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Empathy Map

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Empathy map

  1. 1. Assignment on Emphasize and Define Prepared By Shiva Subhedar
  2. 2. Empathy Map •It basically a map of people point of view. •To build a connection with somebody you need to understand how they feel? What are there problems? What they are going through?
  3. 3. User group for my study is Employer. I have interview 6 peoples : 1) Neetesh Narvaria 2) Abhishek yadav 3) Swapnil Rai 4) Saurabh Kolhe 5) Sumit Kukreja 6) Ajay Rathore Developing empathy for someone who has a stake in the school-to-work transition, and defining a problem or need (*) he/she has related to the challenge?
  4. 4. Say Think Do Feel Empathy Map
  5. 5. Say Not prepared I am not prepared emotionally & mentally Not fun The work world wasn’t the fun only its much more than that Lifestyle Its more about lifestyle change than work. Responsibility Suddenly start seeing the responsibility that I had. Expectation Suddenly people expectation are high From me. Whinny & Immature Time of joining the work world I am not very mature. Working hours Doesn’t know how to structure life after the working hours Difficult Very difficult to make transition from students life to working professional. Attitude Whole carefree attitude changes once joined the work Insecurity Feeling of insecuritiy increases Confused Have lots of job which one to choose. More.. There are lots of thing in work world for which we cannot prepare ourselves like Politics etc
  6. 6. Do Adjust With the time try to adjust with the new environment, new people Fun Start enjoying the work and you will be feeling fun at work and much more relaxed. Responsibility Suddenly start enjoying the responsibility once use to it. Proper guidance Try to take guidance from the people at work place, friends etc Time With time getting more more mature , more independent. Working hours Trying to keep ourselves busy after work in sports ,singing etc it keeps our mind fresh. Attitude Try to changed the attitude and starts transforming yourselves as a professional. Prior Experience Do some internship in the company to get use of working culture Focused Try to keep ourselves more focus so that no confusion or ambiguity arise in the mind. Learn Try to learn new things so that our mind gets occupied in those
  7. 7. Think Adjust People found it difficult to adjust at the new environment with new people etc Responsibility People hesitates to take the new responsibility because they have a fear if did it wrong what could be the implication of it. Hesitate People usually hesitates when any kind of transition takes place in their life. Eg : Student to professional life Prior Experience Most of the people don’t have prior exp of work so they found it slightly different from there previous experiences of student life because they have never encountered such thing before. Proper guidance Proper guidance is required for the students. Attitude Attitude is the one key problem when the transition takes from college life to professional life. Virtual Image People make the image in there mind that work could be the same as they are doing till date in the student life. Confused Usually the people are confused whether the path they have chosen are right or wrong. .
  8. 8. Feel Initial Training Some kind of initial training has to be given to the students which tells regarding the work culture, what kind of work expecting from them etc. Proper guidance Proper guidance is essential to guide them to the new experience of life . Motivate Students are going through the transition at this stage our responsibility is to motivate them. Confidence Usually people lacks confidence when they are going through transition, its our responsibility to encourage them,to motivate them .
  9. 9. Problem Statement “Its difficult to adapt the shuttle changes in life “.
  10. 10. Thank You