.Chinese national school in malaysia/

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Chinese national type schools in malaysia.

Chinese national type schools in malaysia.

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  • 1. Chinese National School in Malaysia Noor Ashiqin bt Jusoff Albar 4123012131 Effarizan Hassan 4123012121 Nadira Mohammed 4123012121 Afiq Yusuf b. Ahmad Zamani 4123012121
  • 2. 19th Century.Historical Background of Chinese National Schools in Malaysia. Language and Culture preserve.
  • 3. “National School” “National Type Schools”• Curriculum •Buildings.• Teaching personel
  • 4. <-Primary school •Mandarin MediumSecondary school ->•English Medium
  • 5. Types of ChineseSchools in Malaysia.
  • 6. • One seventh to one fifth of their time dedicating it to Mandarin language. • Private independent schools. • 1960s , 1970s – reopened independent school branch. •Foon yew High School over 7000 students. •Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) which came into being after the Education Act 1961. •1973, Dong Jiao Zong formed the MICSS Working Committee, •examination and syllabus of the 60 Independent Schools in Malaysia. “Unified Examination started in 1975 and has continued to be run every year since.
  • 7. Requiring students to stay backafter schoolChinese comprehension and Implementationwritten Chinese are compulsory inChinese schoolA year-long transition class
  • 8. All student in Chinese National School is compulsory to learn 3 languages which is Chinese, English and Malay. Changes in Curriculum The Chinese in Chinese National School National At the Senior MiddleWorking Committee School level, students are compiles and categorize into prepares Science, Arts, standardized Commerce and textbooks for the Vocationaluse of students at streamed. both Junior and Senior level.
  • 9. Technical and Vocational EducationA Technical and Vocational EducationDepartment was set up in 1987 to promotetechnical and vocational education in ChineseNational School Out of 60 Chinese National School, 23 of them are conducting different technical and vocational courses according to the prevailing conditions. Students in the Technical and Vocational stream sit for the Vocational Unified Examination which was first held in 1993.
  • 10. Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) Working together with United Chinese School CommitteesConducted by the Working Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM), Committee. the United Chinese School Teachers Association of Malaysia (UCSTAM) and the Chinese Schools Alumni Association. Compulsory to all Chinese National School students.
  • 11. Progress of Chinese National Type School. Chinese National School known as non-vernacular school Mandarin is use as the medium interaction. Student has the opportunity to master three languages
  • 12. - Lack of permanent teachers who really can master the medium language that Problems is require in this type of school.that occurin Chinese NationalSchool are: - Racist issues are related to this type of school especially among the Chinese community.