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Treatment presentation

  1. 1. For my Video I have chosen the Drum and Bass Genre. Drum and Bass is afairly new type of genre which was created in the UK IN 1989-1993 and hasbecome very popular for young adults across the globe.I have looked at lots of artists and music videos so that I could choose theright track for my video. For my video I have chosen Last Jungle by SubFocus which was released in 2009 on October the 12th. The reason I choosethis song was because of its fast repetitive beat which gave me ideas onwhat I could put into my video. As I looked at other Sub Focus songs Ifound out that most of the old tracks don’t have videos so I could come upwith my own idea for a video for the song.
  2. 2.  Performance or story line? With my research I discovered Drum and Bass videos don’t have a story line. The videos mainly consist of lots of fast moving shots and the audience at a club or rave while the artist is performing. These videos show the audiences reaction to this type of music. I also looked at the artist Netsky who does not use story line either but all of his videos are not just of him performing. Some of his videos have shots which are interesting to the audience like the song Netskty starlight which has weird illusional effects as the world keeps repeating its self. For my video I have chosen not to have a story line and have lots of shots with illusion like affects to create an interesting image to the audience this song.
  3. 3. Ideas so farFor my video I have come up with many ideas onhow to create an abnormal look. As I discoveredmost drum and bass videos don’t have a story lineI needed to come up with a way of creatingillusion like effects, here are some of my ideas.1. I decided that most of the music video will be in black and white.2. I came up with the idea of using a strobe light for some of the shots to create a rave/club sort of look which is common in most Drum and Bass videos.3. The filming of cars going past on the motor way which will then be speeded up to create an effect.
  4. 4. AudienceAs Drum and bass is relatively new in the musicmarket it still has a medium to high popularity in theUK but low to medium popularity in Europe, NorthAmerica and Australia. Drum and bass and Dubstephave a selected audience of devoted fans. Drum andBass often makes an appearance as back groundmusic especially in Top Gear and commercials thanksto its aggressive and energetic beats. This type ofmusic could be defined as strictly electronic musicalgenre with the only live element being the DJselection and mixing of records during a set. Theresearch I carried out to look at what type ofaudience was to look at what age group this appealedto and gender. I discovered that it is mainly a youngerage group and mainly young males. Within my groupof friends we all enjoy this type of music. In myopinion the age group is young male from 14-25being young adults mainly male and part female.