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Custom Software Solutions to Streamline Your Business Operations
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Custom Software Solutions to Streamline Your Business Operations


Software solutions by Australian software development solutions company – Shivam Technologies. To get risk free, cost effective software solutions, call on 1300 894 506.

Software solutions by Australian software development solutions company – Shivam Technologies. To get risk free, cost effective software solutions, call on 1300 894 506.

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  • 1. Custom Software Solutions to Streamline Your Business Operations www.shivam.com.au www.shivam.com.au
  • 2. Working with a software services provider, you can begin to come up with some custom software solutions for everyday applications that you use. Since technology is used to help you to meet all of your objectives and to give you the edge when you are attempting to corner the market, it is important that these software provider solutions are helping you to achieve that. www.shivam.com.au
  • 3. This begins by ensuring that you have a web portal that will help to enhance your business. Often, these will include services like Microsoft SharePoint, with the goal being a full service solution for your employees, so they can ensure that projects are completed promptly as a team. This centralised portal can include documents to be shared, a system that maintains records and can contain any other essential features your business needs. Of course, you need to ensure that everyone has the appropriate permission levels for this to be successful. www.shivam.com.au
  • 4. Because of the advancements in technology, cloud computing is also becoming incredibly important. Having a software solutions services provider create a cloud system for you can be a good idea. Not only does this improve the experience users in the office will have, but employees across the globe can also login to the shared cloud drive and update and create documents and work on shared documents with others in the company, even if they are located in a different country. That makes this an invaluable tool. www.shivam.com.au
  • 5. In social networking, having technology there to better communicate with your customers and to provide them with the optimum experience is important. With innovative solutions in place, you can enhance communication between you and your customers and give them a place where they can further explore your products and services, from the comfort of their home or office. Keep in mind that user experience on Facebook will be different from the ones that they will have on LinkedIn or Twitter. www.shivam.com.au
  • 6. With mobile applications increasing in power and efficiency, utilising this platform can be important. Through the use of Apps, you can create an interactive experience for customers, or offer a productivity tool for employees on the go that can help them to be successful. It is important that when you do take this approach, you ensure that the most popular platforms in android and iOS devices are included. The reason is that some devices will require that you create a unique version of the application that is specifically designed for them. www.shivam.com.au
  • 7. The opportunities don’t end there. You will find additional technology can be utilised through: Customer relationship applications Geospatial information systems Business process modeling Workflow solutions www.shivam.com.au
  • 8. Additionally, you can have any form of branded software solution designed for you. With a professional developer on hand who has expertise in the area of custom software development solutions, you can count on them to use the latest technology and graphic tools to ensure that the software developed is highly effective and functions as needed, to give users the best overall experience possible. After all, your brand’s name will be attached to the software and you want to have something that presents you in a positive light. www.shivam.com.au
  • 9. Shivam Technologies Pty. Ltd. Suite 1209, 530 Little Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia Phone: 1300 894 506 Fax: (03) 9614 5858 Email: info@shivam.com.au Website: www.shivam.com.au www.shivam.com.au