Power of Oxygen


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Power of Oxygen

  1. 1. Power OF oxygen
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION-Oxygen is essential to all life onearth. It is the most abundantelement of the earth’s crust andforms a major part of the oceans,rocks and all living things. Sixty-twopercent of the earth’s crust and sixty-five percent of the human body–blood, organs, tissues and skin–consist of oxygen.Oxygen is involved in all bodyfunctions, and the average personrequires about one cup of oxygen perminute while resting and up to eightquarts during strenuous activity. Thebrain needs twenty percent of thebody’s oxygen supply.
  3. 3. BIOLOGICAL ROLE OF O2 According to some estimates, Green algae and cyanobacteria in marineenvironments provide about 70% of the free oxygen produced on Earth andthe rest is produced by terrestrial plants. Other estimates of the oceaniccontribution to atmospheric oxygen are higher, while some estimates arelower, suggesting oceans produce ~45% of Earths atmospheric oxygen eachyear.A simplified overall formula for photosynthesis is:6 CO2 + 6 H2O + photons → C6H12O6 + 6 O2
  4. 4. Bio-Oxidative Therapies:-Healthy body cells need oxygen. Deprivation of oxygen to the bodyencourages anaerobic microbes (organisms that live without oxygen) toproliferate.Bio-oxidative therapies have been used for over 100 years andmedical literature on the therapeutic uses of ozone and hydrogenperoxide has been published for over sixty years.
  5. 5. How Does It Work? Bio-oxidative therapies work in two basic ways(oxidation &reduction).As oxygenators, they deliver life-giving oxygen t. Bio-oxidative therapies work to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses,yeasts and parasites without harming healthy cells. Reduction-oxidation refers to the chemical process wherebyelectrons are transferred from one molecule to another. Reductiontakes place when other molecules donate extra electron. Oxidation takes place when other molecules accept an extraelectron (oxidants or reduced molecules).
  6. 6. Ozone Therapies:-Ozone’s first medical application in 1856 involved the disinfectionof operating rooms. It was used to treat skin diseases in 1915.During World War II, ozone was used medically to treat wounds andinfections. In the late 1950s, It was used to treat cancer.In the early 1980s, Dr. Horst Kief was the first to use ozonesuccessfully in the treatment of HIV and pioneered theautohomologous immunotherapy (AHIT) treatment method. It has been used medically for over thirty years to treat manydifferent conditions including cancer, AIDS and heart diseases
  7. 7. Because ozone therapy enhances the body’s immune system,the different disease conditions are given below….. Skin conditions, Diabetes, HIV-related problems, Heart and circulatory problems, Digestive and intestinal disorders, Nerve disorders, Cancer. Cirrhosis of the liver, Raynaud’s disease, senile dementia,hepatitis B, multiple sclerosis and scars have all shownimprovement with ozone therapy.
  8. 8. TREATMENTOZONE- External applications are used to treat burns, ulcers, gangrene,fungal infections and skin problems. Ozonated oil and creams can beused to treat insect bites, skin wounds and disorders. Internally, ozone therapy involves a very diluted solution whichmay be administered via injection to veins, between joints. Major autohemotherapy is the most common procedure whichsuccessfully used in treating herpes, cancer, an AIDS. Minorautohemotherapy usually treats minute amounts of blood with ozoneand oxygen,
  9. 9. Other Uses ofOzone:-Ozone is commonly used non-medically as a water purifier andin waste-water, pollution and air-quality control. Ozone can break down industrial waste into a biodegradablestate. As a water purifier, ozone is used to treat drinking waterbecause ozone effectively destroys micro-organisms.
  10. 10. Hydrogen PeroxideTherapies:- Louis-Jacques Thenard, a French chemist, discovered hydrogenperoxide in 1818. It was first used medically in 1920.Researchers found that hydrogen peroxide had long-termeffectiveness in removing plaque build-up in the arteries.Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally occurring substance found inhealing springs, plants and animals, and is necessary for bodyfunction.
  11. 11. Water SplitterIt splits water into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of penciland batteries. It was invented by Dr. E.A.Fisch in 1920
  12. 12. TreatmenTHydrogen Peroxide-Intravenous injection with hydrogen peroxide is considered themost effective form of treatment, includes one to twenty treatmentsdepending on the patient and condition being treated. Since hydrogen peroxide is such a powerful oxidizer, it is nevermixed in solution with vitamins, enzymes or chelation treatment. Hydrogen peroxide produces free radicals in the presence offerrous oxide (Fe2O3), and should not be used concurrently with ironsupplementation
  13. 13. Other uses ofHydrogen Peroxide:-Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used for bleaching, pollutioncontrol and as a disinfectant.Industries use hydrogen peroxide to bleach vegetable & fibers inthe recycling process because it is environmentally friendly-it breaksdown into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2).As with ozone, hydrogen peroxide is an effective water treatment.It is used in lens cleaners, eye drops, aloe vera products andmouthwashes
  14. 14. What Will I Feel?The lungs are the organs most sensitive to ozone. Inhalingmoderate to high levels of ozone causes harmful inflammation of thelungs. Inhaling ozone can cause alterations in the density of the lungtissue, damage the delicate lung membranes, irritate mucousmembranes and even lead to emphysema.Therapeutic ozone has been used in the lungs of critically illpatients without adverse effects, Ozone is generally well toleratedby other tissues.
  15. 15. What Can I Do?There are ways to improve oxygenation within your body o. Followinga holistic health regimen is key.Eat fresh, raw fruits and vegetables which contain oxygenated water.Ensure the intake of mineral-rich foods, grown in mineral-rich.Include antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamins A, C and E,selenium and zinc.Practice deep, rhythmic breathing.Engage in regular, moderate aerobic exercise.Avoid air pollution, toxic wastes, pesticide residues and radiation.
  16. 16. Where Do I Go Next?Bio-oxidative therapies should always be administered by aqualified practitioner who knows the proper handling, use andstorage of these powerful oxidizers. The International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation foundedby Dr. Charles Farr provides practitioner referral for hydrogenperoxide intravenous therapy.
  17. 17. Portable Oxygenerator Pump
  18. 18. Oxygen: The MostImportant Of Our NeedsFor a majority of us, common sense dictates that oxygen is one ofthe most basic, and most important necessities for life. While we allneed to eat, drink and sleep in order to survive. it is the simple actof breathing, filling our lungs, and our blood, with oxygen – that,which is most necessary for life.Before we get to the benefits of oxygen therapy though, let’s lookat the increasing problem of oxygen deficiency today and thesymptoms of this problem.
  19. 19. Symptoms Of OxygenDeficiency DiseaseIt is no coincidence that diseases such as cancer have increaseddramatically in the last one hundred-and-fifty years.While oxygen deficiency is not the only cause of these ailments,it is still an influencing factor and treatment such as hyberbaricoxygen therapy and reduce the risk of developing cancer andother major diseases.
  20. 20. Some known medical symptomsof oxygen deficiency are:Stomach acidBacterial, viral and parasitic infectionChronic hostilityCirculatory problemsIncreased proneness to common infectionssuch as the fluFatigueDizzinessWeaknessPoor digestionIrrational behaviour
  21. 21. How Can Oxygen TherapyHelp?You might choose to undergo therapy through the use ofsupplemental pills, for convenience, or full-scale hyperbaricequipment, for conditions such as Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease .
  22. 22. With one of the costs of modern life being theoxygen therapy can counteract the effects of thison your day-to-day life and provide the followingbenefits that you will notice:Heightened concentrationFaster thinkingSharper sightMore retentive memoryStronger heartCalm mind and stable nervous systemFaster recovery time after physical exertionNatural remedy for headaches and hangoversReduced muscle stiffnessResistance against chronic fatigueStable and regular sleeping patterns
  23. 23. CONCLUSION:-Oxygen provides 90% of our energy. With only 10% comingfrom food and water, this really drives home the point of howimportant oxygen is in our day-to-day lives.Even if you don’t notice that you suffer from any of thesesymptoms, you should still consider at least trying asupplemental term of oxygen therapy, you may be surprised atthe changes you notice!