TORCH Committee Presentation 2/18/2011 (Notes)
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TORCH Committee Presentation 2/18/2011 (Notes)



This powerpoint contains notes from the regional meeting for TORCH Committee members. Please note, due dates are tentative in this powepoint, so don't use them as set dates yet. ...

This powerpoint contains notes from the regional meeting for TORCH Committee members. Please note, due dates are tentative in this powepoint, so don't use them as set dates yet.

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TORCH Committee Presentation 2/18/2011 (Notes) TORCH Committee Presentation 2/18/2011 (Notes) Presentation Transcript

  • St. Thomas Syro Malabar Diocese of Chicago & St. Joseph Syro Malabar Catholic Church of Houston
  •  Walking with God/Walk in the Light; Psalm 56:13 For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.
  •  Using ideas and methods in other Syro Malabar Conferences, TORCH has done a new formatting scheme Instead of one church taking the entire workload, we are distributing the tasks and assignments to make this conference a group effort “To know, love, and build the church…” – DYA Mission Statement
  • T.O.R.C.H. 2012 Daily Activites Daily Activities Lectures Ice Breakers FridayWednesday Thursday Enrich the Syro Simply to Dodgeball + Malabar Faith “break the ice”Mini Games Praise Night Campfire Having fun by Focuses on team Embracing the arts sports means and building and faith bonding at night
  • Daily Activities FridayWednesday Thursday Dodgeball +Mini Games Praise Night Campfire Having fun by Focuses on team Embracing the sports means and building arts and faith bonding at night
  •  Multiple 15-20 minute games that get groups to work in a fun and collective way. Games must be religious based. Lead church must be able to have leaders prepared explain the games Leader must also have materials ready and extra games incase time goes by a bit too fast Allotted time: One evening (2-3 hours) Contact: Nicole Stephen – (832) 867 7307
  •  Participation is required from all churches, Praise night consists of youth groups formulating a stage performance consisting of a religious background. This is NOT like Inter- Parish. Skits can be very modern, but must have a good lesson. After performances, we end the night with adoration Lead church may team up with another church to get the task completed, but no more than 2 Allotted Time: Mid-Afternoon/Evening Contact: Clement Kurian – (832) 768 7289
  •  Lead Church Responsibilities  Obtain registration form for each church’s program  Arrange an MC and committee to run the function  Be able to delegate tasks among church members (such as lighting, music, schedule, etc)  Keep in contact with Houston Representative with questions and suggestions
  •  Dodgeball tournament requires extensive planning Lead church will coordinate campfire. Examples: music group, more group games, a snack (i.e. Smores) Lead church may take this in a totally different direction and change it up! Allotted time: The entire half of Friday (lunch onwards) Contact: Geo Thayil (281) 630 8185
  • For this year’s T.O.R.C.H. t-shirt, we will use designs submitted from youth across the region. The best design will be selected and used as the conference official shirt. Must deal with the theme.(Tenative) End of Design Contest Feburary 15th(Tenative) End of voting May 1st
  •  We hope to have a mock plan from each church and their topics sometime in January as we plan to launch all registration in February Registration for Conference and all Events will open up then and close end of June Budget plans are due with draft 1 by end of Jan
  •  Proposed dates: August 8th -11th Open to 9th graders (as of Fall 2012) and up Volunteers from outside parishes are allowed to participate in the program, but must still pay a fee. There is also a training that they must go through, along with all volunteers. Location: Texas Baptist Encampment Approximate cost: $150-200 (all inclusive)
  •  Replying to emails will be a key in involvement of the conference. Most of all, a facebook group will help us to communicate more effectively. Posts regarding questions, ideas, and concerns and be duly noted. Before conference, we would like to have at least 1-2 meetings through means of video calling or conference calling
  •  To hear about any final and official updates with the conference, please check with the facebook group and then follow the TORCH website that will be launched soon. This will be where we announce any competitions (ie. Theme songs, promotional videos, etc.)