Cyber Crime


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Cyber Crime

  1. 1. Cyber Crime
  2. 2. We’ll examine:• Definition of Cyber Crime• Computer Crimes• Sexual Predator• Cyber Stalking• Computer Theft
  3. 3. Definition of Cyber Crime• “Any illegal act involving a computer, itssystems, or its applications”• Must be intentional – not accidental• Types or categories of cyber Crime- 3 T’s– Tool of the crime – traditional crime w/ acomputer– Target of the crime – Hacking– Tangential to the crime – drug records
  4. 4. Computer Crimes• Computer Theft• Computer Trespass• Computer Invasion of Privacy• Computer Forgery• Computer Password Disclosure
  5. 5. Computer CrimesAll computer crimes are felonies:• Computer Theft (15 years)• Computer Trespass (15 years)• Computer Invasion of Privacy (15 years)• Computer Forgery (15 years)• Computer Password Disclosure (1 year)
  6. 6. Computer Crimes• Any person who uses a computer or computernetwork with knowledge that such use is withoutauthority and with the intention of:• (1) Taking or appropriating any property ofanother, whether or not with the intention ofdepriving the owner of possession;• (2) Obtaining property by any deceitful means orartful practice;
  7. 7. Computer Crimes (condt.)• (3) Converting property to such persons usein violation of an agreement or other knownlegal obligation to make a specifiedapplication or disposition of such property• Shall be guilty of the crime of computertheft.
  8. 8. Computer Trespass• Any person who uses a computer orcomputer network with knowledge thatsuch use is without authority and with theintention of:• (1) Deleting or in any way removing, eithertemporarily or permanently, any computerprogram or data from a computer orcomputer network;
  9. 9. Computer Trespass(condt.)• (2) Obstructing, interrupting, or in any wayinterfering with the use of a computerprogram or data; or• (3) Altering, damaging, or in any waycausing the malfunction of a computer,computer network, or computer program,regardless of how long the alteration,damage, or malfunction persists
  10. 10. Computer Trespass(condt.)• ... shall be guilty of Computer Trespass.
  11. 11. Computer Invasion of Privacy• Any person who uses a computer or computernetwork with the intention of examining anyemployment, medical, salary, credit, or any otherfinancial or personal data relating to any otherperson with knowledge that such examination iswithout authority shall be guilty of the crime ofcomputer invasion of privacy.
  12. 12. Computer Forgery• Any person who creates, alters, or deletesany data contained in any computer orcomputer network, who, if such person hadcreated, altered, or deleted a tangibledocument or instrument would havecommitted forgery , shall be guilty of thecrime of computer forgery.
  13. 13. Computer Forgery• The absence of a tangible writing directlycreated or altered by the offender shall notbe a defense to the crime of computerforgery if a creation, alteration, or deletionof data was involved in lieu of a tangibledocument or instrument.
  14. 14. Computer Password Disclosure• Any person who discloses a number, code,password, or other means of access to a computeror computer network knowing that such disclosureis without authority and which results in damages(including the fair market value of any servicesused and victim expenditure) to the owner of thecomputer or computer network in excess of$500.00 shall be guilty of the crime of computerpassword disclosure.
  15. 15. More Computer Crimes• Remaining computer crimes are “crimespecific,” such as• Sexual Offenses, Stalking Offenses andTheft Offenses
  16. 16. Federal Laws on Cyber Crime• Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986– Three goals• Confidentiality of data communications• Integrity of data communications• Availability of data communications– CFAA is a general purpose cyber crime law
  17. 17. Intercepting Communications• It shall be unlawful for any personintentionally and secretly to intercept by theuse of any device, instrument, or apparatusthe contents of a message sent by telephone,telegraph, letter, or by any other means ofprivate communication;
  18. 18. Intercepting Communications• But, what if the police seize a computer anddiscover a conversation where a crime isdiscussed. That conversation, if bytelephone or telegraph, would have beenprotected. Not the case with a computer.Courts have ruled that you should know thata computer makes a printed record, so it’sokay for police to use it
  19. 19. Computer Assisted SexualExploitation• However, Legislature hasrecently enacted amisdemeanor statute thatmakes the use of a computerin the communication itselfillegal. It is directly onpoint, but is it binding
  20. 20. Computer Assisted SexualExploitation• It shall be unlawful for any personintentionally or willfully to utilize acomputer on-line service, Internet service,or local bulletin board service to seduce,solicit, lure, or entice, or attempt toseduce, solicit, lure, or entice a child oranother person believed by such person tobe a child,
  21. 21. Computer Assisted SexualExploitation• (d) (1) .. to commit any illegal act ... relating tothe offense of sodomy or aggravated sodomy; ...relating to the offense of child molestation oraggravated child molestation; ... relating to theoffense of enticing a child for indecent purposes;... relating to the offense of public indecency; orto engage in any conduct that by its nature is anunlawful sexual offense against a child.
  22. 22. Computer Assisted SexualExploitation• (d) (2) Any person who violates aboveparagraph of this subsection shall beguilty of a misdemeanor of a high andaggravated nature.
  23. 23. Anonymity Opportunity• Today, a sexual pervert can “hang around”in teenage chat rooms and find suitablevictims with little risk of detection. Kidsare naturally curious anyway, but teenagersare looking for someone who listens tothem, a need which chat rooms seem to fill.
  24. 24. Anonymity Opportunity• After awhile, the “friendship” will developto the point that the predator can talk aboutsex. Again, teenagers are naturally curious,so this is not seen as dangerous to theteenager.
  25. 25. Anonymity Opportunity• Once the predator has established a trustingrelationship, he/she will seek to make aphysical encounter. Usually, this encounterwill be solely about sex for the predator.There is too much danger in theseencounters to make “friendly” contacts.
  26. 26. Anonymity Opportunity• The child usually seeks to get out of thesituation once she/he realizes that this“friend” is not what was portrayed on theInternet. However, in many instances, it istoo late to back out or stop the assault. Ifthe child will tell about it, capture is notdifficult as the “paper trail” is fairly easy tofollow
  27. 27. Cyber StalkingWhat is stalking?• (a) A person commits the offense of stalkingwhen he or she follows, places under surveillance,or contacts another person at or about a place orplaces without the consent of the other person forthe purpose of harassing and intimidating the otherperson.
  28. 28. Protecting Children(& networks)• Keep Computer In Public Access Room• Install Child Safe Software (Net Nanny,Cyber Patrol, etc.)• Know How To Track “History”• Watch Your Child At The Computer,Regardless of Age• Use a FIREWALL – #1 network protection
  29. 29. Final points– Number one fraud on the internet?• Auctions!! E bay users, pay with a credit card!– Most common computer attack?• Viruses- “malicious logic” vs. worms• Worms are self-replicating, death by expansion, filling harddrive or bandwidth– Denial of Service Attacks- it’s cyber crime• Floods the server with data, prevents access– Carnivore – FBI tool for internet wiretaps• Makes a copy of email for law enforcement– Money laundering – transfer of money from illegaloperations to legal ones - $1M weighs 30- 50 lbs!
  30. 30. In Closing• Cyber Crime Is Still Crime• Computers Offer Widespread Havoc• Computers Have Detection Issues,Good and Bad• Forensic Computer Specialists AreVital To Crime Fighting Efforts
  31. 31. Thank a lot for your precioustime!Please feel free to ask any Question….