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  1. 1. Talking About the Romans in Britain
  2. 2. Romulus and Remus  About Romulus and Remus  They are twin brothers.  They have a wicked uncle who put them in a river named Tiber.  A female Wolf found them and took them to his cave.  When Romulus was carried away to the sky the name of god he turned into was the name Quirinus.
  3. 3. Roman Empire  The Romans invaded lots of     countries. They invaded countries like Spain,Iraq,Syria and France. They also invaded Britain. The reason for that was They wanted our wealth. They didn’t go further than Central Scotland because they thought we were crazy.
  4. 4. Julius Ceasar  Julius Ceasar was a very cruel and wicked leader he was the one who ordered the Romans to invade Britain.  Here are some facts about him.  His full name is Gailus Julius Ceasar.  His mother was called Aurelia Cotta.  Julius Ceasar’s face was depicted on Roman coins.
  5. 5. Roman Baths  The Romans liked to go to the baths in the afternoon.  The ladies didn’t bath with men.  They didn’t just go to the baths for a bath. They also had a bit of a relaxation like a chat or sometimes just to chill. The place Bath was named after the baths the Romans made.
  6. 6. Roman Soldier Here are some Roman soldiers. Dux= a general in charge of two or more legions. Imaginifer= A standard-bearer carrying the imago - the standard which bore a likeness of the emperor, and, at later dates, his family.
  7. 7. Coliseum The Coliseum had around 80 entrances and can accommodate 50,000 spectators. The last gladiatorial fights took place in 435 AD.
  8. 8. Tortoise Formation The Romans used tortoise formation for keeping them safe because remember there were no things to hide behind. The reason there were gaps were so they could see where they were going.
  9. 9. Roman Gladiator Nearly 30 types of gladiators have been found out. By the time of the end of the republic, about 50% of all gladiators were volunteers.
  10. 10. Roman Banquet The rich Romans ate a variety of food like basically they tried everything. The poor Romans would have to eat bread and vegetable soup sometimes porridge. Meat for a poor Roman was a luxury.
  11. 11. Roman numerals  In Roman times there were no such thing as numbers.  In Roman times they used Roman numerals.  Roman numerals were mostly lines and crosses. Once you got up to number 100 it would be C.  Roman numerals were hard to use we don’t use them now a days.
  12. 12. s So does anyone have any questions about as far as we’ve gone yet? Or does anyone
  13. 13. Antonine wall The Antonine wall was built around 2000 years ago. It was built in Scotland it was around from here to Glasgow. It was not a few miles long It was a few kilometres long! There is only the ditch left of the wall. And its in Callender
  14. 14. Presentation Last Slide Does any one have a question, c omment, o r quick question Before I end my presentatio n.