Shirley's slideshow of APSS 2011-12 in pictures


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At the 30 July 2012 monthly meeting of APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore) I talked through a slideshow showing snippets from the past year. I've added a commentary here so that people who were unable to attend the meeting can see it too. I hope you enjoy it.

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Shirley's slideshow of APSS 2011-12 in pictures

  1. 1. Shirley Taylor APSS President 2011-12 I showed this special slideshow during my President’s address at the 30 July 2012 meeting. I’ve added some commentary onhere for those who may not have attended.
  2. 2. In August 2011, APSS President Tim Wade passed on the Presidency of APSS to meTim handed over the book ‘A Lasting Legacy’ about Cavett Robert, the founder of the NSA in 1973.
  3. 3. APSS 2011-12 Theme:PASSION  PURPOSE  PROGRESS
  4. 4. Our APSS Year in Pictures
  5. 5. 10 Monthly Meetings
  6. 6. We had lots of fun and laughter in our meetings
  7. 7. Some speakers had us doing some strange things!
  8. 8. And of course we all love having our photos taken
  9. 9. Some speakers were immortalised in visual images
  10. 10. Some speakers used visual aids. Here is Eric Feng throwing lots of balls into the audience!
  11. 11. Tim Bean showed us how 5 pounds of muscle compared to 5 pounds of fat!
  12. 12. And of coursewhen the speaker was veryhandsome, we all wanted our photos taking with him!
  13. 13. 5 Added-value Sessions These are one-hour sessions beforemonthly meetings – free for members as a special benefit.
  14. 14. Making Money in Your Pyjamas! with Rebecca Morgan, CSP
  15. 15. Ethical Dilemma Facilitation Evening with Tina Altieri
  16. 16. Convention Feedback Facilitation
  17. 17. Roundtables with Certified Speaking Professionals Singapore has 7 CSPs: ScottFriedman, Nishant Kasibhatla, Rob Salisbury, Brenda Bence, David Lim, Andrew Bryant and Michael Podolinsky
  18. 18. 3Members at Other Events Networking Evenings Networking evenings are great ways toget together with members and friends in a relaxed setting.
  19. 19. Newton CircusNetworking Evening with Convention Speakers
  20. 20. Reverse Bungee Evening
  21. 21. 3 Associate Members Lunches 6 or 7 Associate Members get together with a Professional Member in adowntown café. The PM leads discussions on challenges and any questions.
  22. 22. Associate Members lunch meeting at Shirley’s home
  23. 23. 3 Professional Members Lunches
  24. 24. Professional Members lunch meeting at Shirley’s home
  25. 25. Cookie normally stars at gatheringsat Shirley’s place!
  26. 26. Christmas PartyTime to let our hair down!
  27. 27. Chinese New Year Lo-Hei
  28. 28. Help setting up Mastermind Groups We have helped to set up severalMastermind Groups at APSS. If you are interested, please approach an Exco member.
  29. 29. Our group has been running for almost 3 years now.
  30. 30. Some APSS Firsts
  31. 31. Live Webinarwith Gihan Perera
  32. 32. Pecha Kucha Night
  33. 33. Heather Hansen conducted the first Professional Development Lunch: Getting Started with VideosDoing videos means we get to show lots of our funny faces!
  34. 34. Here’s Heather’s real face!
  35. 35. YouTube finds the funniest shots of these APSS members too!
  36. 36. … and more!
  37. 37. Annual Events
  38. 38. 81 people attended the pre-convention dinner
  39. 39. We welcomed speakers from all over the world!
  40. 40. At the dinner there was fun, laughter and song!
  41. 41. 121 people attended the Annual Convention (APSS folk are big huggers)!
  42. 42. All the fabulous speakers at our Annual Convention
  43. 43. No special reason for this photo – just Tim’s funny face!
  44. 44. I love this fabulous group shot at the Marina Mandarin
  45. 45. APSS Spirit of Service Awardswere given to Andrew Chow and David Lim
  46. 46. And also to me. Thank you!
  47. 47. 122 people attended Raise your Game 2012
  48. 48. At Raise yourGame 2012, wewere very proud to launch thenew APSS book
  49. 49. This book was written by 22 Professional Membersof APSS, and compiled and edited by Shirley Taylor
  50. 50. A dragon dance launched the new APSS book
  51. 51. Here are many of the 22 contributors to this book
  52. 52. Members at Other EventsAPSS members in the media
  53. 53. Members at Other EventsMembers out and about
  54. 54. Here’s Kevin Cottam speaking at a TEDx event
  55. 55. Here’s DeborahTorres-Patel andHeather Hansen speaking at a Toastmasters Annual Event
  56. 56. Nishant Kasibhatla and Deborah Torres-Patel spoke at the National Achievers Congress
  57. 57. I’ve been proud to wave the Singapore Here I am posing with Cavett Robert,flag at conventions in Australia and USA the NSA founder
  58. 58. APSS online
  59. 59. Our APSS website got a major spruce up this year
  60. 60. Thanks to Sarah Schubert for all her workcompiling our APSS newsletters
  61. 61. Thanks to all APSS members and friends for all the social buzz on our APSS Facebook page
  62. 62. Thanks to all members of the Executive Committee for your support and service
  63. 63. Special thanks to Heather Hansen and Nishant Kasibhatlawho received Special Appreciation Awards for their excellence in service
  64. 64. In Summary…
  65. 65. This year we celebrated and boosted THE SPIRIT OF APSS big time!
  66. 66. "Dont worry about howwe divide up the pie.There is enough foreverybody. Lets justbuild a bigger pie!" Cavett Roberts Founder of National Speakers Association
  67. 67. “Our theme this year was PASSION PURPOSE  PROGRESS. This year we have seen a lot of PASSION from APSS members. We have seen a lot of PURPOSE,commitment and dedication shown by the Exco and our members. And I’m very proud to say thatAPSS and its members have made a great deal of PROGRESS. Let’s consolidate this Passion,Purpose and Progress in the coming year. Let’s enhance the SPIRIT OFAPSS, and increase the size of the pie for all of us!” Shirley Taylor APSS President 2011-12