Positive behaviour at carmuirs primary school


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Positive behaviour at carmuirs primary school

  1. 1. Encouraging Positive Behaviour at Carmuirs Primary School
  2. 2. We have an ethos which values and supportsour vision statement of ‘Be All You Can Be’through our values which are workingTogether, Respect, Honesty, Happy & Safe.
  3. 3. Positive Behaviour PolicyNov 2010(will update Nov 2012)
  4. 4. House System• Bruce• MacDonald• Stewart• WallaceWeekly MeetingsHouse captainsWinning House Treat in June
  5. 5. House Points+ Points for good work, behaviour & effort- Points for breaking rulesalso• School uniform + 5 pts daily• Punctuality +5 pts for being on time all week• Points for best line
  6. 6. House Meeting• Fridays at 10.15 a.m.• 50+ pts = House sticker• 70+ pts = Certificate• 100+ pts (& lost less than 10 pts) = prize from Goodie Box• 3 Top Earners per House each week
  7. 7. Top Earners• Top Earner certificate• Names displayed in hall• First in for lunch and special lunchtime table on a Friday• Chair at assemblies• Cushion in class• First choice for Golden Time• Garden area (Mon – Thurs)• (Might attend Golden Book Trip – depending on points for the term)
  8. 8. Points LostMinutes deducted from weekly Golden Time e.g. -10 pts = -10 mins of Golden timeNo sticker or certificate if lost 10 + ptsPlaytime detention on a Friday if lost more than 20 pts-20 pts - yellow card/ red card/ out of House
  9. 9. Out of House• Letter sent home to parents• Detention on Friday playtime and lunchtime• No Golden Time• Not allowed to attend House meetings• Not allowed to attend extra-curricular activities• Not allowed to attend discos• Can’t take part in lunchtime football• Can’t represent the school• 50+ pts (& less than 20 pts lost) = Back in House
  10. 10. Classroom Rewards• Group/ Individual rewards• Stickers• Certificates• Praise Pad letters• Prizes
  11. 11. Golden Book• Each teacher nominates one child from their class at the end of each month. Sflas nominate 1 child.• Rewards take place termly e.g.CinemaSoft PlayMagicianArt & CraftStorytellerThree Top Earners from each House join this trip/ activity
  12. 12. Playground Party• Each child starts the term with 60 minutes at the end of term Playground Party• Support staff take off points if children are still misbehaving after a warning.• One minute is usually taken off, but five minutes may be taken off for more serious incidents.
  13. 13. Golden Tickets• Awarded by support staff for displaying excellent behaviour in playground• 2 tickets drawn by HT each week and prizes awarded• Box emptied at the end of each term
  14. 14. Anti-Bullying Policy• Week 1 all classes looked at anti-bullying• Children caught bullying are given detention and their parents are informed
  15. 15. Restorative Practices• Children who fall out are supported by an adult or a Peer Mediator (from Pr. 7) to talk about the problem and to reach a mutual solution
  16. 16. Rights Respecting Schools AwardWe encourage staff, parents and children torecognise their rights and responsibilities inorder to foster positive relationships withothers and to ensure that everyone is treatedfairly.
  17. 17. Steps ProgrammeAdded to Positive Behaviour policy to combatproblems with low level behaviour issues inclass and in the playground