packet format. (10 Marks) (t0 Marks)
  9. 9. 06css6 4 a. , ,, b. c. Define CFG. Obtain CFG for the following : i) ;:1anb2nln>0) lll::{unbn'I,,>3}+ b)*. For regular expression (a ::: iii) (07 Marks) ConsiderthegrammarGwithfollowingproductionsE -++EE l*EE l-EE lx ly Find LMD, RMD and write parse tree for the string + * - xyxy. (06 Marks) What is ambiguous grammar? Show that the following grammar is ambiguous on the string ittibtaea. S;iCtSliCtSeSla C -+ brr (07 Marks) .,::ttt... ,'t'.'....,. 5 a. b. c' 6 a. b. c. 7 a. b. 8 a. b. c. d. PART-B l Describe the languages accepted by PDA. (04 Marks) Construct aPDAthatacceptsthefollowing: L: {wlw eia+b)* andNu(w):N6(w)},write the instantaneous description for the string abba. (10 Marks) Convert the following CFG to PDA that accept the same language by empty stack. S -+ aABC, A -+ aBla, B -+ bAlb, C -+ a. (06 Marks) What are useless symbols? Eliminate useless symbols from the following grammar : S -+ AB I CA, A -) a, B -+ BC I AB, C + aBlb. (07 Marks) What are unit production? Eliminate unit productions from the following grammar : S -+ AalB, B -+ Albb, A -+ al bcfB. (05 Marks) What is CNF? Convert the lollowing grammai into CNF S -+ aAD, A -+ aBlbAB, B -+ b, D + d. (08 Marks) :::' . Explain with diagram, the working of a Turing machine and multitape Turing machine. Design a Turing machine that accepts the language. L: {anbl I n transition diagram and instantaneous description for the string aab6. Write short notes on the following : Multi tape Turing M/C l-latting probtem of mA Recursive language Post's correspondence problem. ' > 1}. Also write the (12 Marks) ,, , (20 Marks)