Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - February 2013


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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - February 2013

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Newsletter, The Amaatra Academy - February 2013

  1. 1. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013NEWSLETTERFeb 2013
  2. 2. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013I extend warm wishes to all our parents.I   know the exams being over; you areexperiencing a sigh of relief. There is a smallquote I wish to share with all of you on examswhich I had read as a young boy. "In thepresence of trouble, some buy crutches,others grow wings." You may fall in problems,but these are to test you to do your best. Thedifficulty is that some of us stop trying in thetrying times. We should always face achallenge with “How we can?" and not with"Why we can not?"Patience, will power, determination, courageand confidence are the sterling qualities ofthe mind which are indispensable in thestruggle of life. Lives of great people arenothing but success stories, where it has beenproved that sooner or later the man, whowins, is the man who thinks he can. We hopeto cultivate a positive attitude in our students.We are working towards a goal of turningthem into optimists, to turn scars into starsand thus win laurels in life.As we all know, this letter mirrors the school’svalues. It also highlights events, activities andacademic prowess and achievements. In thisedition, we have tried to capture this month’sexcitement and activities. We are encouragingour students to use it as a platform to expresstheir creativity. This issue enhances ourknowledge about how the school fared in therecent cultural fest, our competitive examprogram and CBSE mandates. I sincerelyhope that this months edition makes for aninteresting read.Watch this space for more updates nextmonth!-Prof Shivananda R KoteshwarDirector, The Amaatra AcademyEditorial from the Director’s desk“Destiny " not a ma#er of chance; it" a ma#er of choic$ It " not a %ingto be waited for. It " a %ing to beachieved.”
  3. 3. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013The Amaatra Academyhas quick wins at GYAN2013Students of VIII grade of The AmaatraAcademy won many prizes at GYAN 2013,Literature fest conducted by The GearInternational school.Samyukta Prabhu, Mopidevi Vaibhav andShriya Barpanda came third in the debatecompetitionDitaujas and Mopidevi Vaibhav stoodsecond in quiz competition.Shriya Barpanda came second in the RaagVikalp competitionSamyukta Prabhu & Mopidevi Vaibhavcame second in the Spin - A – yarn competition.On this occasion the staff at The AmaatraAcademy congratulates the winners and wishthem best of luck in their future competitions.
  4. 4. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013As you are already aware we prepared our kids for XIstandard’s board and competitive exams. A strongstudy plan was rolled out to meet individual goals.Our theme for this year was “Dream, Plan and Achieve!We have strived hard to build on this spirit throughoutthe year.In the first term with the help of additional externalaids to the current syllabus – such as videos from BBC,Khan academy, TEDEd etc, Booster Hours, worksheets, activities and presentations we have ensuredthat our students have a strong foundation of conceptsand are ready to attempt complex problems, learn to work as team and practice “Study Hour” at home.Through the course of the year, we built on the foundation of concepts laid earlier in the year, and have createdindividual study plans. We have also implemented continuous monitoring, advanced training , seminars andprojects with equanimity were grouped into their focus areas. Watch out for information about the “Summer Edge”program in our next edition which is the next step in this direction.As you are aware, the merit list for admission to NITs, IIITs, DTU, Delhi andother CFTIs will be giving 40% weightage (suitably normalized) to class XII (orequivalent examination) or other qualifying examination marks and 60% to theperformance in JEE (Main) Examination. We will help our students to balancebetween board exams and JEE exam, as they are given good weightage in theraking. This clearly means one cannot ignore his/her board marks. Hence withour constant focus on the board exams, we scheduled an exam competition inJanuary and February where our students had three levels of 3 hours paper inthe core subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (or Electronics orComputer Science) and one language.Note: When in grade XII, if your child has completed the syllabus for XII in any part of the year; you can speak tothe mentor assigned for an exam in that subject. If the student scores equal or more than the target marks in 3exam papers, then he/she will be will be allowed to use the class hours for JEE preparation or assisted learninghours from experts. This will encourage fast learners to move on to competitive exam preparation much earlierthan rest of the class if desired.Preparation for Competitive Exams
  5. 5. Copyright © The Amaatra Academy 2013Please feel free to revert to me or staff at The Amaatra Academy in case of any clarifications or tounderstand the progress we are making on the topics discussed.CBSE brings new rules in evaluationsystemThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi brings new rules in evaluationsystem. The CBSE examiners will evaluate the board papers every year, if any error in markingthe papers will now cost examiners more.CBSE has decided to double the penalty for marking an answer book on the basis of a wrongquestion paper or marking scheme to Rs 100. In case the question numbers and answers arenot tallied, or marked as repeated without basis, the fine will be Rs 20 per question.For the centres outside the India, the penalties will be Rs 200/- per answer book and Rs 40/-per question. The photocopies of the evaluated answer books were made available in 2012,question has been raised on the accuracy of the evaluation process in CBSE boards. Accordingthe CBSE sources, the board has received many obligation regarding differences in evaluation.The minutes of the examination committees meeting show that examples of errors were citedfor imposing higher penalties against erring examiners. The common errors were found inpapers is that, the examiners not evaluating an answer book with a proper question paper andmarking scheme, and instances of question being marked as repeated when the question hasbeen attempted only once.In a meeting the members discussed on this issue and in order to discourage errors at the spotevaluation centres, the penalties be doubled with effect from 2013 board examination.According to the CBSE officials, the issue has become a cause of concern for class 12 sciencestudents. While, CBSE class 12 students have to get a required weightage of marks in boardexams for JEE Main 2013 merit list.Only 1.5 lakh eligible candidates from the JEE Main merit list will be able to get the JEEadvanced entrance exam for admissions in IITs. Which also figure in top 20 percentile in theirrespective board exam results."The increase in the penalty is aimed an overall improvement of the evaluation process andmaking it more accurate. This is a continuous process," said an official.(Source: Aggregate of media releases)