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Company Profile :


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Company profile of (quantcomputational finance)

Company profile of (quantcomputational finance)

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1.
  • 2. Our Company Our Vision-Our Mission We Wish To Achieve Our Team Our Expertise Advantages Trainings Provided Courseware Our Services Research Careers at Connect with us Contact us
  • 3. Our Company           differentiates itself from competitors through unique technical skills with sophisticated technology and latest methodology of system development as follows: Excellent Track Recording in Confidentiality, accuracy and delivery. Long term Sustainable value proposition. Focusing on high quality service. Tailored solutions. Quality core competence and technology. Customer focused Organization. Customer satisfaction. Experienced Innovative management. Superior service levels. Flexible pricing models.
  • 4. Our Vision - Our Mission VISION MISSION To be a product driven To employ and nurture a firm with an high quality workforce extremely strong IP in that helps us be the financial analytics among the best in space, offering financial analytics and solutions that are associated technology simple, effective and solutions. innovative.
  • 5. We Wish To Achieve  Maximize throughput  Minimize production cost.  Improve customer satisfaction in Quality and STAT.  Significantly reduce overall turnaround time for claims processing.  Improved accuracy in handling claims.  Use of customized software for data Conversion.  Automated process control and management.  Quality and experienced manpower.
  • 6. Our Team Our Team consists of highly motivated & target driven workforce ready to take up any challenge. Our Team consists of people of all backgrounds assigned to work as per there capability as we believe on the principle of Right Person at Right Place.
  • 7. Our Expertise
  • 8. Advantages Tremendous Cost Advantage over Peers. Dedicated team of individuals with extensive quant & research background. Our research is seen at various research regularly at Conferences and Journals. Providing support 24 * 7 * 365.
  • 9. Trainings Provided MATLAB For Financial Engineering & Modeling VBA For Financial Engineering & Modeling Bloomberg Assessment Test Prep Course FRM Study Group CFA Level 1 CFT/CMT & Algorithmic Trading Make Your Brand Online For More Details Please Visit
  • 10. Courseware  Bloomberg Aptitude Test Exam Prep Course  MATLAB for financial engineering  VBA for financial engineering  CMT/CFT & Algorithmic Trading  Make your brand online course
  • 11. Our Services     Implementing general numerical algorithms. Custom visualization. Data source connectivity. Integrating applications or legacy code written in MATLAB, Simulink, C, VB or VBA.  Custom report generation.  Auditing Code
  • 12. Research        Applying your research at platforms MATLAB/VBA/R Online. Consulting and Support for Modeling / Back testing in Quant/Risk. Research Report Writing / Proof readings. Financial & Artificial Intelligence for Finance. Game theory modeling for Financial Models. Political Aspects of Financial Engineering during high Risk times. Educating and Sensitization of Quant Finance for academic and industry.  Development of open source educational portal and earning by advertisement.  Issues in Secure Multi party Computations, Neural Networks Optimizations, Alternative Energy.  Other Knowledge Process outsourcing.
  • 13. Careers At We always value talent & it never gets unrewarded at Position open for experts in computer languages, PowerPoint presentations, data entry, Internet search, web applications, etc.
  • 14. Connect With US!!  Our Website –  Our Blog -  Our YouTube Channel  FaceBook –  Twitter –  Google + ut  LinkedIn
  • 15. Contact Us Or
  • 16. Thank You for your attention