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  1. 1. Clamping forcemeasuring instrumentAccurate measuring of the clamping force:– SENSO 3000 for hydraulic chucks– for HSK clamping system
  2. 2. Pre-requisite for optimal machining results is not only the corre is a perfect connection of each component with the optimal cla instruments for accurately measuring the clamping foSENSO 3000The hydraulic clamping technology is a well-known, proven and reliable method for the clamping of tools. Thanks to itscompletely closed design the system is sealed and impervious, requires extremely low maintenance and guaranteeslongevity. Following many years of general use, however, thermal and mechanical influences can lead to a reduction inclamping force. The result can be a poor tool life and a diminished surface quality including expensive tool breakagesduring machining operations.Determining the loss of clamping force was until now extremely costly and inaccurate. It involved either determining thenumber of clamping screw rotations or the torque with the assistance of a proofing bar and a torque key or the expansionrate applying an accurate internal measuring instrument.The new Guhring SENSO 3000 measuring instrument offers a precise, quick and simple as well as consistent method ofmeasuring the clamping force. An added advantage is the mobility of the system, i.e. for measuring within machines andfixtures.SENSO 3000 determines the clamping force of the hydraulic chuck via a pressure sensitive plug gauge. The entire lengthof the plug gauge is clamped in the hydraulic chuck so that when tightening the clamping screw the clamping pressureof the chuck is optimally applied. The clamping force measuring instrument displays the clamping force as an absolutemeasurement value on the one hand and as a percentage clamping force in relation to a reference value that can be setindividually on the other. This way, SENSO 3000 can be adapted to customer specific application conditions and require-ments.The clamping force measuring instrument is supplied with a plug gauge for the respective clamping diameter as well as acarbide proofing bar for calibration purposes and a CR 2430 type battery – all in a sturdy and handy case. Clamping diameter Guhring no. 4038 mm Code no. Cost per instrument 6.0 6,000 8.0 8,000 10.0 10,000 12.0 12,000 Prices 14.0 14,000 available 16.0 16,000 upon 18.0 18,000 request 20.0 20,000 25.0 25,000 32.0 32,000GUHRING Clamping force measuring instrument
  3. 3. ect choice of tool, hydraulic chuck and holder. Equally importantamping force. Therefore, the Guhring program now includes twoorce of HSK clamping systems and of hydraulic chucks. Clamping force measuring instrument, Guhring no. 4974 The accuracy of a HSK connection not only depends on the geometry of the connection, also the drawing force of the HSK clamping systems considerably determines a powerful and accurate connection. In order to ensure operational relia- bility it is advised to inspect the clamping force of the HSK interface on a regular basis. For this, Guhring provides a fully mechanized clamping force measuring instrument. Its function principle is based on a linear length deformation of components that is proportional to the force. A force is allocated to the length deformation and displayed by an analogue dial gauge. HSK measuring bar HSK-Messschaft The most important characteristics of the clamping force measuring instru- Dial gauge Messuhr ment for the clamping system are: Drawbar Zugstange - few components, therefore cost-efficient - robust design - batteries or mains connection not required, therefore mobile and practical - patented function principle, transferable to other spindles The clamping force measuring instrument, Guhring no. 4974, is calibrated and supplied in a wooden case including inspection protocol and measuring instructions. for Taper Overall length Guhring no. 4974 HSK-A/C mm mm Code no. Cost per instrument 25 19 181 19,000 32 24 186 24,000 Prices 40 30 190 30,000 available 50 38 192 38,000 upon 63 48 199 48,000 request 80 60 210 60,000 100 75 220 75,000 • calibration on request. GUHRING clamping force measuring instrument
  4. 4. Guhring oHGP Box 100247 · D-72423 Albstadt .O.Herderstr. 50-54 · D-72458 AlbstadtTelephone: +49 74 31 17-0Fax: +49 74 31 17- 2 79www.guehring.deOur product range:1. Drilling Tools 6. Cutting Toolsin High Speed Steel and Carbide in ultra-hard materialsTwist drills Cermet and ceramic toolsRatio drills PCD- and PCB-tipped toolsMicro-precision drillsOil feed drills 7. Coated ToolsSubland drills A-tools, TiAlN-coatedCentre drills C-tools, TiCN-coatedCore drills F-tools, FIRE-coated(allround)Gun drills S-tools, TiN-coated(allround) M-tools, MolyGlide-coated2. Thread Cutting Toolsin High Speed Steel and Carbide 8. Modular Tooling SystemsHand taps Tooling system GM 300Machine taps and fluteless taps for rotary and stationary tools, offering a largeOil feed taps and oil feed fluteless taps combination of tool holding possibilitiesThread milling cutters Flexible tooling system GE 100Dies a tooling system for the combined machining operations facing, chamfering, boring, centering3. Milling Cutters and so onin High Speed Steel and Carbide Cartridge tooling system DP 200Ratio end mills with indexable inserts for roughing and finishingLong hole milling cutters operations in complex workpiecesSlot drillsEnd mills 9. Special ToolsRadius profile cutters to sketch or drawing, the more complex, the betterHard profile cuttersDiesinking cutters 10. Carbide4. Reaming Tools for precision cutting tools, for metal formingin High Speed Steel and Carbide and punching toolsHand reamers 11. Tungsten Carbide Forming ToolsMachine reamers for the production of nuts and bolts:Machine taper reamers Cold forming toolsQuick spiral and expanding machine reamers Heading die inserts, punching pinsMachine bottoming reamers, shell reamers 12. HSC Motor Spindles,5. Countersinking Tools Hydro expansion chucks,in High Speed Steel and Carbide 115 951/0539-IV-15 Shrink fit chucks and systemsCountersinks, counterbores and spot facersShort counterbore system 13. Tool Restoration ServiceBack spot facers Re-grinding, re-coating, tool management No liability can be accepted for printing errors or technical changes of any kind. Our Conditions of Sale and Terms of Payment apply. Available on request.