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FDI product Description

  1. 1. Product Description FDI A Drive Test Post Processing Tool for 2G, 3G and LTE technologies 360Cellutions
  2. 2. Document Description  This document provides a detailed description of Fast Drive Investigation (FDI), a drive test post processing software  Please note that most features have been explained with detailed images and description but due to complexity of some of the features, the reader may require more details. Hence videos have been made demonstrating the usage of these features. All the videos can be found on: http://www.360cellutions.com/Learn%20More.htm#FDI A symbol will show a video is available on the website Video Title 2 www.360cellutions.com
  3. 3. Topics Supported Tools And Technologies Mapping Network Cells Charting Filters OneClick! Report Performance Report        3      Binning and Delta Supplementary Information Palettes Log Processing And Project Creation Installation And Setup www.360cellutions.com
  4. 4. Supported Tools And Technologies 1. 2. 3. 4 Technologies Supported Technology Elements Drive Collection Tools www.360cellutions.com
  5. 5. Supported Tools And Technologies Technologies Supported The following technologies are supported by FDI:      LTE WCDMA/HSPA GSM/GPRS Wimax The following modes are supported by FDI:     5 Idle Dedicated Scanned www.360cellutions.com
  6. 6. Technology Elements Some examples… LTE WCDMA/HSPA GSM/GPRS Wimax Scan 6 www.360cellutions.com
  7. 7. Supported Tools And Technologies Drive Collection Tools The following tools are supported by FDI:       TEMS Investigation Anite Nemo JDSU Azenqos JET New tools can be configured easily in FDI  7 www.360cellutions.com
  8. 8. Mapping 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8 View Zoom Google Maps Multi Project Miscellaneous www.360cellutions.com
  9. 9. Mapping View   9 www.360cellutions.com Zoom can be adjusted for all windows with reference to the active map window  View Button Multiple maps support even for different projects within same environment, makes pre and post comparison a breeze Zoom adjust can even work for map windows for projects other than the active map window, if the All Projects button is enabled
  10. 10. Mapping View   10 Views can be saved with names which is particularly useful for large projects with many areas of interest These views can also be recalled with designated shortcut keys www.360cellutions.com
  11. 11. Mapping Zoom  Smart Zoom    11 FDI provides an extremely accurate way of zooming in and out in a map window Magnification is customizable by the user Zoom center is preserved, so in case of many zoom in and out actions the center does not drift www.360cellutions.com
  12. 12. Mapping Zoom Zoom Action Disabled  Zoom Action Enabled Zoom Action   12 When zoom action toggle is on, all samples of a new element layer (e.g. RSRP) will be shown on the map If its toggled off, then new element layer will be shown preserving the zoom of the map www.360cellutions.com
  13. 13. Mapping Google Maps     Google Maps can be integrated into FDI map windows by clicking refresh Map type can be chosen from: Street view, Satellite and Terrain Translucency can be adjusted as per user need FDI workspace can also be exported to GoogleEarth as a kml file 13 Export to Google Earth Satellite Image www.360cellutions.com
  14. 14. Mapping Miscellaneous Features  Mark    14 User can place various marks on the map for presentation purposes This can be saved for future viewing Various type of marks like line, point, arc etc. are possible Mark Button www.360cellutions.com
  15. 15. Mapping Miscellaneous Features Toggle Options Various options can be toggled on or off by the user         15 Legend Label Scale Network (cells display) Service Area Zoom Action All Project (for adjusting zoom) www.360cellutions.com
  16. 16. Mapping Miscellaneous Features  Precise Selection  16 In case multiple drive samples are found on the same location, precise selection feature helps the user in selecting the desired sample www.360cellutions.com
  17. 17. Mapping Miscellaneous Features   17 Drive trail can be shown in FDI to know the direction of the car Its important to know the direction during optimization www.360cellutions.com
  18. 18. Network Cells 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 18 Footprint and Service Area Trend Analysis Overshooting Azimuth Inconsistency Miscellaneous Functions www.360cellutions.com
  19. 19. Network Cells Footprint And Service Area Simple  Type Profile Footprint gives the samples where a cell appears as the server, neighbour or interferer. Three type of footprint are possible in FDI:    19 Simple:Values e.g. RSRP, RSRQ, RSCP, EcNo, RxLev etc Type: Two colors for server or neighbour Profile: Multi-color to show the Nth neighbour cell profile Footprint www.360cellutions.com
  20. 20. Network Cells Footprint And Service Area  Footprint can be plotted as a 3-dimensional chart with:    20 Distance Ranges Samples www.360cellutions.com
  21. 21. Network Cells Footprint And Service Area  Service area of a cell can be seen for any element layer like : UE Tx Pwr, RLC BLER, CINR, Throughput etc 21 Service Area www.360cellutions.com
  22. 22. Network Cells Trend Analysis Cell footprints can be compared on the time axis as a trend Helps in deep analysis of cell levels, wrong handovers and overshooting • • 22 Trend Analysis www.360cellutions.com
  23. 23. Network Cells Overshooting All meshed shows all servers, neighbours and interferes in a region 23 FDI overshooting algorithm automatically calculates an index for every cell www.360cellutions.com
  24. 24. Network Cells Azimuth Inconsistency     24 Automatically calculates the suspected azimuth inconsistencies Possible reasons could be feeder swap, wrong cell file data, incorrect antenna installation etc. This feature gives highly accurate results if drive data is dense all around the site It saves many hours of work for an engineer and finds service affecting issues which might otherwise be ignored www.360cellutions.com
  25. 25. Network Cells Miscellaneous Features     25 Finding and selecting or locating can be done in a simple yet comprehensive way in FDI Cells can be filtered on a criteria Multiple selections can be made from the filtered list List can also be imported from an external file (.xlsx, .csv etc) www.360cellutions.com
  26. 26. Network Cells Miscellaneous Features  Neighbours from the cell file can be shown for each cell in different colours for the following:    26 Two way One way Undefined but reported www.360cellutions.com
  27. 27. Network Cells Miscellaneous Features   Network display can be customized by the user for fill colour, border colour, segment or sector style, length and angle This can be changed after the project has already been created 27 www.360cellutions.com
  28. 28. Charting 1. 2. 3. 4. 28 Types Options Presentation Format www.360cellutions.com
  29. 29. Charting Types   29 Charts Charts can be made using drive data from the map FDI provides the user a comprehensive selection of types and options to choose from www.360cellutions.com
  30. 30. Charting Types  Palette  30 Element layer on the active map is plotted based on the ranges and their color palette www.360cellutions.com
  31. 31. Charting Types  Discreet  31 Element layer on the active map is plotted for every value www.360cellutions.com
  32. 32. Charting Types  Mode System  32 Distribution of samples for all technologies in the drive www.360cellutions.com
  33. 33. Charting Types  Events  33 All events shown on the map will be plotted as a chart www.360cellutions.com
  34. 34. Charting Options  User can select from many charting options in the additional chart types 34 www.360cellutions.com
  35. 35. Charting Options   35 Drive data can be presented as a cumulative chart X-Axis category can be ordered in descending order if the user desires www.360cellutions.com
  36. 36. Charting Options  36 Element layer on active map can be compared with a secondary element using the comprehensive option e.g. RSRP is compared for each range of RSRQ www.360cellutions.com
  37. 37. Charting Options   Multi-map is an important feature of FDI charting Multiple maps’ data can be plotted on a single chart for comparison 37 www.360cellutions.com
  38. 38. Charting Presentation  Right clicking the chart reveals this menu:      38 View data: Chart or data Statistics nature: Count or percentage Change series style: User can choose from a comprehensive list of styles like pie, doughnut, line, area, stacked area, radar etc Copy: Puts either the data or chart image on the clipboard Save: Helps save the data or chart image in a file www.360cellutions.com
  39. 39. Charting Presentation  Some examples have been shown for multi-maps, a comprehensive list is provided to the user 39 www.360cellutions.com
  40. 40. Charting Format   Format chart…dialog Appearance menu gives general options for chart window like:      40 Appearance Palette Colour Border Title Label www.360cellutions.com
  41. 41. Charting Format  Chart area menu gives options like:    41 Colour Border Title www.360cellutions.com
  42. 42. Charting Format  Plot area menu gives options like:    42 Colour Border Title www.360cellutions.com
  43. 43. Charting Cosmetics  Axis menu gives options like the following for each axis:       43 Alignment Grid lines Label Range Constant lines Titles www.360cellutions.com
  44. 44. Charting Cosmetics  Series menu gives options like the following for each series:     44 Chart style Line style Marker Pie rotation www.360cellutions.com
  45. 45. Charting Cosmetics  Legend menu gives options like:    45 Visibility Column count Text colour www.360cellutions.com
  46. 46. Filters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 46 Introduction Standard Geographical Drive Based Other www.360cellutions.com
  47. 47. Filters Introduction     FDI has a comprehensive range of filters to limit the drive samples based on different criteria Multiple filters can be applied to create a composite filter Filters can be saved or loaded Once a filter is applied to a map window, any new element layer will show only filtered samples 47 www.360cellutions.com
  48. 48. Filters Standard AS3 EcNo without filter     AS3 EcNo with filter Pre-defined filters like low coverage, pilot pollution, multi-server, interference etc The constants used in standard filters can be altered at the time of project creation The map shows EcNo of first Active set only for samples with high pilot pollution (delta of AS1 and AS3 is less than 5 dB) Every technology has standard filters associated with it 48 Filter Standard www.360cellutions.com
  49. 49. Filters Geographical      49 Filters:Vicinity, Selection and View Selection: User can select samples with selection tool View: Samples visible in the active map Vicinity: Samples in the vicinity of the selected sample are filtered, based on preceding and succeeding ratio given by the user Polygon: Samples within a predefined polygon (shown in picture) Position: One sample for every coordinate, based on min or max value of element layer www.360cellutions.com
  50. 50. Filters Drive Based    50 Filter Palette www.360cellutions.com Palette: Selected ranges by the user (shown in the picture with and without palette filter) Spectrum: Selected frequencies from the drive Search criteria: Drive samples matching user selected criteria e.g. SC and UARFCN for 3G
  51. 51. Filters Other   Custom: Adhoc query can be designed as a SQL wizard Advanced: Drive samples selected on criteria of cells from cell file e.g. select samples of co-located sites only 51 www.360cellutions.com
  52. 52. OneClick! Report 1. 2. 3. 52 Introduction Template Output www.360cellutions.com
  53. 53. OneClick! Report Introduction    OneClick! report is an important feature of FDI where users can make sophisticated reports consisting a large number of slides or pages in a matter of minutes and a few button clicks User can choose from MS Word or PowerPoint as the output format New templates can be defined or existing ones used which are already available in FDI 53 OneClick! Report www.360cellutions.com
  54. 54. OneClick! Report Template  Common   54 Section titles can be added Maps can be cleared to remove affects of filters etc www.360cellutions.com
  55. 55. OneClick! Report Template  Network   55 Options related to network can be chosen Cell list will be provided at run time by the user www.360cellutions.com
  56. 56. OneClick! Report Template  Drive     56 Server can be shown using meshed or coloured servers Events can be shown or hidden User has the option to show events on Element layers like RSRP, or show them on maps with only route displayed Mode (LTE, GSM etc) and drive trail can also be chosen to show the technology and drive direction in the report www.360cellutions.com
  57. 57. OneClick! Report Template  Filters   57 Standard filters like low coverage or pilot pollution can be selected which will apply to the succeeding slides, until clear map command is issued Pre saved polygon filters can also be applied to the report to limit the samples to the selected area www.360cellutions.com
  58. 58. OneClick! Report Template  Report  58 KPIs from the technology performance reports www.360cellutions.com
  59. 59. OneClick! Report Output    OneClick! output format include MS Word and PowerPoint It includes map, chart, KPI, servers mesh, events, footprint, service area, overshoot etc Reports are carefully designed with an attractive format 59 www.360cellutions.com
  60. 60. OneClick! Report Output  Chart example 60 www.360cellutions.com
  61. 61. OneClick! Report Output  Meshed servers example 61 www.360cellutions.com
  62. 62. OneClick! Report Output  KPI example 62 www.360cellutions.com
  63. 63. Performance Report 1. 2. 3. 63 Introduction KPI Editor Output www.360cellutions.com
  64. 64. Performance Report Introduction     Output is available as multiple sheets It can be exported to MS Excel Performance report can be run for multiple projects Filters can also be applied to limit the data for which the report is created 64 Performance Report www.360cellutions.com
  65. 65. Performance Report KPI Editor   Users can maintain and edit KPI formulas for every technology Raw counters are available in the editor which eliminates the need for typing and spelling mistakes 65 www.360cellutions.com
  66. 66. Performance Report Output  KPI lists all KPIs for the technology 66 www.360cellutions.com
  67. 67. Performance Report Output  KPI per log, to investigate issues in specific log files 67 www.360cellutions.com
  68. 68. Performance Report Output  Events given as summary for every project 68 www.360cellutions.com
  69. 69. Performance Report Output  Events given as summary for every logfile to investigate specific logfile issues 69 www.360cellutions.com
  70. 70. Performance Report Output  Details of events e.g. source and target cell IDs etc for handover failure, or cause value for dropped calls 70 www.360cellutions.com
  71. 71. Performance Report Output  Overshooting cells given by rank 71 www.360cellutions.com
  72. 72. Performance Report Output  One way neighbours found in the cell file 72 www.360cellutions.com
  73. 73. Performance Report Output  Undefined but reported neighbours which could possibly highlight missing neighbours 73 www.360cellutions.com
  74. 74. Binning And Delta 1. 2. 74 Active Map Multi Map with Delta www.360cellutions.com
  75. 75. Binning And Delta Active Map   Bin are made with user selected resolution e.g. 50m User selects the aggregation method e.g. Average 75 Bin www.360cellutions.com
  76. 76. Binning And Delta Multi Map and Delta   Multiple maps can be compared as Delta Its highly effective in checking improvement and deterioration in Pre and Post drives of major network changes 76 www.360cellutions.com
  77. 77. Supplementary Information 1. 2. 3. 4. 77 Aerial Stats Planned Sites Radio Plan www.360cellutions.com
  78. 78. Supplementary Info Aerial Data    78 Supplementary Info Aerial Height and tilt data can be added to any project as an input file after project creation There is no fixed template for the input file, the user can use excel, text or csv file The user can manage colours from the custom palette www.360cellutions.com
  79. 79. Supplementary Info Stats     79 Supplementary Info Stats Any number of stats can be added to any project There is no fixed template for input files, excel, csv or text files are supported User can give data for multiple dates and select desired dates for viewing Custom templates can be used and changed as needed www.360cellutions.com
  80. 80. Supplementary Info Planned Sites   Planned or future sites can be added and displayed in any project using excel, csv or text files User can choose to put as many information for these sites e.g. planned on air date, site acquisition contact etc and view using info tool or labels 80 www.360cellutions.com
  81. 81. Supplementary Info Radio Plan   BCCH/BSIC, Scrambling Code or PCI planning can be done using Radio plan Existing data can be added and displayed in any project and new values planned accordingly 81 www.360cellutions.com
  82. 82. Palettes 1. 2. 3. 4. 82 Standard Custom Event System www.360cellutions.com
  83. 83. Palettes Standard    Element layer palettes can be customized for color, ranges, values or size Colors can be chosen from a color picker, or themes like nature, pastel etc can be chosen for auto coloring Gradient of one or two color can be made e.g. red and green for 5 ranges will give different shades of red and green 83 Standard Palette www.360cellutions.com
  84. 84. Palettes Custom  User can maintain custom palettes for use with statistics, aerial data, or custom element layers 84 Custom Palette www.360cellutions.com
  85. 85. Palettes Event  Events can be added or removed, picture changed and size modified from Event editor 85 www.360cellutions.com
  86. 86. Palettes System  System colour palettes can also be altered as per user need like footprint, azimuth inconsistency, neighbours etc 86 www.360cellutions.com
  87. 87. Log Processing And Project Creation 1. 2. 3. 4. 87 Database Configuration Cellfile New Project Settings www.360cellutions.com
  88. 88. Log Processing And Project Creation Database  Project Creation    A project is made by the user which has multiple logfiles and a cellfile as input Multiple projects are maintained on user’s harddrive and can be shared with other users Project Size and Speed    88 2.5 GB logs takes about 30 minutes for project creation Project size is controlled by lowering sampling rate using binning Virtually unlimited number of logfiles can be used to create a project Create Project Project Administration  Data Collection    For data collection tools like TEMS which give encrypted logs, an export is required. The export template is provided for such tools Other data collection tools like NEMO, logs can be used to make projects directly Mariadb 5.5 is the database used for project creation, which supports import of very large files and creation of big projects of about 10GB www.360cellutions.com
  89. 89. Log Processing And Project Creation Configuration  Configuration Files    89  FDI is designed for scalability and flexibility due to the nature of business Various technologies and data collection tools are defined as configuration files Any changes to technology like addition of new element e.g. Monitored Neighbour 8, can be done in the configuration without any change to the source code New technology addition or new tool compatibility is a matter of updating the configuration file or making a new configuration file www.360cellutions.com
  90. 90. Log Processing And Project Creation Cell File  Cell File Import    Column Mapping    90 www.360cellutions.com FDI has ultimate flexibility for cell file import Any file in excel, text or csv format can be imported which FDI will try to map onto required fields. Users can manually change mapping if required Field description is given to show the user what data type is required for each field Conversions can also be applied for advanced users e.g convert lat, lon from other formats to decimal Filters can discard unwanted data from cell file e.g. discard all cities except London
  91. 91. Log Processing And Project Creation New Project Settings     91 www.360cellutions.com Quick projects can be created which are created approx 40% faster and only the footprint feature gets disabled Standard filter definitions can be altered e.g. low coverage threshold Large network cell files can be confined to drive test area One or more technologies in drive test can be ignored
  92. 92. Installation And Setup 1. 2. 92 Web Trial Installation FDI License Update www.360cellutions.com
  93. 93. Installation And Setup Web Trial Installation   FDI trial license can be requested from the www.360cellution.com Easy instructions are given which install FDI trial version 93 www.360cellutions.com
  94. 94. Installation And Setup FDI License Update    Once installed FDI can be upgraded once purchased simply by making a user computer passport file And sending it to support@360cellutions.com A license file will be received which can be used to update FDI to full version by clicking the update link 94 www.360cellutions.com