1st Semester M Tech Structural Engineering (Dec-2013) Question Papers


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1st Semester M Tech Structural Engineering (Dec-2013) Question Papers

  1. 1. USN L -tl (, 12CSE14 t First Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 Structural Dynamics Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. Note: Answer any FIVEfull questions. -....J.^.*J-.-.-,..-*-.*-.*1 ,,,,,,,,,a1 C) o b. g E OJ 2 a. C) ox What is damping? What are the methods to evaluate damping? Explain any one *"lJP* (10 Marks) d,) b. -, A spring mass system has spring stiffness of 'K'N/mm and mass 'W' N:,It has natural 'W" and the natural lequency of vibration of 12 Hz. An extra 20 N mass is coupled to (10 Marks) frequency reduces by ZHz. Find 'K' and 'W'. Obtain the expression for the response of a damped SDOF system subjected to initial (14 Marks) conditions. Discuss the three cases of damping. A spring mass system kr and mr has a natural frequency fr calculate the values of kz, which is another spring which when connected to kt in parallel,increases the frequency by 30 % . (06 Marks) de 6 -^t troo cd+ i: !: OO (.) OE 3 a. b. Derive an expression for undamped forced vibratioh:of SDOF subjected to harmonic force. A machine of w: 90 kN is supforted on springs of k : 6.35 x 1011 N/mm, subjected to an exciting force of 500 kN w: 60 radls, assuming 20Yo of dampng find : steady dx force U() 4 a. boi -6 a3 b. cc 3(, 'Ca (10 Marks) - - state amplitude transmitted to foundation. (10 Marks) Derive the expression for Duhamel's integral for the response of SDOF system subjected to (12 Marks) arbitrary excitation. Obtain the response of undamped and damped SDOF system subjected to a suddenly applied (08 Marks) constant force of magnitude F6. OE io so. o.. (.)j a-- Bu 4 l.E C'- +rels F( Y) !o >,: 50coo o= o. [: I , Fo Fig. Qa(b) I, For the shear building, compute the natural frequencies and mode r< T -C I o o shapes, plot the mode shapes and prove their orthogonally. Refer Fig. Q5. Givenm:12800kg, (20 Marks) EI :20.000 kN/m2. z o ,Z'oF '*Y 1 I L T t- Fig. Qs
  2. 2. 12CSE14 6 For a three storeyed shear building shown in Fig. Q6 write the equation of motion, determine the three natural frequencies, mode shapes arid plot them. Combined stiffness each floor: k. t)2 : t{) j,! Tffi,, **lr Qvnl l *',', =,i1# 7 of I n:)t/ r l{'n I I )L ltt J Fig. e6 $ ,*li' ;r "" bf Derive the differeii bl equation of motion for free flexura{flb?htion of the simply supported beam. Sketch ttre fiisi=tlrree mode i-,,,,r*,,,, -"*-iq 'X shapes. ,i (20 Marks) r*,n :,,-,::ri d. JtrIsIIllU instruments a. Seismic ulstIuIIIgIlLS b. Rayleigh's method d/ 1 1 t i1 .,,' ,,,,," .,,,. - - *[*" qfu "*r 1 ." ils ,:i" ,! ' "ll, ,/ q. *rrt ,t 2 of2
  3. 3. 12CSE153 USN First Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures " ''"'t""' . '"" Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 100 Note: Answer ony FIVEfull questions. o o (.) L q () 1 a. Wiat are the defects normally observed in concrete structures? Discuss briefly their remedies. (10 Marks) !,,,. b. Whailts.,salphate attack? Explain about the causes and effects of sulphate attack. ito tvtartrs; o E9 2a. (10 Marks) (10 Marks) b. ,Ih -.o ool troa .E or (o+ ,rI o :1u otr 3() 3 a. b. Explain assessment procedure for evaluating damages in structures. (10 Marks) Name the various testing system used in the assessment of distressed concrete structures. (10 Marks) o2 Discuss about the evolution of diff,e?eMyfes of cracks. Explain the various factors, whieh affect the permeability of concrete. a= oc) o0c 5a. -6 N+ E|d b. -a oi3 p.a o.v oj o= A'E b. :9.9 /. Y,, ooo tr olJ (J= po tr> 7 ,.,,, d' b. =0 oVL o o z (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Explain in detail, the inspection for evaluating a fire damaged structure. Write notesio'' i) Ferro,,,cement ii) :Sulphur infiltrated concrete. Eiplain briefly advance techniques for repair. . l... . . ",,, . ...... ..::: ..::::: ,'.t,,,,. ,, (10 Marks) (10 Marks) Explain the safety precaution prior to dismantling and during dismantling. (10 Marks) Explain the various stages involved-in the repair of crackb, using epoxy injection technique. (10 Marks) -^ -; (10 Marks) Explain the maintenance procedures required fo. irrifaing to keep the building serviceable. ::, :. 6a. (10 Marks) :::',, eti a. b. c. d. Write short notes on : Corrosion mapping test Concrete chemicals for repair Surface preparation Advanced demolition techniques. (20 Marks)
  4. 4. l 12CSE11 USN First Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2014 Gomputational Structural Mechanics .:,,;,, Time: 3 hrs. d o o q Max. Markr:,100 Note: 1. Answer any FIVEfull questions. 2. Missing data, tf any, may be suitobly ossumgd. ,::,,,,"' "' 1 a. b. ..i ' ,,, ,., , "ii (05 Marks) flexibility. Explaih the static indeterminacy and kinetic indeterminacy of the,,,1,t1'uctur., *nn Expl,,qin..the concept of stiffness and 0) 6 c. (.) ! 6s 2 a. !,. Jh Name and eapl,4in the strain energy concepts in structural analysis, iififio.,ll; (07 Marks) Develop flexibility and stiffness matrices for a cantilever beam with two degree of freedom, Shown in Fig. Q2(a). (10 Marks) troo .=N d+ noo Y() otr ts -E() 6- a2 Generate the a= for the given o() Fie. Q2(a) flexibility and stiffness r.natrices for the cantilever frame shown in Fig. Q2(b) co-ordinates. (10 Marks) (s(B .o: .G -r? d) or= a.A . o.e oj o= Fie. Q2(b) AE GE !o 5.v >'! bo" cao 'o= 3 .. Determine the displacements ., ir using flexibility method. lr< J ..i o o z (! L o 5 t<r.t Q3, :.,.,(20,Marks) lLklln) AE F> ot of the joints of the structure for the frame sholm in Fig. 1 r,,. "1.. ri;'"; -B c m o,5L n. ,a' 1=I" t' hnt J. Fig. Q3 .t'!,t' o,5 o "5"qs"x
  5. 5. 12CSE11 Analyse the continuous beam shown in Fig. Q4 by flexibility method. Draw BMD and SFD. (20 Marks) Arn t- 2p FNl") -: lLq ----*-- l2rr ---J- EA l2-r4 I C6Y1l+oM'b* Fig. Qa . " ':.. .i,ii 5. Analyse the pin jointed truss shown in Fig. Q5 b flexibility method and find the"rftries in all r, the members. Assume E:200 GPa. , (20 Marks) ,,, 3*'u ;, T Y * ,,,,:.; 6a. b. I- "L 3rn ;hr,' Explain: i) local axes ,, :, ii) global axes . (04 Marks) Analyse the continuous beam shown'in Fig. Q6(b) by stiffness method. Draw BMD and SFD. (t6 Marks) F-.-.--_ 2-! _____*.- 6"rr ____{ Brrt Fig. Q61b) Analyse the frame shown in Fig. Q7 by displacement transiormation matrix. nt I'O :: (20 Marks) C ::::: Fig. Q7 Briefly discuss about band width consideration. (04 Marks) Analyse the truss shown in Fig. Q8(b) by stiffness method and determine the displacements at joint 1 and the forces in members given A : 10 cm2 and E : 30,000 kN/cm2-. (16 Marks) ffqr "T r 2om t ' Askil Fig. Q8(b) {<***{< krt
  6. 6. 12CSE12 USN First Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination, Dec. 2013lJan.2014 Advanced Design of RGG Structures Max. Marks:100 Time: 3 hrs. Note: 7. Answer any FIVEfull questions. 2. Use IS 456 - 2000 code. a) o o 1a. b. ! o. ,,;....,,, o L 69 bJjl Ec)o .= 3 Design a continuous f'a b.u* ) ABC over two spans o:f 8 m each and it carries a udl factored load of 75 kN/m cheek whether can reduced the maximum moment by 30Yo and redistribution to the spans. Use Fe415 Steel and Mz! concrete. Width of flange is 1000 mm, width of web is 300 mm, thickness of slab is 150 mm and overall depth and effective depths are 820 mm and 750 mm respectively. (20 Marks) Y.) OO a= -o o> o2 6: .,.,t Design a simply supported grid floor of size 18 m x 21 m live load on the floor is 3 kN/m'. (20 Marks) adopt M25 conorete and Fe4l5 grade Steel. Use IS 456 : 2000 rnefhod. 6l i: (15 Marks) ,,, 2 ()X j :' .,,), (05 Marks) Explain the yield line pattern in RC slabs. A rectangular slab of size 4.0 m x 6.0 m is simply supported on all four edges. Design the slab for a service load of 4 kN/m2. Assume $:0.7, use M26 concrete andFe415 Steel. , (.) :inr, r. llti! 4 Design an interior panel of a flat slab of size 5.0 m x 5.0 m with out providing drop and -kN/m2 column head. Size of column i'uS00 m , 50d'mrn and live load on the panel is 5 and floor finishes is 1.0 kN/m2. LIse Mzo concrete and Fe415 Grade Steel. (20 Marks) oO boi cid a6 Design a circular c,,yfindrical bunker of capacity 240 kN to store coal using M26 concrete and Fe415 Steel unit@ght of coal is 8.0 kN/m3, angle of repose of (20 Marks) fof.is ZS" OE aX oj A chirnney of 66 m height having external diameter of 4 m thrdugh,out the height. The chirnney has fire brick lincing of 100 mm thickness, provided up to a treight of 42 m above ground level with an air gap of 100 mm. The temperature of gasses above surrounding as is 200'C crc: 11 10-6/'C and E, :2.05 x 105 N/mm2. Use Mzs grade concrete. Design base section of the chimnev. (20 Marks) 9E to 4tE !o 5.Y >! ooco0 o= o. ii tr> 7a 5L -N 0 la. b. c. Explain design principle and design criteria for earth quake resistant structures. (06 Marks) Explain ductility and its importance in earthquake resistant structures. (06 Marks[ Explain with neat sketches, detailing of beam column joint to achieve larger ductility. (08 Marks) o z a 8a. b. c. Write difference between bunker and silos. Redistribution of moments in continuous beams. ffi (05 Marks) (05 Marks) (10 Marks)
  7. 7. 12CSE13 USN First Semester M.Tech. Degree Examination, Dec. 20l3lJan.2Ol4 Mechanies of Deformable Bodies ..: Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: Answer any d o o I a FIVEfull questions. a. Explain 'stress at a point' and 'strain at a point'. b. Deri he differential form of equilibrium equations in three dimensionS. c. StresS,-omponents at a point of a body is given by -2 o* : 3xy"z + 2x.; T*y : 0 "' or:5xyz+3y ; Tyz= rzx:3xy2z+Zxy ')) (06 Marks) (06 Marks) : () ! C) oX "',,,,,, oz: x-y + y'z Determine whether these components of stress satisfy equilibrium equations or not at a point (1, -1, 2). If not, deterrnine the suitable body force vecter required at this point so that these i'i'" components are in equilibrium with external force. (08 Marks) 5 oJl I tr@ 1 Y.) OEi ao o> 2a. b. Derive the equilibrium equationi in polar co-oidinates. (10 Marks) Define octahedral stresses. Derive expressions for octahedral normal and octahedral shear stresses in terms of stress invariants. (10 Marks) oo) oai (!6 3a. What is meant by 'stress transformations'? transformations of a stress [t'ii] : b. [D] lt;11[Dr] where D is direction cosine matrix. The state of stress at a point relating to x. y and z Cartesian l-so 2a oi5 ^X o1x.y.z) stress : (06 Marks) axes Of 4o-l =lrO 60 ,o lvrp, ' 140 a-- Derive the equations for the tensor in another set of co-ordinates x'.y' and z' in the form t0 I 20) Determine: i) Principal stresses and their orientation relative to (x, y, z) axes ii) The maximum shear stress in octahedral shear axis. aLE LO o.r >'h b0go! Show that the function (J= uo tr> O=-*ry'(gd'dr 2y)isa stress function. Investigate what problem canbesolvedwhenappliedtothatregionincludediny:o,y:dandx:0onthe,,$ide =o 5L positive. J< (08 Marks) -C o o z L o a. Derive the strain compatibility equations in 3 - dimensions. Explain its significance. b. The following are eh components of strain at a point €,,:0.1, €y: - 0.05, e,:0.05, T', : 0.3, T,y:0.1 and y*, : - 0.08. Determine principal strain and principal directions. Also determine octahedral shear strain and normal strain. (12 Marks) (08 Marks) I of2
  8. 8. 12CSE13 5a. b. Derive Airy's stress function in terms of polar co-ordinates. (08 Marks) For a cantilever beam subjected to a point load at free end, the stress values are given as : o" = -iry i oy: o and ,,., = fi{r' -b') Derive equation for maximum vertical displacement. (12 Marks) WA'l +{r}* Derive expressidns f.o, o. and o6 for pressure 'P;' in the form - I - lp,u' ur-)----:-----7--(T--:i "e pob2 L b'-a' I _lp,u'- pob'I -1 b2 _l thick cylinder sqbject to external pressure 'Ps' and a 'l ltoo - r, ta2u2 ) 1 L (b'-a')r' Itno ( ) - R; )a2b2 ] Where a and b are internal and ixternal radii respectively. Show the variation of os and o, for a thick cylinder subjected to intemal pr€ssures only ('Pe : 0). (20 Marks) la. b. c. Explain the advantages oftheory of plasticity. Explain St. Venant's theory as applied to plastic flow phenomena. Compare and contrast 'Prandtl- Reuss' and 'Levy - Mises' theory. 8a. (06 Marks) (08 Marks) (06 Marks) (08 Marks) b. Define: i), :::' ..::: t. Rjgid material ii)'" Perfectly linear elastic material 'li1 nlgiO - perfectly plastic material. The state of stress at a point is given by (OU Marks) : : 70 MPa ; o, : 120 MPa and t,, : 35 MPa. If the yield strength for the material is 125 MPa, determine in a uniaxial tensile test, whether yielding will occur or not. according to Tresca's and Van - Mises vield conditions. (06 Marks) o* {<***{< 2 of2