FLi Presentation for a Shipping Company


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One of the PowerPoint Design we did for a Shipping Company in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Presentation has its own autorun cd with Menu.

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FLi Presentation for a Shipping Company

  1. 1. MSA SHIPPING PRIVATE LIMITED | CORPORATE PROFILE<br />Moving along the right line…<br />
  2. 2. The best reward for <br />our long-term industry <br />is to get the <br />total support and trust <br />from our honorable <br />customers” <br />“<br />Mr. Mansur Abbas (JP)<br />MSA SHIPPING PRIVATE LIMITED<br />MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd ranks among the Top National Forwarders in Sri Lanka and has been providing the best possible solution for our customers across the country with total Transportation & Logistics solutions. we have our own offices in tuticorin & Coimbatore india and are also seeking possibilities to develop into other parts of india. Our strong network of agents can speed up our customers cargo movement and our knowledgeable staff can give the quickest possible response to all transportation to logistic solutions.<br />MSA Shipping (Pvt.) Ltd. is a privately operated company with over 50 years of professional experienced in International Cargo Forwarding, logistics, procurement and expediting company.<br />We assure a smooth and safe voyage to our customers cargo. <br />We walk tall with a prestigious profile which we established in 2000 in Sri Lanka and is a subsidiary of MANCO group of companies which has been in the field of Import/Export, Manufacturing and Marketing for well over a decade with vast experience and enjoying a very good reputation in the Local and International market. <br />
  3. 3. MSA SHIPPING VISION & MISSION<br />“ We believe ourselves to be the premier provider in cargo forwarding and logistics solutions in Sri Lanka. Our efficiency, productivity , and speed of execution is our success story. We are highly trained, motivated, and committed to deliver the highest standards of excellence in everything we do while delivering profitable business growth…. We always value our customers, our agents, and our partners.”<br />“ MSA Shipping always makes sure to provide efficient, effective and reliable logistics solutions to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction. Our only aim is to develop productive long term business relationships with our customers. We are ensured to build a work atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork with a system of recognition and rewards focused on results and right behavior. Our staff is well trained and value enhanced to ensure high performance through the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. We shall mold an organization composed of highly competent people and driven by superior technology…. FOR OUR INVESTORS AND BUSINESS PARTNERS<br />We commit to achieve a return of investment that will ensure consistent leadership profits and growth of our organization. “<br />
  4. 4. We are a member of SLAFFA<br />(SRILANKA FREIGHT FORWARDERS ASSOCIATION), <br />which gives us the financial strength <br />to develop and expand in the <br />overseas market.”<br />“<br />MSA SHIPPING ABOUT US<br />MSA Shipping (Pvt.) Ltd. is mainly dedicated to forward Sea/Air shipments from/to Colombo/Sri Lanka and our strength lies in the Indian Sub Continent, Far East, Middle East, Europe, Med Ports & USA. <br />Our domestic and international air freight forwarding staff will make sure that our customers shipments move where they want them to go and arrive when they need them to be there, that is because We have tied-up better and understanding relationship with the main liners and proudly with our <br />professional high caliber team in field. Our experienced members in MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd are always ready to serve our customers from home & abroad for all kinds of shipping business. <br />MSA Shipping (Pvt.) Ltd. provides the customer a transportation network of choice. <br />Our trust and confidence is always there by arranging flawless international cargo forwarding and logistics solutions for our customers’ products. You will experience exceptional services at all levels by professionals dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction with an aim to uphold MSA Shipping’s reputation as a premier service provider. Our professionals will make sure that all cargos are shipped, traced, cleared through customs in a timely manner, so that your consignment arrives at its destination on time, <br />so you experience a personal service done to the maximum satisfaction.<br />We off you these services with over 50 years of honest and reliable experience.<br />
  5. 5. WHY? MSA SHIPPING <br />We are fully integrated international transportation services by Air, Sea, Road and Rail.<br />Proven expertise forwarding large format/out-of-gauge project cargo, including turnkey project management services.<br />Scheduled consolidation shipments.<br />Global freight terminals help ensure control of shipments with less risk and handling.<br />Expert assistance with letters of credit, cargo insurance, permits and regulatory documentation.<br />Expertise servicing dynamic markets including India, Middle East, Europe, Med Ports and United States of America.<br />Cost-effective rates through volume buying power.<br />Network of worldwide agents provides fully integrated global logistics services, including customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution, and inventory management. <br />Both LTL (less than truckload) and FTL (full truckload) are offered, and pick-ups tailored to fit clients needs.<br />CFS and crossdocking services in key Asian manufacturing points to support tightly scheduled just-in-time manufacturing operations.<br />Can rapidly move components in FCL or LCL quantities from supplier locations to manufacturing plants, and even directly to production lines.<br />
  6. 6. MSASHIPPINGPRIVATE LIMITED SERVICES<br />With global network of offices and agents, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd has become a Worldwide and Transportation Organization. Our professional knowledge and experience with wide range of services make us one of the transportation experts in the Industry.<br />OCEAN FRIEGHT EXPORT<br />OCEAN FRIEGHT IMPORT<br />AIR FRIEGHT<br />MULTIMODAL SERVICE<br />OCEAN FRIEGHT IMPORT<br />As one of the leading forwarders and transportation service providers in Sri Lanka, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd can help our customers to choose the most reliable and cost-saving sailing routes from Sri Lanka to any destination worldwide. We have established long-term partnership with major shipping liners and it is sure to be an advantage to provide cost-efficient services to fulfill the demanding needs of our customers.Our professional and experienced staff in MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd puts our customers’ needs as the priority of their services, and ensures that all the necessary documentation are completed, and related procedures are followed to deliver the cargoes in time. So, with the Global Network of Agents, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd can offer the most efficient handling, storage, clearance and delivery of transshipment from door to door.<br />Maintaining well-balanced inventories are very important for the manufacturers, distributors and retailers to control their stocks and costs. So an efficient and reliable import-handling programme is useful for our clients.Upon our clients’ instructions, we’ll contact their overseas vendors directly and immediately arrange the shipment details and notify our clients once the arrangements are made. We can also provide long-term and temporary storage and local delivery and distribution services for clients’ import consignments. Our total control import services can save time, money and inventory space and improve productivity and flexibility for our customers.<br />Maintaining well-balanced inventories are very important for the manufacturers, distributors and retailers to control their stocks and costs. So an efficient and reliable import-handling programme is useful for our clients.Upon our clients’ instructions, we’ll contact their overseas vendors directly and immediately arrange the shipment details and notify our clients once the arrangements are made. We can also provide long-term and temporary storage and local delivery and distribution services for clients’ import consignments. Our total control import services can save time, money and inventory space and improve productivity and flexibility for our customers.<br />It has always been our mission to develop MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd into a full service freight forwarder and logistics service provider. With this in mind, we have introduced quality airfreight service targeted at offering more service options to our customers. Whether there is a need for consolidation or direct air service, our airfreight professionals are ready to deliver your cargoes to and from almost any point of the world. Due to an ever-increasing demand for shorter transit times, we utilize premium carriers with established routes for our consolidations. Many different options are available for the most competitive and reliable airfreight forwarding service.<br />Being our clients’ transportation consultant, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd always provides the most cost effective solutions to meet the deadlines of delivery. Therefore, we have developed multimodal transport solutions, including sea/air, air/sea. Sea/land or any combination of these transport modes, to meet the balance between cost and just-In-time deliveries.<br />LAND TRANSPORTATION<br />To supplement our door-to-door service, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd has all necessary resources, including a fleet of container trailers and lorries and team of experienced drivers to provide our clients with just-in-time local deliveries and pick ups.<br />
  7. 7. TRANS SHIPMENT &<br />DIRECT SERVICES<br />Our company has secure relationships with Insurance Underwriters & Brokers. These contracts provide us with the means to offer customers unsurpassed insurance coverage & optimal service.<br />shipments, shortened inventory and delivery cycles and just-in-time local delivery and shipment collection.<br />Today, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd has become a quality provider of comprehensive and reliable services for cargo transshipped from Sri Lanka to destinations worldwide as well as imports from other countries to Sri Lanka. Because of our teams of highly qualified professionals, we can develop a tailor-made logistic programme locally to meet the varying global demands of our customers. In other words, we subscribe to the motto “think Global, Act Local”<br />EXPORT PACKING &<br />CRATING <br />Our strong network <br />of agents can <br />help you speed <br />your cargo <br />movement and <br />our knowledgeable <br />staff can give you <br />the quickest possible <br />response to all <br />your needs…<br />Taking the clients’ cargo to the destination is only a part of our job. MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd.  always makes sure that every consignment arrives in the same condition as it was sent. Each article entrusted to MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd is packed with the utmost care & respect. Our expert packing abilities are the best in the business. Our customers can be confident that their consignments will be treated with the highest regard for the safety of the contents. This security is another important aspect of MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd’s partnership with its clients.<br />CUSTOMS HOUSE<br />BROKERAGE<br />Every day of the year, MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd handles a tremendous volume of transactions. This work has resulted in our becoming experts in the field of Customs Brokerage. By utilizing the most advanced technologies available, we are to perform Customs Brokerage work quickly, accurately and efficiently. No matter where our customers send their shipments, we have sophisticated links with Customs service offices worldwide. We will provide information and guidance in the areas of informed compliance, reasonable care and shared responsibility – the principal of the Customs Modernization Act.<br />WAREHOUSING &<br />DISTRIBUTION<br />MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd has always been customer driven – a hallmark of our business culture. We offer our customers the most cost-effective regional and local warehousing and distribution services. Through our professional associated partners in the field, our customers can enjoy the economies of consolidated<br />CARGO INSURANCE<br />The Marine Insurance offerings available from MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd present a wide array of options to our customers. <br />
  8. 8. Our Management<br />Our Directors who work alongside the operational staff plan the success of MSA Shipping PvtLtd. Using intensive industrial knowledge, <br />our team of experts is able to offer high quality services to our clients worldwide. Experienced employees with professional integrity <br />care for the clients and assist them in expanding their business. On-time freight forwarding is achieved by our staff's ongoing <br />caring attitude towards client's objectives.In the same way that the Directors have hand picked their staff, they meticulously selected a worldwide network of agents and <br />partners to provide an unparalleled range of complimentary services. When it comes to caring about cargo, customers can be <br />guaranteed the reliability and quality of service from MSA Shipping and their dedicated team of freight forwarding professionals.<br />MANAGEMENT<br />Mr. Mansur Abbas (JP) <br />Managing Director<br />Mr. Hussain Mansur<br />Director<br />Mr. Joel Robinson Albert<br />General Manager<br />Mr. Tuan Miskin<br />Director / Marketing<br />STAFF<br />We with our well – experienced and highly motivated staff, are able to offer the best attention and services at all times to our valued customers and to our agency network. Our dedication, aggressiveness, reliability, trustworthiness and expertise in this industry have helped us to carve a niche in the Freight Forwarding and Transportation Logistics in Sri Lanka. We have in hand a vast array of effective time and cost saving transportation logistics specifically developed to benefit each and every individual customer. <br />At MSA Shipping (Pvt) Ltd, we believe in offering a total solution – a fully integrated service to our clients. We go beyond Shipping & International Freight Forwarding; we are a Marketing & Sales Oriented Organization. We believe in being a team – a solid mix of youth and experience with talent unsurpassed.<br />
  9. 9. Bringing you the finest quality of services from beginning to the end…<br />- M S A SHIPPING (PRIVATE) LIMITED <br />
  10. 10. How to contact us<br />M S A SHIPPING (PRIVATE) LIMITEDP.O. BOX 1843, 121/1STACE ROAD, COLOMBO 14 (00100) SRI LANKA. Telephone : +94 (0) 11 2385289 (Hunting) Fax : +94 (0) 11 2445934<br />E-mail :info@msashipping.com | msa@msashipping.com<br />BRANCH OFFICES IN INDIA<br />TUTICORIN BRANCH | 118 / H&I, First Floor, South Raja Street, Tutitcorin- 628001. INDIA<br />Telephone : (+91 461) 4004775 , 4004776 Fax : (+91 461) 4004774 <br />GENERAL MANAGER : MR. S. Raja | E-mail : rajatut@msashipping.com, rajamsatut@airtelmail.in<br />COIMBATORE BRANCH | 12/17, ArangaSamyNagar, Airport Road, SITRA, Coimbatore, INDIA<br />Telephone : (+91 422) 4520025 Tel/Fax : (+91 422) 4520024 E-Mail : saravanancbe@msashipping.com<br />KANDLA BRANCH | No 07, First Floor OM CORNER, PLOT NO 336, 337& 343, Ward No 12/B, Gandhidham, KachchhGujarat, INDIA<br />Telephone: (+91 283) 6 233776 Fax : (+91 283) 6 233775 E-Mail : info.munkdl@msashipping.com, umang@msashipping.com<br />