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Train – Drive By
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  • 1. Train – Drive ByStoryline: The music video starts off with diegetic sound as the mainsinger and his supposed girlfriend are having an argument over thephone.He then leaves his house in his car in order to win her back.(As he takes the cover off the car the music starts)Throughout the music video the scenes cuts from the present to thePast. This is done by showing flashbacks of how they met.Then cutting to the main singer, driving to win back his girlfriend.In-between these scenes shots of the band playing in a field are shown.
  • 2. Summary: When the shots of the band are used mid-close up shots are used (as shown above), this focuses the audience more on the band and the music.When showing the flash backs long shots are used in order toestablish the setting.Close-ups are used in order to establish the main characters.
  • 3. The first shot however of the band playing is a long shot, thisestablishes to the audience the band members.In the flash backs the couple are the main focus of the shots.At around 2:25 of the video the music slows down, as well as thecuts. Also more long picturesque shots are used.
  • 4. Near the end we have a point of view, mid close-up shot from thecouple as they look happily at each other.The video ends on a shot of the couple together (mid shot) as theydrive off. The clip fades out to finish. This scene is sort of like thehappy ending to the video as the guy gets the girl.
  • 5. Convention Genre MeaningPop rock – it focuses mainly on the lead singer, uses bright coloursand has narrative as well as performance.CarlssonCommercial exhibitionist, as it advertises the cars a lot. Televised bard, as it has the storyline of the guy trying to win back the girl.ShoreClassic story telling motifs, as it’s a guy trying to win back the girl and the guy gets the girl.GoodwinThought beats, as the cuts are in time with the beat of the song. Narrative and performance are used in the video. Illustration, the song its talking about driving by and it shows the singer driving in a car.