identity and masks


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identity and masks

  1. 1. New theme: Identity <ul><li>a persons identity is what makes them unique. A persons identity makes them different from every one else. </li></ul>Physical identity - What a person looks like What does identity mean ?
  2. 2. New theme: Identity Personal identity - what the person likes to do, their hobbies, what they are good at, their talents.
  3. 3. What is your identity?
  4. 4. What is a mask?? A mask is used to cover the face to disguise the person wearing it. It lets the person create a new identity . Halloween is a good example of people wearing masks pretending to be someone else
  5. 5. Different types of masks
  6. 6. Different types of masks
  7. 7. Different types of masks
  8. 8. Why mask were invented? Masks were invented by different groups of people to represent their culture. What does culture mean ?- Culture mean a group of people that share the same traditions. Example of a culture : African Irish
  9. 9. African
  10. 10. Irish
  11. 11. African Irish
  12. 12. The Irish culture
  13. 13. Masks from different cultures African: African masks were made to represent tribal sprits that would protect the people of the villages. When the villagers would wear These masks their identity would change and they would become as powerful as the spirits.
  14. 14. Masks from different cultures African: some African masks Were made to represent the animals that they hunted. The villagers believed that if they wore the mask of the animal they were hunting they would become as brave and intelligent as the animal so could catch it easier.
  15. 15. Masks from different cultures Japanese: the mask that were made By the Japanese were to repel bad spirits. By wearing these masks the people were Able to tell any bad sprits that would bring Bad luck to leave their home.
  16. 16. Masks from different cultures Chinese: the mask that were made in china represent different animals. The Chinese have an animal to represent their new year. The dragon is a popular mask as it is seen as powerful and the Chinese see it as being luck. They make a wish to the mask and hope it will come true.
  17. 17. Masks from different cultures For homework over the mid term you will research your given country and find out about their culture Things that you could look at in their culture are : religious beliefs myths and legends animals festivals You will put together an information sheet about the country and its culture. You can use Images from the internet, magazines, drawings and writing. We will be looking at These sheets in class after the midterm and you will use them to start Designing what your mask will look like .