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 1st and 2and Semester Chemistry  Streem (2013-December) Question Papers
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1st and 2and Semester Chemistry Streem (2013-December) Question Papers



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  • 1. t0crJBtzt22 USN First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 /Jan.2OL4 Engineering Ghemistry d O a Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 li q a () .Nbte: l. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing at least two from each part. '',,,.. 2. Answer all objective type questions only on OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booklet. ,,, ' 3, Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be valued. o 3q ,,,',i I a. 69 Zr) -bo <co .= (.'r ',,,,, ii) YIJ oq -.- o iii) 3E a= bU do ooc (!(€ iv) 5r 76 5lr o-X o .'[ +0.74V p7 c. (05 Marks) (05 Marks) example. Explain a method for the determination of single elechode potential. An electrochemical cell consists of magnesium electrode,in 0.042m mg(NO:)z solution and silver electrode i"O.Jl- AgNO3 solutiin. The SEP of Mg.and Ag are--2.36iV and +0.80V respectivelr,,, *UU.,r.r, the cell, write the cell reaction and c lcpl,aq the emf of ,n. d. atE ,"r?Lr.u, L() u< A) temperature of solution B) concentration of solution C) areaof the metal exposed D) nature of mqtal. The emf of a cell consisting of a SHE and a metal is fti,ilUd'to be 0.74V. The SHE is the positive €iectrode in the combination. Then the potential of the metal electrode is: A) B) +1.74Y o1-0.74!fsr c) rp)317v Electrode potentiil of a metal in a dilute solution is: A) same as that in a concentrated solution B) lower than that in eonaentrated solution C) higher than that in a concentrated solution D) none oIthese. The potential of the two metal eleetrodes used in a cell are 0.35V and 0.85 of the cell lormed by combining them is: A) 1.20v B) 0.5V c) -0.50v D) -1.20V. What are concentration cell?lExplain the workinf of a concentration cell by taking suitable 3u =O o- '1r: b. 6)= 6.v > (! -^o 6= *(D tr> -A i) I 6J PART ' .: (04 Marks) Chaose the correct answers for the following : : 4 metal rod is dipped in a solution of its ions. Its electrode potential is independent of: 2a. (04 Marks) Choose'the correct answers for the following . 1't,;,, lead acid battery the product formed on both anode and cathodd'is:. .' A) PbO2 B) PbO D) Pb. c) Pbso4 A battery in which a key component is separated from the battery prior to its activation is called: A) Primary battery B) Secondary battery C) Tertiary battery D) Reserve battery In which of these batteries aqueous KOH is used as an electrolyte? A) Ni-cd B) Ni-MH D) All of these C) Zn-at iv) In which of the following battery the cell reaction is not reversible? A) Pb-PbO2 B) Li-MnOz D) Ni-Cd c) Ni-MH i) ; i0 : *N () iii) z 6 L a. b. c. d. (05 Marks) Explain the construction and working of Zn-MnO2battery. What are fuel cells? How it differ from battery? Explain the construction and working of (07 Marks) CH:OH-Oz fuel cell. Write the discharging and charging reactions in the following batteries: (04 Marks) i) Ni-Cd battery; ii) Ni-MH battery.
  • 2. l 10cIIEt2t22 3 a. ' i) b. c. d. protection C) Sacrificial anodic protection D) None of these. During galvanic corrosion the move noble metal act as: i . "' B) cathode A) anode D) None of these ,.. C) anode as well as cathode the maximum amount of corrosion take place: iii) In water line corrosion, , ,tr') along a line just above the level of water meniscus 'Ell along a line at the level of water meniscus C) along a line just below the level of water meniscus D) at the bottom of the vessel. iv) During dif eential aeration type corrosion, the corrosion: A) occurs at more oxygenated part B) occurs at less oxygenated part D) rlbne of these. C) occurs uniforr,n throughout ii) , , : (04 Marks) Choose the correct answers for the following When a buried pipeline is protected from corrosion by connecting to magnesium block it is called: B) Sacrificial cathodic protection A) Impressed voltage , I What is metallic .orrorro*, Explain electrochemical theory of corrosion by taking iron example. Explain the corrosion control technique by,eathodic Explain galvanization process. protection. as (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) -,'' 4 a. for"the,followin$': Choose the correct answers In chromium plating elecftoly,te used in the bath solution: A) H2CrOa +H2SOa B) KzCrOa + H2SOa D)'None of these C) HCIO+ + H2CrOa Printed circuit boards are prepared by the process of: i) ,1r ' ii) (04 Marks) ' Electroplating B) Electro polishing C) Electroless plating D) Electiofogilrng iii) The ability of the plating bath to develop uniform coating on the entire surface of the object is measured by its: B) Decomposition potential A)',eurrent density power D) Throwing power . ; ,,,? Plating iv) Polarization effect can be minimized by using: A) Large electrode surface B) Highly conducting solution C) Low electrolyte concentration D) AX of these A) b. c. d. Explain the following terms: i) Polarization ii) Decomposition potential. Explain how the following plating variables affect the nature of electro deposit: i) Current density i, pH iil) Complexing agent. What is electroless plating? Explain electroless plating of copper. 2of4 106 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks)
  • 3. t0cIJBtzt22 PART _ B 5 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : (04 Marks) A knocking sound is produced in the internal combustion engine when the fuel: i) A) burns slowly ii) iii) iv) b. B) burns fact C) contains rain water D) None of these For good perflormance" the hydrocarbon molecules in a diesel fuel should be: A) Straight chained B) Branched chain €) Side chained D) Aromatic Catalyic cracking of heavy oil is carried out to get better quatity: A) B) Diesel C) Gasoline D) Lubricating oil Suitability,of diesel fuel is determined by: A) octane number B) propaae number C) cetane numboi D) butane number. Kerosene :' Define calorific value. Explain how calorific value of solid fuel is determined by bomb calorimeter. c. d. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,, (07 Marks) 0.789 of coal containing i.9% hydrogen, when burnt in a bomb calorimeter, increased the temperature of 2.7kg water from27.ZoCto29.7"C. If the water equivalent of calorimeter is l.2kg. Calculate gross and net calorific value (specific neat of water 4.187 kJ/kg/"C, latent heat of steam2457 kJ/kg. (05 Marks) Explain the purification of silicon by zone refining process. .,for AY g Io t,j <1 6 a. i, l) Choose the correct answers for the following : For water system the maximum number of degrees of freedo i) A)0 ii) iii) iv) b. c. d. c)2 D)4 When lead is progressively added to molten silver, the melting point of the resultant alloy is: A) raised B) lowered C) unaltered The colorimetric analysis is based on: A) Faraday's law B) Beer-Lambert's C) Ohm's law D) Kohlrauen's law i In potentiometric titration platinum electrode act as: A) reference electrode B) standard electrode C) reduction electrode D) indicator electrode. Draw phase diagram of Fe-C system. Explain eutectic and eutectoid point. Explain Pattinson's process of desilverizationof read. Discuss the theory and instrumentation of potentiometric titration. 3 of4 (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (06 Marks)
  • 4. tocrJBtzt22 7 a. : Choose correct answers for the following (04 Marks) A plastic which can be softened in heating and hardened on cooling is called: i) A) i ii) iii) C) Nylon Chloroprene is the repeating unit ','" iv) b. c. d. 8 a. thermoplastic B) thermosetting D) thermite C) thermoelastic Which of the following is an elastomer: 'A) Polystyrene C) PVC D) Neoprene in: "'i B) Neoprene ;" D) Poly,thene ,,,,, Thepiocess ofr,,ulcanizationmakes rubber: A) Soluble in water B) Soft C) Hard ' D) Mo-re elasric. What is glass transition temperature? Explain any three factors that influence the glass transition temperature. (04 Marks) Explain the manufacture of plastic by compression moulding and injection moulding technique. Give the synthesis of ' i) Tefloh; ii) Neoprene; iii) Choose the correct answers for the fo{lowing Total alkalinity in water is the sum of: i) ii) A) OH- and CO]- ions , ,. " iv) :: : (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) . , l . B) OH- ions only C) CO?- ions only ,: i,,,' ,,D) OH-, HCO?- and COI- ions. The' indicator used in the determination of chloride context in water sample by argentometric method A) K3 [Fe(CN)sT iii) Polyurethane. is ' : .;ii B) KzCrO+ D) KzCNzOz ,' c) Kz[Fe(eN)i] Primary tr€atment of sewage is used to remove: A),Suvpended and floating solids B) Soluble inorganic solids C)''Pathogenic bacteria D) All of these r fhs reagent used in the estimation of sulphate by gravimetric method is: ,: A) Phenol-di-sulphonic acid B) Barium chloride c) 2-SPADANS D) Barium sulphate. b. Discuss the determination of chloride in water by argentometric method. c. How is alkalinity of water caused? Explain the determination of _ phenolphthalein indicator. d. Define COD. Explain the sewage treatment of activated sludge process. ***** 4of4 (06 Marks) alkalinity by (06 Marks) (04 Marks) ,
  • 5. t rJ 1 C 1OMAT21 USN Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.201"3lJan.20l4 Engineering Mathematics - ll Time: 3 hrs. ci Max. Marks:100 C) o L Q .,,, Note: l. Answer any FIW :,::, :: ,...,, 3. full questions, choosing at least two from each part. ,tiy: Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be vuluedii'','", ,,.,,,,,. () I 3s oo# PART _ A (04 Marks) Choose the correct answers for the following : i)'r Suppose the equation to be solved is of the form, y = f (x,0) then difft-rentiating x we . .',gef equation of the form, ...: ,, , I a. , .F a; d[*,0,9) = cly/ _-o oo ll troo .=N 6J ii) Y3 -'F o0tr Eb >! /6 69G 6.y rd o!e o.J The generalsolution of the equation, p2 iii) a-^ bU J./ :::,:::' c) B) of v,p.9] = o dx) A) (y+x-,.c:JQ+2x-c) C) (-y-x-cXy-2x-c)=0 ()tr -c0) a:: o 0(*, y, p, =r.,, , D) g(x, y,0) = 0 -3p+2=0is,, B) (vr'x-c)(y-2x-c)=Q D) (y-x-cxy*x-c)=Q Clairaut's equation is of the form. ts)iy=p'^+f(p) C) y=px+f(p) D)Noneofthese iv) Singular solution of y: pf,* 2p2 is, ,n A) y2+8y=g B) i2*8y=g C)r'+8y-c=0 D)x'+8y=g (o4Marks) b. Solve p2 +2pcoshx+1=0. c. Find singular solution of p = sin(y -xp). (06 Marks) (06Marks) d. Solvetheequation, y2(y-xp)=rop' ,ringru tion X=l and V=]. A) x=py+f(p) ".."""'::'::"' x z a. O: @tE La) J;i";. v choose the correct tn rouo*ing ,i',,,, A second order linear differential hur, ""' "quuiio, B) One afbifiary solution A) two arbift*y solution C) np arhitrary solution D) None of these ii) -4i are the roots of A.E of a homogeneous linea differential its. solution is, B; C,e:t + C, cos 4x + C, th i) ' . :,::::,,, eWaffi [r,j:f:::: > +i ootro0 (04 Marks) y'se 'lrrr'ri'r o= 9O ' ',..' C) C,e2' + Cre* cos4x + C,e' sin 4x iii) P.I. of (D + 1)2 y = e-^*3 tr> =O CJ: U< A)-x' -N o 2 iv) a a. x3e* 6', X3 J "-**: !*Y + Cre2'sin. D) {"-} 2 Particular integral of f(D)y = e*V(x) is, ! o B) D; C,e2* cos4x A) 9H B)eu'frlur,.ll C)eu*ffi[u,,,1 g'v dx'-39'v.*:9l-v =0. dx' dx b. Sorve c. Solve y' d. Solve the system of equation, -3y' -t2y [t"'vt*l] (04 Marks) = 2sin xcosx # D)#.r) (06 Marks) - 2y = cos2t, S * 2x = sin 2t . (06 Marks)
  • 6. 1OMAT21 3 a. Choose the correct answers for the following i) In xy'- 0 if e' = x (04 Marks) : then we get x2y" as, A) (D-l)v B) (D+1)y C) D(D+l)y In second order homogeneous differential equation, ii) xzyo + x: A) iii) Y= if a is a singular point Po(a) > B) Po(a) + 0 The general solution or "ll A) iv) )'=C,x-C,- 0 C) &(a):0 r' 1'{ +r+-y dx' dx =0 Crx*cr, B) D) None ofthese Po (x)y'+ P, (x)y'+ P, (x)y = S D) P.(a) < 0 is. C) C,x+Crx D) C,x - Crx Fiobenius series solution of second order linear differential equation is of the form, ,:e 6 A) xt!a.x' f B) r=0 a,x' C) r=0 Ia,x'ir ' '''' b. c. Solve d. D) None ofthese Solve y' +a'y = secax by the method of variation of parameters. obtain the series solution of "ldI', 2*n = 0 . 4a. dx' (06 Marks) dx PDE of M+b = a2x+ y is" (06 Marks) av The solution of PDE 2,, =2y' iii) :: The,,,pulsidiary equations .dxdvdz al _=j_=_ ,,..'"t"'l'..t"' P q ir) .: c. d. g+Z=o x(x)Y(x) D) ox oy B) z"';*2 Z*4=, dx dy y2 + xf (y) + g(y) , y- +z- dz xz B) x(y)Y(y) x xz D) None of these In the method of separation of variables to solve xz" ofthe form, A) b. '^4 D) ,=y'+x{(y)+g(y) of (y2 +22)p+x(yq -z)=0 arb, dx _dy _d, --------= u) R ^ )dx )- dy y- +z' xy c is" A) z=x2*#ril"ig(v) C) z=x2y'iflx;+g(x) ''1i, (04 Marks) : ' B q 9=o 'dx x 9.9=t dx (N ii) (04 Marks) *,Q+4x9+2y=e^. l Choose the correct answers for the following i) , *zr=0 c) x(t)Y(t) the assumed solution is D) X(x)T(t) "":::',,,, 11.l- Solve +=cos(2x+3y). Ax'Ay xp-yq =y' -x' Solve 3u* + 2r, = 0 by the separation of variable (04 Marks) Solve (06 Marks) method given that u:4e-* when y: 0. (06 Marks)
  • 7. 1OMAT21 5 a. PART - Choose the correct answers for the following D (04 Marks) : lx2 JJ.xaya" = 00 A)1 c) u2 B) - 1t2 D) None ofthese l[ f 1x, y;dxdy by changing to polar form becomes, A) l[Otr,e) B) llr(r,0)drd0 c) l[rlr,eyrarae o; ii) ll41r,e)rdrdo The integrat iir) For a real positive number n, the Gamma function A) . iv)" B j*'-'.-.d* f(n) = I B) i*'-'.-'o* C) Jx'e-.dx 00 0 The Beta and Gamma functions relation for B(m,n) = 4, Pril I (m-n) s, +:+(,:) l (m + n) By changing the order of integration evaluate ax ::, x+y c. Evaluate II d. Express the integral I.-.'''O , C) ,, r(m)r(n) ^!t'j:O+ ^ "lY^ -, o D) y,;dydx. a > 0. ,:, zdydx. t, 6a. in terms of the Gamma function. Hence evaluate I+ o!l-X Choose the correct answers for the following D The scalar surface integral region R is given 'r't ' O1'[x' of i ore, by, f?."ar : -* iav ' 'f lw d* (06 Marks) (04 Marks) : s, where s is a surface in a three-dimensional Uy s divergence theorem. ?a*oy iit s) lJv cr -vD) None orthese v S If all the surface are closed in a region containing volume V then the following iii) theorem !,s applicable. A) Stoke's theo.rem B)Green's theorem C)Gauss divergence theorem D)None of these The value of [(Z"y-*'h*+(x' +y'])dy] by using Green's theorem is. . J ) J --Q - A) IIIv iv) ffJv.iav J A) Zero fff.nas : _, JS *' +y' +22 =a2 B) One where f : C) Two xi+yj+2k and S DJ Three is the surface o,f the sphere A) 4na b. c. g7 4xa3 B) 4na2 D) 4n Find the work done by a force f =(2y-x')i +6yzj-Bxz2k fromthe point (0,0,0) to the point (1, 1, 1) along the straight-line joining these points. (04 Marks) If C is a simple closed curve in the xy-plane, prove by using Green's theorem that the integral llt"Or-ydx)| representstheareaAenclosedbyC. Henceevaluate ,J ". rs/ - -r- ---.--- 4*-L _, =,. A- b, . (06 Marks) d. Verify Stoke's theorem fo. *' + y' +22 =I. i =(2x-y)i-yz' j-y'zk for the upper half of the sphere (06 Marks)
  • 8. 1OMAT21 7 a. Choose the correct answers for the following D L[t"1= .n A)' ii) S n! c) ' "_, S p1 ' n-1 A qn+l L[e-3'1 = 1 a -l A) - s-3 et C) lrD-a)J- A) e'f(t) in terms of unit ,,i...',',.,, ,,, e^ ::,,,,,, . -2) D) e-^ ,'.,. (06 Marks) function and hence find their Laplace (04 Marks) (04 Marks) C) ,i pl --f-S'+a' .--l S'-a' , .,.,..,,,1: ,,,:,... B) e"tf(t) C) e--'f(t) D) None of these : A) sin t h ts)sinh at : at ^ sin at C;.-_- tc)t''? 1, 1i, ,_. sinh t ,,i:,; convolution theorem condition, B) Satisfied with some condition D) None of these 2sr -6s+ 5 b. Find the inverse Laplace trans c. Find () l, ]+^| l(s-lxs'+4)J d. Solve differential equation y'(0). .... : _ _ ,,!1, ,i! y(0) = 0 = (s """':: S- .l /rl iii) L-r]cot-rl+ ll= L s'll I s.tep --l,',,;;;.. -a- t For the function (t) A) Not satisfied C) Satisfied D) ,'' (06 Marks) sy '::.'.""":"tt"'"""" M ,,, ".!j'". Choose the correct answers for the foilowing L a 1, J I +a- J : lz.. o<t<3 [,, t > 3 ;:,,,r li o<t<2 d. Express f(t)= j4t 2<t<4 [a t>4 transform. S- s-3 a c) B) given rhar f1r; -, ai --!- 1 D) s+3 B) ' (s -2)o ry,,1,t,p;t b. Evaluate Lisin'Zt) L{(t)}" s+3 3! A).--_ (s + 2;o 't{ 6rt - 1)} = Find I c) is equal to, 3! iv) 1 B) r{r1t-a)H(t-a)} iii) 8 a. n B) sn+l c. (04 Marks) : ^ (s - 1)(s - 2Xs -3) . .rsing convolution theorem. (06 Marks) y'(t)+y=F(t), where af,l={? 0<t<1. Given 12 r>l that (06Marks) ***** 4of4
  • 9. 10ccP13/23 USN First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.2ol4 Gomputer Goncepts and G Programming Time: 3 hrs. () Max. Marks:100 l$ote: l. Answer uny FIW full questions, choosing at leust twofrom each part. , 2. Answer all objective type questions only in OMR sheet page 5 of the ans|eer,,booklet. ' .,3. Answer to objective type questions on sheets other than OMR will not be valaed. (f o _A Choose the correct answers for the following : i) Which of the following is not a type of keyboard connector? A) connector B) 6-pin conneetor C) 8-pin connector D) USB-conneCtor ii) Which of the following is not an output device of a computer? la. (.) (.) te. I troa .=N d<f, b. c. d. a: oc) (co 2 a. o0i a6 Who is called the father of the computer? A) Balise Pascal B) Charles Babbage C) Joseph Jacquard D) Dr. Hewrman Hollerith iv) Which generation of computers is covered by the period 1964-197l? A) First B) S-econd D) Fourth C) Third (06 Marks) Briefly explain about the various generatiorud of computers. With a neat figure" explain how instructions are processed by the CPU. (05 Marks) (05 Marks) Describe briefly about the various,keys present on a standard keyboard. Choose the correct answers f,or the following Which is a secondary memory device? i) ii) oi= iii) p- 6. orv ()j o= 4tE !(J -c.= >! bov tr oll o= so F> =o o rr< 0.) a A) CPU " rB) : 4I-LI (04 Marks) C),FiBppy disk D) Mouse If you want to exe-cute more than one program at a time, the systems software that you must be capable of A) wordpcessing B) virtual memory C)'compiling D) multitasking A traaslatbr which reads an entire program written in d.high level language and converts it into machine language code is A) assembler B) translator C) compiler ,WhichofthefollowingisnotanApplicationSoftware? D) system software B) Spreadsheet D) Desktop publishing ,, b. ' Explain in detail about the construction and operation of the hard disk drive. . Briefly write about various computer processing techniques to process data. ,, ,, ' d. List the different network components with examples. A) Word processing C) UNIX 3 a. Choose the correct answers for the following : The flowcharting symbol Diamond Shaped Box indicates A) Start B) Process C) Decision Which of the following is not a keyword in C? i) ii) f o D) CRT screen ,.. do o> o= VDU (04 Marks) ,,,, sT og: o -7 C) iii) 6e -o0 :- PART gj ,,,,' iii) iv) step A) :,,,,,,,,,,, (05 Marks) Marks) (04 Marks) (07 D) End ctFd?5c&6_ char break D) long scanf printf D) putchar( B) C) triangle Which of the following is an input function? A) B) C) puts( ) Which of the following is a valid integer? A) -2s0 B) 4,442 c) -31.89 I nf ? D) +3,728.2 L!&8{JtftY
  • 10. 10ccPt3t23 3b. c. d. 4a. What are the different built-in data types available with C? With an example, explain the structure of a typical C program. Briefly write what do you mean by the C tokens. Choose the correct answers for the following : which of the following is not a relational operator in i) A)< ii) iii) " iv) (06 Marks) (06 Marks) (04 Marks) (04 Marks) c language? B)>: c)1: D) & which of the following is a special operator in c language? A) sizeof ( ) B) log (x) C) exp (x) D) sin (x) -' The unary operator in c are used to act upon only operand. A) one B) two C) three D) four If b: 10 and d:3, what is the result for b%d operation? . p'< B) two C) three b. Exllain relaiional operators in C, with examples. c. D) 3.33 the Unary operatoi in C language. Jiit11 ?n."rldpl.: ..xplain Explain in detail ii.bout Bitwise operators in C languag. - d. 5a. stdio.h A) B) conio.fu ' c) string.h c) no parameters , ' which of the rolio*ing return A '-^+,,-.^ A) return A) actual parameters statements #d##n"ij'r'".',io, c. d. ,;{ "T$l' .j} l-< 'Y* LISI" 'i t }$ tno' ,* *ith functiJi. (04 Marks) the correct answers for the following : (04 Marks) lhoo9e i) which of the following looping construct is an entry controlled loop?, A) while B) do-while C) foi b; none of these ii) which of the following is a conditional statement that tests a ril';;;i;ri^jin..", / " Which of the following is not a jump statement? A) break B) continue C) go to D) for iv) Which of the following is an exit controlled loopl? A) if B) do-while C) while D) if_else Write and explain the declaration syntax for while and do...while loop. (p4Marks) write a program to compute the sum ofN numbers using the for loop. (06 Marks) Write a program to check whether the given alphabet is a vowel or not using switch iii) b. ? ,in**_ ofthese synrax. . ,)fiffi, examples. (08 Marks) , 6a. as / *D;;;;i,h;;;"'"" B) formalpuru.n"t.r, f ' :i B) return(0) C) D) none what is a function? Describe wirh declaration parameters to tunction with ?,::,^O:]l:,_tr.*?rr.ofpassing Write a prog-ram to test whether or not a given integer number ir pri'"r. return(expregsion) (04 Marks) D) math.h Parameters passed as arguments to the function call a1e called iv) c. d. (06 Marks) affi iii) b. (06 Nlarks) (04 Marks) choose the correct p.lh:. i) The function that calls itself is called ai A) forwarding function gf conditional function C) recursive function D) backward function ii) The main( ) function work is defined,ih ' library. f;;r* .., statement. (06 Marks) 2 of3 l.: -E) $r
  • 11. t0ccPt3l23 7 a. : Choose the correct answers for the following In an array a[5] {10,20,30, 40, 50}; the element 40 is designated as : i) (04 Marks) c. B) a[1] c) a[3] D) a[a] 20,30,40, 50,60};the a[0][1] element is {10, A) 10 B) 40 D) 20 c) 60 Which of the following string handling function is used to add two strings? A) strcat( ) B) strncat( ) C) strcmp( ) D) strlwr( ) iv) Which of the following string handling function is used to compare two strings? A) strlen( ) B) strcmp( ) D) strev( ) C) strcpy( ) Define ar.array. How are they declared in C language? (04 Marks) Write a program to read two matrices from keyboard and print the sum of two *u,r,r11:r-- d. (07 Marks) (05 Marks) ii) A) afol In an array int a[2][3] : iii) 8 a. Write a program to test whether the given string is a Palindrome or not. : Choose the correct answers for the lollowing (04 Marks) Thread is defined as stream of control flow in a program code. A) zero B) single C) control D) none of these Open MP programrning model offers parallel directives for A) Shared Memory Access B) Zero Memory Access i) _ ii) iii) iv) C) Multiple Memory Access execution of instructions computing. A) Serial Open MP stands for B) _. D) None of these in a computer system is referred to as parallel Sequeniial A) Open Multi-Parallelism b. c. d. C) Accurate D) Simultaneous . , , B) Organized Multi-Programming C ) Open Multi-Processing D) Organized Multi-Parallelism What are threads? Give thedvantages and disadvantages of multiple threads. (06 Marks) Bring out the scope for Pefallel computing. (06 Marks) Explain "Parallel computing" in detail. (04 Marks) CEF{TRAL LIS&ARY 3 of3
  • 12. 10ELN15/25 USN First/Second Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 /Jan.20l4 Basic Electronics (.) () () Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: I00 ! o. a (.) Note: I. Answer any FIVE full questions, choosing at leust two from each part. 2. Answer all obiective type questions only on OMR sheet page 5 of the answer booktet. 3. Answer to objective type questtons on sheets other than OMR witt not be valuecl. I oX PART _ A I a. -^i Choose the correct answers for the following The knee voltage of a silicon diode is ECO .iI .= c ii) Etr Otr iii) -co !ts A) 0.3V B) 0.5V The efficiency of full waves rectifier is The missing (04 Marks) : i) c) 0.7v about c) 1.21 terms inthe forward diode current is I, D) None of these % D) 81.2 = Io[e'1v. -11 A) Vn o: B) rl C) Vs D)e iv) The zener diode is mainly used in A) Comparator B)Regulator C) Multivibrator D) None of these Discuss the behaviour of p-n junctions under: i) No bias: ii) Forward bias: iii) Reverse bias. (06 Marks) Explain the operation of full wave bridge rectifier with neat circuit diagram ,"0 *A1eff;p; : oo) b. b0i c. 6+ 96 d. =9 A zener diode has a breakdown voltage of 10V. It is supplied from a voltage source varying between 20-40V in series with resistance of 820er, using an ideal zener diode model obtain minimum.and maximuryZener currents. (04 Marks) o-X o.e (Jj u= @(E 2 a. !(j > q- trbo =.o- :'i :o a. C) a variable capacitor D) a variable resistor iD Ifthe base emitter junction is open, what is the collector current A)lmA B) 2mA C) l0mA D)0 The transistor is used for impedance matching A) B) C) c-C D) None cr of a transistor is 0.99 calculate p A) p :0.9 B) B :90 C) B:99 D) B:0.09 Draw the common emitter circuit and sketch the output characteristics, explain active region, cutoff region and saturation region by indicating them on the characteristic curve. (08 Marks) With a neat circuit diagram explain the working of transistor used as voltage amplifier. iv) -(.l () o i) iii) o- (r< Z Choose the correct answers for the following : When transistor operated in cut offand saturation. it acts like A) a linear amplifier B) a switch b. _ C-B C-E For a certain transistor, gg.6%of the carriers injected into the base cross th. "oil::1#ff] junction. If the leakage current is 5pA and the collector current is 20mA, calculate: i) The value of oc; ii) the emitter current. (04 Marks) 1 of4
  • 13. 10ELN15/2s 3 a. Choose the correct answers for the following The best biasing stability is achieved by i) A) Fixed ii) C) Voltage divider In self bias or emitter bias circuit iii) : using B) Collector to base D) None of these is connected between emitter and ground. C) Resistor The stability factor is given by _ D) Zener diode dr _ dL, B) *'u A) "'co 'dt, dl.u r. --' D) dl" dl.o c c) dlu ' - dl.o iv) The operating point must be _ A) (04 Marks) biasing method. High :: C) Increasing ,r for the proper operation of transistor B) Stable D) Decreasing ii',,. b. With a neat circuit diagraq explain the working of an collector-to-base bias circuit using an (06 Marks) npn transistor and derive the equation for In. ''- ,,, c. Determine the operating point for a'silioon transistor biased by base bias method with : 100, Rs:500KfJ, Rc:2.5KO anqVis:20V. Also drawthe load line. (06 Marks) B d. Derive the stability factor S for base bias . 4 a. .. ':,- circ,uit. (04 Marks) : (04 Marks) Choose the correct answers for the following With gate opeq ifih; supply voltage exceeds the'break over voltage of SCR, then SCR will con(u0t i) ii) A) False C) Onlv for D.C The SCR is A) ..., iiD iv) c) NPN a B) True D) Only for A.b : device PJPN B) PNP D) PNN UJT B) SCR D) BJT A relaxation oscillator uses _ A) MOSFET C) FET is a _controlled device A) Voltage C) Power B) Current D) None of these b. Explain the construction of n-channel JFET and give its symbol. (06 Marks) c. d. Write and explain the equivalent circuit of UJT. (05 Marks) Explain the two transistor model of SCR. (05 Marks) 2of4
  • 14. tOELN15/25 PART 5 a. - Choose the correct answers for the following Oscillator uses type of feedback i) B (04 Marks) : _ Positive C) Reverse A) ii) iii) iv) B) Negative D) None of these The total phase shift around a loop must be _ for the sustained oscillations A) 180. B) 360' c) 90" D) 270" The frequency response is a graph of A) freouency v, current gain B) frequency v, voltage gain C) frequency v, output voltage D) liequency vs input voltage In RC coupled amplifier the d.c component is blocked by,,,,, A) Load reiistance Rr. B) Couplihg capacitor, C6 C) Re D) The transistor ,,, With a neat circuit diagram, explain the workireg amplifier. of a two ,, c. d. 6 a. stage capacitor coupled CE (08 Marks) Explain with the help of circuit diagram the working of an RC phase shift oscillator using transistor. (06 Marks) Find the frequency of the oscillations of transistorized Colpitts oscillator having tank circuit parameters as Cr 150pF, Cz= 1.5nI and L:50prH. (02 Marks) : Choose the correct answers for the lollowing : (04 Marks) In an inverting amplifier there is phase shift between input and output. i) A) 0' ii) iv) B).90" c) 180. Ideally open loop gain of op-amp is A)0 iii) _ , D) 360" _ B)1 c)* CEUTRAL LBts$T*F'V D) Negative When op-amp used as integrator with input as square wave the output w A) Ramp B) Triangular wave C) Cosine wave D) Step Lissajous figures are used to measure difference between sinusoidal signals A) Phase B) Amplitude C) Frequency D) None of these b. Write the ideal op-amp characteristics. (06 Marks) c. Show with a circuit diagram how an op-amp can be used as differentiator. (06 Marks) d. Explain how current measurement is done using CRO. (04 Marks) 3 of4
  • 15. t0ELN15/25 7 a. Choose correct answers for the following i) (04 Marks) : Which of the following is invalid BCD code? B) 1101 D) 1001 A) 0011 c) ii) iii) iv) 0101 Given the number (8BF)r6, what is the positional weight of the 8? B) 2s6 A) 16 D) c) 40e6 (64)rc- (a6)s in binary is B)111101100 A) 111101101 D) l r00il0 c),111110 The relation between carrier power and total power in an AM wave 8192 :: A) c) b. c. d. 8 a. Pc=r,[,.+) P, = B) P. *[,.+) : ) : =*('.T) D) P. =p.(t* t.)t -') .J (06 Marks) Determine the value of base x, if i; {225)*: $al)s; ii) (211),: (152)s. (04 Marks) Perform subtraction using 2's complement method I l0l - 1010. Draw the block diagram of super helerodyne receiver and explain the functions of each (06 Marks) block. Choose the correct answers fo. i) ti" De Morgan's theorem siates following: ' that A + B is At a+e i, iii) c)AB (04 Marks) B);A;B ':D) A+B , _ Universal gate,s are and B) AND and 0R A) NOT and NOR D) XOR and XNOR C) NAND and NOR For.which gate when the two inputs A and B are equal the output is zero and otherwise one? A) NAND iv) An half adder has two inputs and A) ONE C) b. c. d. _ THREE B) NOR D) EXOR outputs B) TWO D) None of these Implement EX-NOR gate using only NOR gates. (04 Marks) Simpliiy AB+AC+AeClen+C1. (06 Marks) Implement fulI adder using two half adders and one OR gate. Write the equations for sum and (06 Marks) Cnr1. 4of4
  • 16. l0cIP18/28 Question Paper Version USN : C I I Il Semester B.E Degree Examination, Dec.2013/Jan.20l{ CONSTITUTION OF II{DTA AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS (coMMoN TO ALL BRANCHES) [Max. Marls: 50 Time: 2 hrs.] TNSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries one mark. Use only,Black ball point pen for writing / darkening the circles. For each 4UC.ptioo, after selecting your answer, darken',tfe appropriate circle corresponOini tri e same question number on ttre sheet. Darkening two cirii* ,,',,,,,i' fqr the same question makes iii unr*.r invalid. Damaging/overwriting, using whiteners on the OMR sheets are strictlr, prohibited. 1. a) Chief minister b) Governor The Mandal commission for backward classes was setup in, a) 1987 b) 1978 c) 1996 3. d) c) Lok Sabha President d) 1986 According' to 44th Amendnrent of 1978 the right to properly was emitted as a fundamental right and made it a a) Social right ,,, b) Legal right c) Universal right d) None of these Groupthing:,.,. a) Gives u gpod r.rrlt c) Widm3' riur knowledge b) Leads to a better result d) Is an impediment to responsibility Ow eonstitution prohibits : a) Untouchability 5. b) Freedom c) Liquor d) Politics .6.. The chief minister of a state is appointed by the: a) Speaker c) Prime minister 7. b) Chiefjustice of high court d) Governor Exclusion of Creamy layer makes a backward class: a) Socially backward b) Truly backward c) More backward d) Economically backward Special majority means more than, a) 50% majority c) 75% majority b) Two-third majority d) 60ohmqority -c1-
  • 17. 10crP18/28 The final stage of the election process is: a) Polling c) Announcement of results 24. b) Counting of votes d) None of these The Indian Federal system is based on the Federal system of, a) Canada d) Newzealand b) usA c) France 25. Engineers must: Ethics a) Recognize the value of a code of c) Look upon a code of ethics as a sacred writ b) Support a code of ethics d) Both (a) and (b). 26. The president can appoint to Lok Sabha from Anglo Indian community: a) Two persons b) One person c) Five person d.) Three persons - 27. Amendment of the constitution refers to : Rural local bodies a) b) Right to property c) Urban locat bodies d) None of these 28. Which article of the,constitution provides protection to the civil servants? a) 315 d) 388 b) 311 c) 368 29. The party system in India can be described as: a) Bi-party c) Single party b) Majority 74th party d) Multi party The phrase economic justice is found in, a) Fundamental rights and fundamental duties. b) Preamble and Directive principles of state policy c) Fundamental duties and directive principles of state policy d) Fundamentalrights and fundamental duties. 31. The Controller and Auditor General acts as the, a) Guardian of public finances b) Chief legal advisor of the governmenl c) Guardian of public interests d) Guardian of fundamental rights 32. The system of legislature in the state of Karnataka is: a) Bicameral b) Unicameral c) Cameral d) Multicameral 33. Voting age of citizens is changed from 21 to 18 years by Constitutional Amendnrent Act: a>..42"d 34. b) 56th c) 61't d) 76th Writ of prohibition cannot be issued against the : a) Judicial functions c) Acts of lower courts 35. 36. b) Legislative functions d) Quasi - Judicial functions 'Fault Tree' is used: a) To trace the risk c) To trace the result b) To assess the accuracy d) To assess the risk How many subjects are there in the central, state and concurrent list: a) 97,66 and 47 b) 47,66 and 98 c)97,47 and65 d) 47,96 and 55 -c3-
  • 18. 10crv18/28 Question Paper Version USN : D First/Second Semester B.E Degree Examination, Dec. 2013 I Jan.2014 Environmental Studies (coMMoN TO ALL BRANCHES) [Max. Marks: 50 Tirne: 2 hrs.] 1. 2. 3. INSTRUCTTONS TO THE CANDIDATES Answer all the fifty questions, each question carries ONE mark. Use only Black ball point pen for writing / darkening the circles. " For each question, after selecting your answer, darken ,the , ,appropriate circle corresponding,,to the same question number on the OIVIB sfreet 4. 5. Darkening two circles for the same question makes the answer invalid. Damaging/overwriting, using whiteners on the OMR sheets are strictly prohibited. l. 2. Liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture a) Methane and ethane c) Methane and butane 4. 5. :: b) Propane and butane Methane and propane. d) Best environmental clean ahernative fuel is a) CNG 3. of b) Diesel c) Nuclear power plant in,Karnataka is located at a) Bhadravatht , O, Sandur Coal d) c) Kaiga d) fitting b) Wet scrubber d) All of these Air pollution:ftom automobiles can be controlled by a) c) Electrostaticprecipitator Catalf,ticconverter Which of the following is a natural source of environmental pollution? Sewage b) Industries c) Automobiles a) Petrol "' d) 6. Liquid waste generated from bathrooms and kitchens are called a) Domestic sewage b) Run off c) Salvages 7. The max average permissible noise levels during day time hours as per environment protection act in India is a) 30dB c) 50dB d) s5 dB b) 4sdB 8. Demography is the study a) Animal of behaviour b) c) Geography -Dl - Rivers d) Allthe these d) Population groMh