HKBU, Contemporary Europe and Asia 2012, POLS 3620 presentation_ film issue


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HKBU, Contemporary Europe and Asia 2012, POLS 3620

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HKBU, Contemporary Europe and Asia 2012, POLS 3620 presentation_ film issue

  1. 1. Q1:Have you ever watched German filmsbefore?
  2. 2. Q2:Have you ever watched Chinese filmsbefore?
  3. 3. Survey results25 Have you ever20 watched German films?1510 Have you ever watched5 Chinese Films?0 Yes No
  4. 4. POLS 3620 presentationHo Shuk Kwan, Shirley (11015063)Peng Yumeng, Rainie (12502928)
  5. 5. Germany Period Main theme Major Purpose Before World War II Past German history Promoted country or Expressionism(Modernization) government image Individuals’ psyche; During World War II Nazi Party Propaganda values Post-war Political Critical of Germany’s To reflect history and (New German Cinema) Nazi + wartime educate people After the unification of More diverse Emotional, social Germany-now Self-reflection towards the life, retrospection society Promote own cultureHO Shuk Kwan
  6. 6. China Period Main theme Purpose Early phase Revolutionary cause  Inculcate a political (until PRC consciousness; founded)  Propaganda values Before Cultural Indigenous Chinese traditions  Combine entertainment Revolution and ideological education Open and Cultural critique and exhibition  Filmmakers aimed to Reform period reflect and educate but were handicapped by government’s control somehow After entering More diverse (Major theme;  National image; the WTO martial-arts(Kung Fu); social life;  Commercialize; history ect.)  Artistic achievementPENG Yumeng
  7. 7. Similarity + Difference Common: Entertainment values Commercial values Cultural products Difference:  Germany: Reflections towards the history China : Document /present the situation  Allows more political criticism Germany than in ChinaHO Shuk Kwan, PENG Yumeng
  8. 8. 1. Hollywood films dominatedHO Shuk Kwan
  9. 9. BOX OFFICE (IN $US) in China ( 2008-2010) 2008 2009 2010Total 640,000,000 909,220,000 1,540,000,000Chinese productions and co-productions 380,000,000 513,910,000 531,430,000German 100% or majority co-prods 2,518,022 n/a 3,190,000*German 100% or majority co-prods as % 0.39 n/a 0.02*German minority co-prods 5,513878 11,952,416 22,840,678German minority co-prods as % 0.86 1.31 0.15 *Estimate Market Studies by German Films ( 2012)Ho Shuk Kwan
  10. 10. 2. Small-scale film production > large-scale production 3.Overuse of specific film topicHO Shuk Kwan
  11. 11. 2nd largest economy 4% of market share in the global cultural market 1/3 of foreign audiences “don’t know Chinese films at all” 25.9% of foreign audiences choose Chinese films as a major way to get to know Chinese culture.PENG Yumeng
  12. 12. (1) Cultural discount A huge gap between Chinese and western cultures →寻寻觅觅,冷冷清清,凄凄惨惨戚戚(sadness) →cultural discount →appreciating discountPENG Yumeng
  13. 13. (2)Chinese elements=Chinese Kung Fu ? →Stereotype • “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” “Hero” • Only impression: Chinese Kung Fu • Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet LeePENG Yumeng
  14. 14. (3)Chinese elements + Hollywood special effects • Growing tendency: Co-produced films. • A more embarrassed fact: Chinese elements + Hollywood special effects =Hollywood films Eg: Kung Fu PandaPENG Yumeng
  15. 15. Germany China Berlin international Film festival Shanghai International FestivalHO Shuk Kwan
  16. 16. 14 films entered the Shanghai International Film Festival Stopped on Track Sleeping Sickness HellHO Shuk Kwan