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  • 1. 火车(車) huǒchē n. train火车票 huǒchēn piào n. train ticket一张(張)火车票 yìzhāng huǒchēn piào n. one train ticket还(還)是 háishì conj. or收 shōu v. receive, get找 zhǎo v. give thechange
  • 2. Supplementary Vocabulary旅客 lǚkè n. passenger售票员 shòupiàoyuán n. booking office clerk南京 n|njīng上海 shànghǎi
  • 3. 旅客: 您好,我想买一张南京到上海的火车票。(您好,我想買一張南京到上海的火車票。)售票员:哪天的?旅客: 9月7号的。(9月7號的。 )售票员:上午还是下午?(上午還是下午?)旅客: 下午。售票员:几张?(幾張?)旅客: 一张。多少钱?(一張。多少錢?)
  • 4. 售票员:135元。旅客: 好的。(交钱 The passenger has paid.)售票员:南京到上海,9月7日,下午4点6分,一张票,135元,收您200, 找您65。(票给旅客 The clerk gives the ticket to passenger.)旅客:谢谢。(謝謝。)售票员:下一个. (下一個)
  • 5. 旅客: nín hǎo,wǒ xiǎng mǎi yīzhāngn|njīng dào shànghǎi de huǒchē piào。售票员:nǎ tiān de?旅客: jiǔyuè qīh{o de 。售票员:shàng wǔ ,háishì xiàwǔ?旅客: xiàwǔ.
  • 6. Dialogue售票员:jǐzhāng?旅客: yī zhāng. duōshǎoqián?售票员:135 yuán.(The passenger has paid.)售票员: n|njīng dào shànghǎi, 9 yuè 7 rì, xiàwǔ, yī zhāng piào, 135 yuán, shoū nín 200, zhǎo nín 65.(票给旅客 The clerk gives the ticket to passenger.)旅客: xièxiè.售票员: xiàyigè.
  • 7. 售票员:上午还是下午? shàng wǔ háishì xiàwǔ? Morning or afternoon?When 还是 links up two words or phrasesthat indicate different alternatives, itusually appears in questions. When youanswer it, simply select one of the choices.
  • 8. Cultural Note 1In China, therailroad system haslong constituted Cultural Notesthe principalmeans of travel. Itis generally themost economicone, thereforeduring peakseasons, a trainmay be extremelycrowded.
  • 9. Cultural Note 2 The distance between Nanjing and Shanghai is approx 200 miles, about the same between San Diego and Santa Barbara. The train ticket between these two Southern Californian cities costs $41, compared to the ¥135 ($21) . But please remember, the ¥135-train ticket is one of the expensive type, and the cheaper one may only cost ¥ 45, that is $7!
  • 10. ReviewVocabulary 一张(張)火车(車)票 yìzhāng huǒchēn piào n. one train ticket 还(還)是 háishì conj. or收 shōu v. receive, get找 zhǎo v. give the change
  • 11. ReviewGrammar还是 When 还是 links up two words or phrases that indicate different alternatives, it usually appears in questions. When you answer it, simply select one of the choices.Ex。 老高是10年级的学生,还是11年级的学生?
  • 12. No No Homework.Enjoy your fieldtrip!