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Hp summer training report in marketing
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Hp summer training report in marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe successful completion of my Organization research project is due to the immensehelp and guidance provide by various people. I would like to express my heartiestgratitude towards my guide Mr. Vinod Kapoor.The vote of thanks would not be complete unless and until I express my gratitude to ourinstitute faculty, who helped me in providing help where ever I needed. It is onlybecause of them that I have completed my research project successfully and on time.They also helped me in discovering my area of interest and providing me with the righttopic. Once again I thank everyone who helped me in my project. 1
  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSS.No. Topic Page No.1. Executive Summary 12. Introduction 23. Company Profile 64. Present Marketing Strategy 95. Future Project 176. Objectives of the Project 417. Research Methodology 428. Analysis & Interpretation 439. Conclusion 4510. Suggestions 4611. Bibliography 4712. Annexure 4813. Questionnaire 52 2
  • 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIT is forging ahead in the country and a wave of optimism continues to wash theindustry current market scenarios present a perfect opportunity for IT industry.The Indian IT industry has been competing till now on its ability to reverse engineer theproducts, that are produced by international companies offer years of research to salethem at cheaper prices however the Indian IT companies have to develop theircapacity in basic research to produce original molecules.Compton established in 1993, is a strong team of 45 IT professionals andprosperity for its customers. To make lives smoother with latest break through intechnology, enabling our customers to perform day to day jobs with speed andspending time saved on more important aspects of business or life.Compton is premium business partner for HP-Compaq and main focus as been to bringnew technologies to Homes and Offices. HP Premium Business Partner is a rare status inHP. We have successfully finished several turnkey projects encompassing hardware,software and training on complete solutions.Our main product line is PCs, Laptops, Palmtops, Projectors, Printers, Scanners, Laserprinter, Plotter, All in ones, TFT screens, Digital Solutions, PC Maintenance,Networking, Intranet solutions.Compton specializes in bringing complete IT solutions to our customers. Let ourcustomer be a mid size corporate, or a SOHO user or a home user we try to go beyondcustomer’s expectations. Our service backup facility and well trained team is our mainstrength.Compton as a team thrives to reach out to our customers through our distribution channel.We wish to take our services globally with unwavering commitment to customersatisfaction. We wish to move forward with strong base of values, values that keepinterest of our internal and external customers first without compromise. 3
  • 4. INTRODUCTIONHP ORGANISATION:H.P. came in to existence in 1939. As HP grows, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard create amanagement style that forms the basis of HPs famouslyopen corporate culture and influences how scores of latertechnology companies will do business. Dave practices amanagement technique — eventually dubbed "managementby walking around" — which is marked by personal Dave Packard practicesinvolvement, good listening skills and the recognition that "management by walking"everyone in an organization wants to do a good job." As around"managers, Bill and Dave run the company according to theprinciple later called management by objective — communicating overall objectivesclearly and giving employees the flexibility to work toward those goals in ways that theydetermine are best for their own areas of responsibility.HP becomes a publicly traded company. Its initial public offering is held November 6,1957 for $16 per share. All employees at all levels with six months of service receive anautomatic stock grant and become eligible for a stock option program. HP begins manufacturing in its first building in the Stanford Industrial Park, Palo Alto. The move to the site at 1501 Page Mill Rd. is completed in 1960, when it becomes HPs corporate headquarters. Situated on a 50 acre HPs new headquarters hilltop, the new site supports the company philosophy that people require attractive and pleasant surroundings to attain maximum job satisfaction and to perform to the 4
  • 5. best of their abilities. The air- conditionedbuildings are situated to provide views of lower San Francisco Bayand to receive maximum natural light. The site includes a landscapedpatio, horseshoe pits, volleyball and badminton courts, and a largecafeteria, all for the use of employees.HP continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of a newarray of computing products. Foremost among them is the HP-35, thefirst scientific handheld calculator, which ushers in a new era of The HP-35, the worlds firstportable, powerful computing. scientific handheldHP continues to look for new opportunities around the globe, laying calculatorthe groundwork for an eventual joint venture with China over thecourse of several trips by HP representatives to that country.The decade is marked by significant growth in earnings and employment, with HPpassing the $1 billion mark in sales in 1976. The company will pass the $2 billion markthree years later in 1979. Toward the end of the decade, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packarddelegate day-to-day operating management of the companyto John Young.HP becomes a major player in the computer industry in the1980s with a full range of computers, from desktopmachines to portables to powerful minicomputers. HP also HP-150 Touchscreen andlinks computers with its electronic instruments and medical HP LaserJetand analytical products, making them faster and morepowerful.HP makes its entry into the printer market with the launch of inkjet printers and laserprinters that connect to personal computers. HPs high-quality, inexpensive inkjet printers 5
  • 6. spell the end of dot-matrix printers. The HP LaserJet printer line, which debuts in 1984,goes on to become the companys most successful single product line ever. The qualityand reliability of HPs printers make HP a highly recognizable brand by both consumersand businesses.Near the end of the decade, HP is recognized for its rich past as well as for itstechnological advances and products. The garage where thecompany started is declared a California historicallandmark, and HP celebrates its 50th anniversary.At the beginning of the 21st century, HP focuses onreducing the cost and complexity ofinformation HPs trading symbol on the New York Stocktechnology (IT) systems for business and improving the Exchange becomes HPQoverall experience consumers have with technology. on May 6, 2002. 6
  • 7. On May 3, 2002, HP completes its merger transaction with Compaq ComputerCorp., the largest tech merger in history. The new HP is a leading global provider ofproducts, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. The companysofferings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services,and imaging and printing.HP moves up the Fortune 500 listing to No. 13. In April, Compaq unveils the iPAQ Pocket PC. On June 2, HP completes divestiture of Agilent Technologies. As a result of the distribution of shares of Agilent Technologies common stock, Agilent Technologies is now a fully independent company. Carly Fiorina is named chairman of the board of directors on September 22. Superdome HP marks advances in the area of Internet infrastructure, introducingthe high-end Superdome server line in September.In October, HP announces a new business initiative focused on emerging markets. CalledHP e-Inclusion, the program addresses the digital divide by fostering sustainable,profitable businesses in developing countries. 7
  • 8. In 2004, Fortune 500 ranking H.P. Ranks 11thIn January, HP announces its digital entertainment strategy: an array of products andpartnerships aimed at transforming the way peopleexperience music, movie, TV, photographs and digitalentertainment content.In February, HP dual lists its common stock on the Nasdaqstock market. Digital Entertainment Center z500In April, HP wins the Corporate Innovation Award from the Institute of Electrical andElectronic Engineers (IEEE) for the development and commercialization of thermalinkjet technology.In August, new digital entertainment products are rolled out, including Vivera inks,plasma and LCD flat-panel TVs, and the HP Digital Entertainment Center, which allowsconsumers to manage music, movies and photos from a single device in a living roomsetting.HP Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina steps down in February. In March,2005 HP namesMark Hurd to serve as CEO and president.In April, HP acquires online photo service Snapfish.In July, HP announces a breakthrough, scalable printing platform. The inkjet printhead isfabricated as one unit via a photolithographic process, rather than welded together inpost-production. HP also unveils the world’s fastest home photo printing devices. 8
  • 9. COMPANY PROFILEProduction & Financial Status:In 1988, Bryce introduced the 10K, the worlds first address printer to incorporate HPinkjet technology. Today, Bryce has produced and sold more HP-based inkjet addressprinters than any other company in the world. "HP was the clear choice for Bryce backthen, and continues to be the clear choice for Bryce to this day," says Thomas A.Herrmann, Bryce president and CEO. "HP inkjet technology enables us to providecustomers with the highest print quality, and the HP inkjet cartridges are reliable, easy touse and readily available."Bryce now offers 16 different address printers that utilize HP inkjet technology, withprint capabilities from 2,500 to 25,000 addresses per hour at up to 600 dpi. Bryce alsomanufactures the only full-color address printer on the market. Along with professionalmail houses, Fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities, Bryce addressprinters are used throughout local, state and federal governments.Tom Herrmann says his ongoing partnership with HP has been instrumental in Brycescontinued success, adding, "The use of HP inkjet technology in Bryce products reallyrepresents a win-win situation." For Bryce in particular, Herrmann maintains, "HPtechnology has definitely made us more successful. And working with Hewlett-Packardreduces product development time significantly by providing access to advanced HPtechnologies that are either difficult to reverse engineer or are patent-protected." 9
  • 10. HP Production UnitPersonal Systems GroupPersonal Systems Group (PSG) revenue grew 8% year-over-year to $6.4 billion, with unitshipments up 14%. On a year-over-year basis, desktop revenue decreased 3% andnotebook revenue grew 21%. Revenue for commercial clients, which includesworkstations, grew 6% over the prior-year period, while revenue in consumer clientsgrew 8%. PSG reported an operating profit of $163 million, or 2.6% of revenue, up froma profit of $23 million in the prior-year period.Imaging and Printing GroupImaging and Printing Group (IPG) posted quarterly revenue of $5.9 billion, up 5% year-over-year. On a year-over-year basis, consumer hardware revenue increased 1%, withunit shipments up 8%. Commercial hardware revenue grew 5%, with unit shipments up12%. Color laser unit shipments increased 31% year-over-year and multi-function printer(MFP) shipments increased 67%, reflecting continued momentum in key growthinitiatives. Supplies revenue grew 6%. Operating profit was $771 million, or 13.0% ofrevenue, down from a profit of $836 million in the prior-year period.Enterprise Storage and ServersEnterprise Storage and Servers (ESS) reported revenue of $4.0 billion, up 20% over theprior-year period. On a year-over-year basis, industry-standard server revenue increased28%, business-critical systems (BCS) revenue grew 7% and networked storage revenuegrew 15%. Within BCS, revenue in HP Integrity servers grew 113% year-over-year andHP-UX revenue grew 8%. ESS reported an operating profit of $150 million, or 3.8% ofrevenue, up from a loss of $211 million in the prior-year period. 10
  • 11. HP ServicesHP Services (HPS) revenue grew 10% year-over-year to $3.8 billion. On a year-over-yearbasis, Managed Services revenue grew 21%, Technology Services grew 7% andConsulting and Integration grew 12%. Operating profit was $256 million, or 6.7% ofrevenue, down from a profit of $314 million in the prior-year period.SoftwareSoftware reported quarterly revenue of $249 million, an increase of 11% year-over-year, with revenue in HP Open View and HP Open Call increasing 13% and5%, respectively.Software reported an operating loss of $40 million, compared with a loss of $48 millionin the prior-year period.Financial ServicesHP Financial Services (HPFS) reported revenue of $489 million, essentially flat year-over-year. Finance volume, a leading indicator of future revenue, grew 4% over the prior-year period, and net portfolio assets grew 1 percent to $6.9 billion. Operating profit was$58 million, or 11.9% of revenue, up from a profit of $42 million in the prior-year period.Asset managementInventory ended the quarter at $6.6 billion, up $180 million sequentially and down $101million year-over-year. Accounts receivable decreased $502 million sequentially andincreased $299 million over the prior-year period to $8.8 billion. HPs dividend paymentof $0.08 per share in the third quarter resulted in cash usage of $231 million. In addition,HP utilized $860 million of cash during the third quarter to repurchase stock. HP exitedthe quarter with $14.6 billion in gross cash, which includes cash and cash equivalents of$14.4 billion and short- and certain long-term investments of $117 million. 11
  • 12. OutlookHP estimates Q4 FY05 revenue will be in the range of $22.4 billion to $22.8 billion, withnon-GAAP earnings per share in the range of $0.44 to $0.47. This excludes after-taxcosts of approximately $0.03 per share from amortization of purchased intangible assets,and approximately $900 million, or $0.22 per share in workforce reduction costs. It alsoexcludes a one-time credit of approximately $200 million, or $0.05 per share, related tobenefit plan changes. 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. PRESENT MARKETING STRATEGYHP Corporate Marketing:HP is a company unlike any other. They serve everyone from consumers to small andmid-sized businesses to enterprises to public sector customers with an extensive portfolioof market-leading solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each customersegment. They focus on helping people apply technology in meaningful ways to theirbusinesses, personal lives and communities. Their annual R&D investment of nearly $4billion fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies, to servecustomers better and enter new markets. They produce an average of 11 patents a dayworldwide. In addition to the R&D and innovation in their product and services groups,HP Labs provides a central research function for the company focused on inventing newtechnologies to improve the customers’ lives, change markets, and create businessopportunities.Source: Technology Business Research, Inc., October 26, 2007 Millions of peoplearound the world use HP technology every day. They are the largest consumer ITcompany, the world’s largest SMB IT company and a leading enterprise IT company.For more than 100 million cell phone subscribers, it is HP software that identifies themwhen they turn on their phones and allows them to place calls. HP powers 100 of theworld’s stock and commodity exchanges, including the New York Stock exchange and14 of the world’s largest trading markets. In response to customer needs and thechanging market conditions, they have built a portfolio unequaled in the industry. HPtechnology now ranges from consumer handheld devices all the way to some of theworld’s largest and most powerful supercomputer installations. Their strategy is to offerproducts, services and solutions that are high tech, low cost and deliver the best customerexperience. No other company has the portfolio, people and expertise to deliver on allthree. They have a dynamic, powerful team of 150,000 employees doing business in morethan 170 countries. Revenues reached $79.9 billion for the fiscal year that endedOctober 31, 2007. HP has corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California. 14
  • 15. HP has a significant presence in all markets we serveConsumer – “Our consumer business has leadership in hand helds, notebooks, printersand cameras – focused on delivering simple, rewarding experiences to hundreds ofmillions of customers”.Small and medium business – Working with local reseller partners, HP serves businesscustomers worldwide to provide specialized expertise, a complete portfolio of products,solutions, and services, and a simplified ownership experience. They have market-leadingpositions in data center and office computing, and the imaging and printing market.Enterprise – The enterprise segment draws from HP’s full portfolio of products, servicesand solutions. We collaborate with large customers to build an Adaptive Enterprisehelping them achieve more simplicity, agility and value across their organization. We areNo.1 or No. 2 in all three server-based operating environments, and we hold top positionsin enterprise storage and IT services management.Public sector, health & education – With more than 60 years of experience serving thetechnology needs of the public sector, HP brings the full breadth of its portfolio andalliances to help governments, educators, healthcareproviders and others working in the public interest to lower their costs, increaseefficiencies and serve their citizens, businesses and other government agencies better.Their Key Words “Doing well by doing good”“As proud as we are of our capabilities, we are equally proud of our people, our standardsand values, and our deep commitment to global citizenship. Since our first year inbusiness in 1939, HP has given back to communitiesthrough philanthropic donations of money, equipment and time. While the scale andreach of our business have changed in 66 years, our commitment to communities hasn’t.The challenge is to continue to shape the impact ofcorporations as a constructive force, using our heritage and our actions as tools for doingso. Today, we employ new models of engagement and new business and technology 15
  • 16. solutions to help more people around the globe to participate in the world economy viainformation technology.HP and TIBCO Software Announce Multi-year Agreement to Develop MarketingStrategies & Products for Service Providers and TelecomsHewlett-Packard Company and TIBCO Software Inc. announced an agreement to jointlydevelop products, solutions and marketing strategies for the service provider andtelecommunications markets. Through a three-year collaboration agreement, thecompanies plan to support high-volume online transactions and to enhance theperformance, reliability and advanced middleware needs of global customers.The alliance will leverage HP Open View management solutions to integrate TIBCOSoftwares real-time e-business infrastructure software with the HP Net action Internetoperating environment to help customers implement reliable, secure, scalable andmanageable e-business solutions.TIBCOs integration, B2B and XML solutions enable customers disparate applications tointeract in real time. In addition to the collaboration that will use HPs processmanagement technology and application development toolset, the HP MiddlewareDivision will lead HPs joint development activities using standards such as J2EE andXML technologies that will complement the current TIBCO products, providing adevelopment pathway for future jointly developed products and services."This agreement is an important step in HPs software strategy," said Bill Russell, vicepresident, HP Software Solutions Organization. "TIBCO is a leader in businessintegration software and this agreement builds on HP and TIBCOs shared vision of theevolution of e-business technologies, our joint development plans and our collaborativemarket strategies." 16
  • 17. Types of information that cannot be made available to people outside of HP include:• Nonpublic product details:- We cannot reveal internal details regarding existing, new or proposed products or processes. Public product information is available online.• Financial:- HP cannot disclose nonpublic consolidated financial information, production and overhead costs, profit margins, bids, sales forecasts, sales and order volumes prior to quarterly release, budgets, quotas and targets, information on a particular products sales, orders or projections. Marketing: HP does not disclose product-introduction plans and dates; short- and long-term market strategy or customer lists; sales, marketing and pricing plans; information about market share, market strategy or marketing plans other than what has been publicly discussed in press releases or otherwise publicized. We do not make HP promotional items available.• Research and development:- HP cannot reveal technical and performance specifications, lab notebooks, product plans, projects in progress, project problems or product code names• Manufacturing:- We do not reveal vendor names/relationships, manufacturing- operations data, production and inventory levels, future plans and sites, material cost or product failure rates, or process strategies.• Personnel data:- Aside from information on executive salaries that is available in HPs 10K filing, HP does not reveal personnel data such as compensation information, ranking and job descriptions, names and titles of employees below the functional- manager level or departmental organization charts. Training manuals, employee handbooks, internal communications or evaluation forms are also not available to the public. There are over 8 million businesses in the United States alone, with each one trying to stand-out from the crowd and grow their market share. Here to help you with that daunting task is HP Balu Doraisamy, who is a Managing Director, HP India, Marketing small business marketing system. Balu will be providing tips, tricks and guidance to help you improve your business, your relationships with your customers (and prospects) and ultimately your bottom-line. 17
  • 18. “It may not be that glamorous but one of the best ways to differentiate your business is toshow your clients and prospects checklists.See, lots of folks talk about quality, speed and accuracy but few really deliver it. If youcould offer your prospects proof that you not only deliver the goods you have a 10 pointsystem that guarantees it, well, I think your business would be the obvious choice.Almost every business has checklists (even mental ones) that they go through to ensurethe job gets done right, the order gets packaged right or the service is delivered on time.Few however, take the time to document those systems in the form of a checklist andfewer still think to use those checklists as marketing tools.What if you produced a document that read: Our 10 point white glove inspectionguarantees that your car will be spotless - and then proceeded to list all 10 steps.How about your web site optimization process, your financial investment risk analysis,your safety process, your service punch list. There is no end to the creative ways youcan approach this. People love top 10 lists and checklists because they take somethingthat is often complicated or boring and turn it into something that is simple and evenentertaining.Few things are sold without a prospect reading a written word or two.Business owners often ask me what they should be looking for in a marketing assistantand I always say - find someone who can write.Now, let me back up and tell that what I really mean. Find someone who will write.Many people claim that they are not good writers and my take is that they simply dontwrite. In order to become a good writer, in order to use writing as a marketing skill youmust write. You can always have someone edit what you write, but its the act of writingthat starts the marketing ball rolling. (I know my editor friends out there wish I wouldtake that editing advice.) 18
  • 19. Heres what I have found.Writing creates ideas. Its rarely the other way around. Many times I have no idea what Iam going to write, but once I start, ideas just happen. What comes about is often fargreater than anything I could have simply thought and then transferred to paper or screen.Writing will help you have something to say. The more you write, the better you will sell.Writing will help you listen more actively. Write speeches, write notes, write essaysunrelated to your business. Okay, write sales letters, write web pages, write white papers.Just, write first, and then see what you had to sayI know that you know business marketing is not about sitting around in board roomsdiscussing branding strategies...its about selling something to someone. When it comesright down to it if you cant write an ad or letter that makes people want to buy what youhave to sell (even if thats just an appointment) then you are sunk”. 19
  • 20. Some Marketing Tips from HPHave a specific call to action - Many small business ads and sales materials dont reallytell you what they want you to do. They stop just short of leading you. Take your readerby the hand and tell them exactly what you want them to do next. Call for moreinformation, download a free report, attend a seminar.Make it easy to respond - In this day and age that means: 800 #, fax, email, website,mobile, voice mail, credit cards, check by fax. Dont give your readers and clients areason to say no...sometimes it doesnt take much.Repetition - Dont assume that every reader will read your entire marketing pitch. Somewill scan. Repeat your benefits, say them in different ways, use examples to illustratethem.Longer is often better - It doesnt mean you need to ramble but, in order for someone toget the real picture you are trying to draw for them, including testimonials, examples,benefits, and buying options, you must provide them with enough content to do the job.Dont make the mistake of believing no one will read a letter that is more than one page.If your headline is compelling and your copy sings, they will follow to the end and thenyou will have them.End with the beginning again - Restate what you have to offer, wrap up what you wantthem to do, and retell them how they are going to benefit by doing it now. Put yourbiggest point or even your offer in a PS.A great sales letter should make a promise- draw a picture, prove its claims, and pushthe prospect into a buying decision. (Think 4 Ps - Promise, Picture, Prove, Push)Use Powerful Headlines - Some of you might think Ive beaten this one to death...butfewer than 2 out of 10 people will read your letter if you dont have a good headline...youcant sell anything if they dont read the offer.Write Like You Speak - English scholars will find this advice abhorrent, (sorry!) but asales letter or ad is simply selling in print, so sell like you sell. Many writers lose theirway when they attempt to use feckless language. (huh?) 20
  • 21. Pepper your reader with benefits- Tell them whats in it for them. It doesnt reallymatter that you have a 100% on time policy unless you make them realize that meansthey wont have to waste their time waiting on you.Use testimonials - Getting testimonials to use in your marketing materials can be somework but its well worth it. People love to read that someone just like them thinks yourcompany is great or that your service provided them with a very specific benefit. A greatway to put your referral marketing on autopilot is to send small little postcards everyother month or so. Describe is some detail a problem a client had...then of coursedescribe the brilliant solution you provided...and send them out to your clients, friends,contacts, and other network folks. The key to this tactic is that you also ask them toforward this card to anyone they know who might have a similar challenge. If you do thisroutinely you will be amazed at the results. I have found that Marketing With Postcards isa great source for countless ways to use this little tool in your marketing. At least godownload the free chapters that he gives away.Innovative leaders in marketing.-The Idaho State Lottery serves a diverse group of layers segmented on types of gamesplayed and frequency of play. The Lottery uses the hp/indigo digital print solution tocustomize newsletters and direct mail pieces to their premier customers.“We have been using the hp/Indigo solution for customizing and personalizing the directmail pieces that go to our Lottery V.I.P. Club members. This form of customizedmarketing has been very successful for the Lottery. It allows us to specialize messages toour top, most active players. It is a win for us!”The Idaho State Lottery is a state run agency that is showing leadership in marketing. TheLottery implemented a customer driven strategy that uses personalized customizedmarketing materials to increase customer awareness of their programs and promotionsand created a personal touch with their most highly valued customers. “There is no doubtabout it, personalized marketing gives a company 21
  • 22. FUTURE PROJECTFrom HP lab"In the future well only travel when we want to and not when we need to," says HPFellow Norm Jouppi. Jouppi, who last year joined HP Labs from Compaqs WesternResearch Lab, is playing a major part in making that future a reality. Working in HPLabs Mobile and Media Systems, Jouppi and his team of researchers have created whatthey call Mutually-Immersive Mobile Telepresence -- BiReality, for short. Put at itssimplest, BiReality allows you to be in two places at the same time. Imagine being in ameeting, seeing and hearing everyone there clearly and life-sized -- and yet being athousand miles away in your office. Thats BiReality.Robot is your stand-inJouppis technology is about giving you (and the people you are visiting) the sense thatyou are really present in that remote place, to the point that you can catch the eye ofsomeone in the room, or even whisper an aside to them. without you having to be there atall.To make BiReality work, Jouppi and his team have created what they call a surrogate,a machine that does the traveling for you.This robot-like device can go anywhere that a wheelchair can. It carries sets of camerasand microphones that give a 360-degree audio and video view of its surroundings,displaying your head on four flat panel displays. The displays can be at either sitting orstanding height.Beats videoconferencingWhile Bi-Reality stands in for you, you sit back in a room at your office and move thesurrogate around with a computer game-style joystick. The room contains projectors thatdisplay a 360-degree view of the remote location on screens all around you. Coupled withnear-perfect 360-degree sound reproduction, you have the sense of really being in thatfar-off place. 22
  • 23. "Business travel is time-consuming, expensive anda hassle," says Jouppi."Then there areenvironmentalconsiderations -- eachcross-country flightproduces tons of carbondioxide."Video conferencing , the current best alternative to traveling for a meeting, leaves muchto be desired. As anyone who has used videoconferencing will attest, the person you seein the small, jittery picture on the screen in one corner of the room hardly seems a realparticipant in the meeting. Its even worse for the person on the remote end, who oftencant see or hear the proceedings well enough to participate.HP Labs India was established in February 2002 to create a world-class lab with afocus on the needs of Emerging Markets such as India. The mission of this lab is togenerate ICT innovations targeted at the worlds emerging economies by understandingrelevant social, cultural, economic and technological drivers.The motivation for our work is to extend the advantages of technology beyond thepopulation that now has access to some form of ICT, and to serve a much larger segmentof the society.HP Labs India is headquartered in Bangalore, India. It works closely with other unitsof HP Labs worldwide, as well as the business units of HP. In Bangalore, it is hosted byHewlett-Packard India.We also work with other like-minded organizations, and have set up a joint lab with IITMadras, focusing on technologies for developing markets. The objective of the joint labis to provide an environment for HP employees to work with faculty, research staff andstudents in the creation of communication technologies. 23
  • 24. Research at HP Labs India has a multi-disciplinary character. Currently our emphasis ison:  Language technology, including handwriting and speech communication interfaces for computers  Appropriate access devices to provide Internet and computing access at low cost; equipment and software that can be used in a shared mode, to enable access to the benefits of ICT to those who cannot afford to acquire standard equipment.  Communication concepts and techniques relevant to the environment of small towns and rural areas in developing countries.  Understanding the socio-economic context of the bulk of the population, from a point of view of identifying potential uses of ICT to this segment.  New models for human interaction with IT equipment and software, to offer easily usable and trouble free interfaces to the above-mentioned segment of the population. 24
  • 25. VisionHP Labs India aims to: • Do leading edge research • Act as a Change Agent • Partner with like minded institutions in order to create innovations that improve quality of life • Provide access to information infrastructure • Enhance productivity of individuals and businesses • Create economic opportunities for participation in the economy • Open up new markets for HP taking into consideration • Purchasing power • Literacy levels • Communication infrastructure • Local language needs of emerging markets like India.Almost like being thereWith BiReality, says Jouppi, "everythings presented life-size. We preserve colorsaccurately. We not only preserve eye contact, but we preserve gaze. So I can tell whatyou are looking at when youre not looking at me. I can tell if you are looking at yournotes or if youre looking at the clock and all those things are important cues."All this adds up to what Jouppi calls an impressive environment.Given the awfulness of videoconferencing, and the time and money that most businessesspend on travel every year, its surprising that few others are working to create impressiveenvironments."Its kind of obvious when you think about it in retrospect," reflects Jouppi. But perhapsthats what defines a really good new idea." 25
  • 26. Virtual reality for the officeThe idea that became BiReality came out of Jouppis own unsatisfying experiences withvideoconferencing. While working on a new graphics accelerator chip, he had used earlyvideoconferencing hardware. At first, he recalls, "it was just a source of humor, asopposed to actually being useful."But the experience got him thinking. "Id seen a lot of people doing virtual reality, tryingto make immerse fake worlds," he says. "I was interested in making an immerse depictionof the real world."Jouppi had already made a name for himself in microprocessor and graphics chiparchitecture -- he was recently named a Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to thedesign and analysis of high-performance processors and memory systems -- when hebegan looking for new challenges.Patents pendingAnd although the dawn of a commercial version of the BiReality system is still someyears off, Jouppi and his team have a string of patent applications pending for their workin Mutually-Immerse Telepresence.Having been part of a much smaller research presence at Compaq (as part of a researchlab that Compaq inherited from Digital Equipment Corporation), Jouppis happy to havefound a home at HP Labs."Its exciting to be part of a place where they have invent a part of the corporate logo,"he says. "Innovation is always exciting." 26
  • 27. CHALLENGEThe key challenge for the agency was to develop and implement a marketing strategy thatwould maximize the limited marketing funds. “It’s a position that both private and publicentities face in getting the most effective use of your marketing funds. We have theresponsibility for using the taxpayer dollars in a way that maximizes our return oninvestment. To us that means having a better understanding of our most valuablecustomers and marketing effectively to them,” says Hoff. The agency started withminimal customer information about their key segment. They created an integratedmarketing strategy using their website and direct marketing pieces and built a VIP Clubto effectively market to those customers.The objectives for this customized marketing approach are two-fold:• Increase customer loyalty through personalized/customized marketing to targetcustomers.• Better understand the customer demographics and psychographics.The Idaho State Lottery uses the hp/Indigo digital printing solution to create newslettersthat are customized with the customer name and address. These pieces use variablecontent such as offers and images that appeal to the different customers. Additionally, thelottery sends out birthday cards with the customer’s name, personal information, and anoffer with a unique bar code. This allows them to track the response rate, as well asgather important customer information. The response rate from the birthday cards hasbeen excellent. 27
  • 28. SOLUTION• Internal creative marketing team at the lottery.• CRM solution that allows them to track important customer information and integratethat information into marketing pieces.• A print provider that understood the benefits of variable print data.The creative team at the Lottery is instrumental in driving the usage of personalizedmarketing.Customer database information that is gathered off the web registration.Graphics Avenue, a Boise, Idaho based company played a key role in both educating thecustomer on the opportunities with variable print data as well as the ability of thehp/Indigo digital print solution. Dave Street, owner of Graphics Avenue noted,“Currently the Idaho Lottery is using ‘simple personalization’ which is used in thebarcode and coupon applications. In some applications they are mixing traditional presswith digital customization. Depending on the job size they can use full digital and remaincost competitive.”Digital printer: The biggest benefit to digital printing overall right now is the flexibility.The lottery chose to use the solution because they could cost effectively print smallerquantities, saving up to 20%, they were also able to preview the actual output. Mostimportantly, they realized the flexibility and effectiveness of using their database forcustomized marketing pieces that gained attention.Enrollment is up from 14,000 to over 40,000 participants as a direct result of thecustomized targeted marketing. Additionally, we have a real strong usage of ourwebsite”, states Hoff. Key results are as follows:up by over 26,000 participantsdatabase that allows the Lottery to segment and use marketing dollars effectivelytrack customer buying behaviortarget spending 28
  • 29. HP’s Effect on People’s LifeIn Buenos Aires, a teacher worries about a teen’s poor test score, knowing the studentnormally exhibits a keen interest and clear aptitude in science. In New York, universityofficials wonder how to meet the needs of three widely dispersed campuses amidstshrinking staff budgets. In an Iowa community college, professors say administrativetasks are cutting into teaching time. In London, homework time impacts family time as aparent watches a child struggle, clearly in need of more personal attention in a crowdedmath class.Around the world, schools, community colleges and universities are striving to increasethe quality and efficiency of education to make it a highly personalized and relevantexperience for students. That’s why HP is working with schools and colleges to helptransform education – providing better access to information and resources for students,teachers, faculty, parents and the community at large.Today, web-based learning portals are key to delivering this type of "equal opportunity"access across the hall, across the campus or even across the country. As students, parents,teachers and faculty demand access anywhere and anytime, learning portals provide agateway – a unified place to access resources from instructional tools, content and studentrecords to assessment and reporting capabilitiesSolution highlightsPart of the HP Managed Learning Solutions portfolio, HP Managed Learning GatewaySolutions include learning portals, collaboration portals, virtual learning environmentsand virtual classrooms that help to raise the standard of education for students, parents,Imagine how a learning portal could change the lives of the teachers, administrators,students and parents above ...With online access to lesson plans, test results, and attendance records, the scienceprofessor sees the student was absent when a key concept was introduced. Working withthe student after school, the teacher fills the learning gap, sends both student and parenttraining materials to reinforce the lesson – and the student "aces" the make-up test. 29
  • 30. As the university’s teacher to student ratio falls, the professors at each campus tap into aweb portal to collaborate over course content and new ideas, leveraging each other’swork.At the community college, a portal provides instructors with access to productivity toolsthat free them to focus less on administrative tasks and more on teaching.As parents and students access a personalized web portal with enhanced security featuresto view the day’s lesson online, together they can find that x = y. The child also workscollaboratively online with other students – building a strong learning network.All this takes an integrated, agile learning portal solution – a gateway that connectspeople to insightful information and to each other. HP’s Managed Learning GatewaySolution combines HP technology, solutions and services with proven solutions fromthird-party providers to build this gateway – helping you to raise the standard ofeducation for all.Solution highlightsPart of the HP Managed Learning Solutions portfolio, HP Managed Learning GatewaySolutions include learning portals, collaboration portals, virtual learning environmentsand virtual classrooms that help to raise the standard of education for students, parents,teachers, administrators and governments in many countries throughout the world.Why HP for Education?Sixty years of experience in serving the public sectorProven track record in implementing solutions at all levels of educationA broad, deep portfolio for complete solutionsStandards-based technology with proven multi-vendor integration experienceFully supported solutionsStrategic relationships and certified professional expertise in leading. 30
  • 31. More on Customer SatisfactionDuring the few days Ive been blogging my blog has generated interesting reactions bothinside and outside of HP, including a few articles published in IT trade publications, fromthe thousands of page views that have taken place. During the past few weeks Ive alsoreceived inputs from two customers who wrote to express disappointment with theirinteraction with HP when either purchasing or securing service on a personal computer.Our services organization, across the Enterprise and Small & Medium businesses,addresses millions of service interactions annually. As noted in a previous blog, HPservice professionals take pride in their work and try to successfully resolve everycustomers issue and meet their expectations. Like every large service organization,however we do not achieve perfection. We do however monitor how we stack up againstour competition and typically find were among the most successful service providers inthe industry. For example, a recent survey from referenced in astory showed the percent breakdown of complaints received regarding PC vendors as - • DELL - 58% • Gateway - 15% • eMachines - 8% • Apple - 7% • HP - 5% • Sony - 3% • Toshiba - 2%Its worth noting that the rate of complaints received would be expected to be highest forthe higher market share vendors. Given that DELL and HP have similar market shares wewere pleased to see HP had one of the lowest rates of complaints among all vendors,regardless of sales volume. We will continue to monitor external reports like this and ourown survey results to get the feedback we need to deliver the highest levels of customersatisfaction possible. I am very impressed with HPs corporate blogging policy. I was justtelling my friend how blogging is impacting corprate communicationsI was one of the two dissatisfied customers whom Dan mentioned that wrote a commenton his previous blog (Its really no surprise), and I have three points today:Point one, 31
  • 32. Iwould like to apologize as it was never meant for public consumption, but for HPs eyesonly. But since its for everyone to see, I thought its just appropriate for me to write afollow-up note.Point two, I do need to make myself clear, my daughter and I am happy with the HPproduct we got, but support wise, its another story, until I talked to Jeff today. JeffUtigard (a customer advocate from HP) gave me a call, and listened to my story. He wasvery friendly and professional, and apologized on my negative customer experience.After the call, he completely reverted my negative outlook of HP support, and in fact,made my day! :-)Point three: Sometimes, it takes one person to make a customer dislike a company, and ittakes another person (most of the time - more) to make it all right again. Being in theservice industry almost all of my life, call center are the forefront for making thingshappen - putting the right support people can make your center a customer retentioncenter versus a cost center of a firefighting center. 32
  • 33. Products:ServersHP ProLiant servers HP Integrity NonStop ServersHP Integrity NonStop Servers HP 9000 serversHP AlphaServer systems Telco and carrier-grade servers HP e3000 servers 33
  • 34. Desktop PCs For Home & Home Office 34
  • 35. »HPPaviliondesktopPCsPerfectfordigitalimagingnee 35
  • 36. For business 36
  • 37. »BusinessdesktopPCsStablecomputingsolutionstodeli 37
  • 38. Workstations 38
  • 39. »PersonalWorkstationsEngineeredforultimatevaluea 39
  • 40. Thin clients 40
  • 41. »ThinclientsSimple,dependable,manageable,andsec 41
  • 42. MonitorsFor Home & Home Office 42
  • 43. »MonitorsforHome&HomeOfficeComplementsyourPC 43
  • 44. Options & AccessoriesFor Home & Home Office 44
  • 45. » O p ti o n s & A c c e s s o ri e s f o r H o m e a n d H o m e O f fi c eFor business 45
  • 46. »BusinessOptions&Accessories 46
  • 47. ectorsfortheenterpriseInnovativedigital imagingproducts for ademandingenterpriseenvironment•Scannersa 47
  • 48. Some other Services of H.P.Applied research: Experimental "game" helps Ford save time, moneyExperimental economists at HP Labs have helped the company improve revenueforecasting and design new incentive programs for retailers, and theyve explored suchquestions as pricing contracts and currency fluctuations. But they arent keeping theirexpertise to themselves: Theyve also worked with partners like Ford Motor Co.Riding the peaks: Market-based systems help manage demandA reservations system allows people to pay up front to keep a resource (say an airlineticket, or computing power in a data center) available to them at some point in the future.The price they pay to hold that resource for peak times is less than if they bought it at thetime they actually needed it.Protecting privacy : Building in safeguards for personal dataWith security breaches and online fraud on the rise, consumers, businesses andgovernment organizations are growing more concerned about protecting individualsprivacy. A team at HP Labs is working on tools to make it easier for businesses to do justthat.HP huge among patents for the tiny 48
  • 49. HPs patent portfolio for micro- and nano-electronics has been named the strongest in theU.S. , according to an independent survey ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 49
  • 50. Office PCs 120 100 80 60 Series1 40 20 0 IBM L l De ro HC Wip d nde paq om bra -C Un HPWhen we analyze the results by turnovers of the respondents, we se that the turnover ofthe respondent increases, the gap between HP and IBM decreases, and at turnovers of Rs1000 crores and above, IBM overtakes HP. 50
  • 51. NotebooksThe notebook market while, and established one, is still very small in the country, andthere could still be space an upstart winner to come up in the years ahead. The first twopositions have remained steady for some time now. IBM/Lenovo is the winner and HP isnumber two. 51
  • 52. LCD MonitorsSamsung breasts the tape by a comfortable margin ahead of second placed HP. LG is atnumber 3 followed by IBM. The market for LCD monitors has way to go ahead we areseeing the newer player opting to take nice position rather than to go for national brands.While this may be an extremely wise strategy, it would also mean that they would find itdifficult to figure in the user’s choice club. 52
  • 53. LASER PRINTEROf course, it goes without saying that HP is the clear winner. 53
  • 55. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECTMain Objective:-To find out the attributes that enhance the customer value by providing better service tothem and know how to motivate the more people towards IT. The Project required tocarry out the comparative study of Prices across Brands and Models also to carry outanother comparative study of Margins of Dealers and Wholesalers. Finding out theMarket Operating Price at which they are making deals and the volume of discountsoffered by them would do this.Then apart form studying the dealers a study of consumer buying behavior was alsorequired for the specific brands. This was done by making comparative study of HP alongwith other brands, in terms of consumer preference. Also dealer’s perspectives about thebrand is also to be considered along with this the effect of prices on brand preference ofthe all models .In the research we also tried to study consumer behavior for all the brands and also thedealer’s perception about the market of Home PCs, Laptop, Printers, PSC., Scanner,TFT. For this Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of Various brands on: recall,believability, association, final purchase.Other Objective:- • To know the brand recall by customers. • To know the reason why people prefer HP (Hewlett-Packard) brand . • To increase the sales volume . • To give the customer satisfaction and also get the references from them. • To know which factor is important for customer before buying any IT product. • To illicit suggestion for better positioning for hp product 55
  • 56. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYThe section includes the overall research design, the sampling procedure, the datacollection method, the field method, and analysis and procedure.Research design:-For this research project exploratory method is used .In exploratory method new thingsare fined out from the given topic.Data collection method:-The data collect for the research can be classified as primary data and secondary data.Primary data:- The data collected for first time is known as primary data. It is byvisiting existing customer and expected customer of Compton computers pvt. Ltd. Andmaking them fill up the questionnaireSecondary data:- The data which has been already collected by someone is knownas secondary data. Is collected from internet, books, etc.Research instrumentThe instrument use for data collection is structured questionnaire. Question is open andclose ended depending upon the information that needed to be elicited. I am also usingthe scaling technique to assess the attitude of the customer.Sampling plan:-Keeping all the constrains in mind a sample size of 80 people .The sampling procedure issystematic sampling 56
  • 57. ANALYSIS & INTEPRETATIONCustomer Profile:Break up of Sample: Printer Sales Comparison HP Canon Epson Umax OthersFigure: Sales of printer in the SurveyThe above mentioned graph represents the various brands of printer that emerged out ofthe survey. Printer Model Frequency Percent HP 52 65.00 Canon 12 15.00 Epson 2 2.50 Umax 3 3.75 Others 11 13.75 Total 80 100.00 57
  • 58. 1. Of the total 80 respondents Show their believe in hp. 2. Responses were very low for the lower range. Most of the other reason accounted for gifts as a reason. 3. For the three players as Cannon, Epson, Umax the main reasons were again the Poor quality, high ink consumption. 4. Out of 80 respondents 70 say that brand name matters 5. Out of 52 respondents 45 are satisfied. 6. 40 says price matters 25 say quality matters 15 says brand name matters. 7. 30 says that after sale services is good 22 says no.Results/Analysis:The basic need for buying a Printer is primarily Saving Time and printing quality. Thisneed should be addressed in any correspondence with the customer in the company’spromotional activities. The later part of the report also checks the believability aspect ofeach correspondence with the customer and this prediction is further concentrated in thatpart. The HP customers seem to have gone by the general trend and share the samevalues. 58
  • 59. CONCLUSIONThe Indian I.T. market currently appears to be at a crossroads, where I.T. marketers areattempting to change customer perceptions of their brands and where specific buyingmotivations appear to be replacing generalities. This meanwhile, is quite unlike the westwhere buyers consider aesthetics, comfort and safety, not necessarily in that order, beforefinalizing a purchase. “It’s smarter to think about emotions and attitudes, if marketers areto do a better job of marrying what a HP offers to the consumer’s image of the offerings.The mindset of the Indian consumer is such that he is delighted if he buys a pen a littlecheaper than his neighbors. Things are, however, slowly changing and customers at theupper end of the market are now ready to pay more for more. I hope that this approachwill soon enter the new era, maybe not with the same intensity . “Success will largely bedetermined to the extent a company can differentiate itself in terms of intangibles that gowith a Product”. Thus, success could well hinge on the best of bundle of services that HPprovides. HP grew from zero to the 180 Million $, mark and the number One sales ofPrinter, Scanner & TFT in India in this year. Looking at the present scenario it can besaid that though there is lot of competition in the I.T. world HP is picking up well. Thelandmark achievement comes in 66 years after clinching its first overseas sale.In 1973 HP becomes the first U.S. company to institute flexible working hours, or flex-time. Under the program, HP employees can begin work at any time during a two-hourperiod and leave after completing an eight-hour work day. The purpose, as explained byBill, is "to gain more time for family leisure, conduct personal business, avoid trafficjams or to satisfy other individual needs. "HP introduces the first electronic calculator toprint Japanese characters. The model 9810 desktop calculator is marketed in Japan byYokogawa-Hewlett-Packard. This year HP’s Revenue: $661 million. Employees: 28,255. 59
  • 60. SUGGESTIONSKey attribute components: Value for money and Customer Care Operational attributes. Physical attributes. Brand Image. Customer Specific Details.In any correspondence with the customers the message should be sent in thesecomponents only to have the maximum benefit from the advertisement. Also thesecomponents should be dealt with independently. The advertisements should speak only ofthe believable concepts rather than glorifying the pretentious ones. The basic need of thecustomer need to be addressed which is actually saving time and better quality.HP Deskjet 3745 printer, COMPAQ PRESSARIO 1310 this particular model has aproblem with promotion and pricing. Although being the most competitive product on thebasis of the Market Operating Price (MOP), the machine is still not selling much. This isperhaps due to the bargaining stress on the customer and the weak push given by thedealer to the particular model, when actually it should be sold like a high volume product.Another important outcome of the research is the believability of the claims. Most of theclaims are realistic and easy to understand. Most of the people don’t understand thetechnical claims like Software problems and Hardware resale and the dealers don’tprovide much support to the customers in making them understand the real technologybehind them. Either, the technical details should me presented in a clearer manner or thedealers need to be educated properly. 60
  • 61. BIBLIOGRAPHYJeffrey Gitomer, customer satisfaction is worthlessJean-Noel Kapferer (1994), “Strategic Brand Management”.Philip Kotler (Eight Edition), “Marketing Management”, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.Shiffman Consumer Behavior 61
  • 62. ANNEXURE1. What does HP do?HP delivers vital technology for business and life. The companys solutions span ITinfrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging andprinting for consumers, enterprises and small and medium business. Our $4 billion annualR&D investment fuels the invention of products, solutions and new technologies, so thatwe can better serve customers and enter new markets. We invent, engineer and delivertechnology solutions that drive business value, create social value and improve the livesof our customers. HP has a dynamic, powerful team of 150,000 employees withcapabilities in 170 countries doing business in more than 40 currencies and more than 10languages. Revenues were $79.9 billion for the fiscal year that ended October 31, 2007.2. When was HP established?HP co-founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard established the company in 1939 aftersuccessfully launching their first product, an audio oscillator, from a small garage in PaloAlto. For more information, see a detailed history of HP.3. Where can I find information on HPs CEO and other executives?Visit our executive team page to learn more about other HP executives.4. How I can find out about current HP strategies?Press releases and executive speeches are both excellent sources of insight into HPsstrategies. Beyond what you can find in such public documents, most strategyinformation is restricted information and cannot be shared with the public.5. What are HPs subsidiaries?A comprehensive list of HP subsidiaries can be retrieved at Edgar Online , a Securitiesand Exchange Commission online resource for company documents. 62
  • 63. 6. Which companies have strategic alliances with HP?HP press releases are the best way to keep up with company alliances.7. How can I get a copy of HPs current annual report, proxy statement, earningsstatements or 10K?There are a few ways to get these documents. You can view them online in our InvestorRelations section. You can also request online to have recent annual reports.8. What is HPs market share in printers? What about PCs?You can find information about the performance of HPs various businesses by readingthe financial overviews and revenue segment data we publish in our quarterly resultssection. HP doesnt talk publicly about product shipments or the profitability of individualproduct lines.9. Where can I learn more about HPs corporate philosophy and objectives?For the most detailed explanation of HPs approaches to business, people and processes,read the book The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company, written by HPco-founder David Packard. It is available in many libraries and through onlinebooksellers. On the HP web site, read about HPs corporate objectives .10. What are HPs goals regarding the environment?HP is committed to providing customers with inventive, high quality products andservices that are environmentally sound and to conduct our operations in anenvironmentally responsible manner. That commitment continues to be one of ourguiding principles that are deeply ingrained in our values. It is from this history and thesevalues that HP has become a leader in delivery of environmentally sustainable solutionsfor the common good. 63
  • 64. 11. What are HPs employee benefits?HPs employee compensation and benefits program puts us among the leaders in ourindustry. See Working at HP for more information. HP’s compensation and benefitsprogram both encourages and rewards employees by linking compensation to individual,business organization and company performance.12. How can I get an internship at HP?You can find information about HPs various internship opportunities on our web site. Asmall number of research internships are available at HP Labs.13. Does HP offer any kind of certification or technical training?HP offers a number of technical courses and training programs through HP EducationServices . In addition, HP Education Services also offers IT certification programs,designed to provide rigorous technical training for specific job roles in complexenvironments.14. How can I get a computer or other product donation for my school or myself?HP is recognized as a leading giver among U.S.-based corporations. While we dontdonate to individuals, schools do receive considerable philanthropic support from HP.You can get information about HPs philanthropic activities and instructions on how toapply for an HP grant in the Philanthropy section of HPs web site.The Academic Purchasing Program offers discounts on HP products for teachers, facultyand higher education students.15. What scholarship opportunities or financial assistance does HP offer students?For the most part, HP does not offer assistance to individuals. Instead, HP makessubstantial philanthropic contributions through education grants to schools. HP also haspartnerships with universities and school districts in four urban U.S. communitiesthrough our Diversity in Education Initiative . Each year, HP selects a limited number of 64
  • 65. HP Scholars from each of these four communities for scholarships and other aid as theyenter their freshman year of engineering school.16. Can I set up an interview with an HP executive or manager?Due to the number of interview requests HP receives from the press and public, we areunable to grant personal interviews with students.17. Where can I send a questionnaire or survey for my research project?Due to the volume of requests we receive, we are not able to answer questionnaires orparticipate in surveys.18. Does HP have videos, product brochures, posters or other promotional itemsthat it can send free of charge to include in my presentation?Unfortunately, no. However, you can browse the online HP Company Store to shop forlogo items such as T-shirts, pens, mugs, posters and so on. While we do have productinformation on our web site, product brochures are not available.19. Is there HP information I cannot have access to?Unfortunately, yes. HP is restricted by both legal and business reasons from disclosing anumber of types of internal information. Please read our Information Restrictions fordetails.If the information you need is not listed in one of our frequently asked questions, you cansend your question through our online form . Your message is important to us. We try toanswer as many messages as we can, as soon as we can. However, if youre under a tightdeadline, you may not get your answer as quickly as needed, especially if your request isnot general in nature. Please be aware that we cannot answer questions about specificproducts. In addition, we cannot answer questions that deal with restricted information . 65
  • 66. QUESTIONNAIRE FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERSName ( optional ):Address ( optional ):Phone No. ( optional ):1. Are you using printer ? Yes No2. Which company printer you are using? HP Canon Epson Umax Other3. Are you satisfied? Yes No4. What according to you helps us take any decision? Price factor Quality of printing Per page cost All the factors5. At present, are you satisfied hp’s after sales services ? Yes No6. Do you think brand equity plays any role? Yes No7. What according to you hp’s edge over its competitors ? 66
  • 67. Price Brand name Cost per page Other factor8. Which company according to you is providing all the facilities? HP Canon Umax EPSON Others9. Suggestions (if any) 67