The steps i took into making my digipack


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The steps i took into making my digipack

  1. 1. The steps I took into making mydigipack and magazine advert.
  2. 2. Front cover (Step 1)For my Digipack front cover I havedecided to use the gas mask whichis used through my music video.The reason I choose to do this wasmost albums have a picture of theartist on the front cover so theaudience recognise who their artistis and what type of music theyproduce.
  3. 3. Step 2 and 3 front coverStep 2For the next part I choose on where the titlewould be most visible and eye catching to myaudience. I decided to place the artists name SubFocus on the top of the gas mask and warpedthis so it looks like the word is apart of the gasmask. I then used the name of the song to beplaced at the bottom of the mask in a bigger fontas this is the song I am promoting.Step 3The last layer I used the effect of smoke becauseof themes from my video and the idea of the gasmask and what they are used for.
  4. 4. I used the range of filtersavailable on photo shop tocreate a stylized look forthe mask making it moreplastic looking. I used thewarp tool to blend theSub Focus text around thetop of the mask. I took a frame from the original video and used the lasso tool to cut around the smoke. I then put that behind the gas mask layer.
  5. 5. To create the smoke Iused the smudge tool tomove the smoke aroundthe mask and the text atthe bottom of the page.
  6. 6. Inside left cover Step 1 I discovered when I was rotating the smoke, the smoke formed the shape of a skull which fitted well into the ideas of my music video.
  7. 7. Inside back step 1For my inside back I used apart of the gas mask whichwas in the shape of a circlewhich worked well as Icould use this for wherethe cd would be held and itonce again links itself tomy music video. I used themagic wand to cut aroundthe piece of the gas maskthen used effects to changethe colour and contrast ofit. I used smoke again forthe back ground aspreviously used in myother covers.
  8. 8. Back cover For the back cover I decided to use the main character. I used the smoke effect again but smudged it to make the character look like he is on fire. I followed the normal conventions of the back cover by listing all the songs in the album. At the bottom I have shown how to contact Sub Focus and the bar code.
  9. 9. Making the magazine advertI used a lot of thesimilar techniques suchas the blurring andsmudging of the smokeand the filter on thegas mask. The maindifference skill Ishowed here was theuse of fonts and theouter glow behindthem.
  10. 10. The pictureshows how Iused the outerglow effectbehind mytitles LastJungle andSub Focus. Idid this tomake it moreeye catchingfor myaudience andits importantthat the artistname sticksout.
  11. 11. I used the markers to I reversed the smoke totrack which beat to edit create an abnormalto make sure I could affect.edit the images to thesame beat to create aconsistent flow.
  12. 12. I put a brightness and contrast affect to make all images be in blackand white to create a consistent look which went beyond a plainlooking image with a stylized design.
  13. 13. I did a lot of research about the Dance and Drum and bassindustry through the use of the internet. I used You Tube a lotand this is where some of my ideas came from on what I wantedto do in my music video. I also found the most common featuresin the videos with these genres as an example Netsky everydayrusko remix which shows the DJ performing and the atmosphereof a rave showing the audiences reaction.I also used Google and Google images to look at images of theartists and some of their albums which helped me design my Digipack and magazine advert.I used face book to get peoples opinions on my work and what Icould do to make it better.
  14. 14. I presented a lot of my through the use of video. The reason for this was I could display images while I explained why I choose these and the information, research and videos I looked at through the use of the internet and articles.To display my work I used Blogger which was helpful as it allowed me to share posts, ideas and embed videos on to it.
  15. 15. To film my project I used a Samsung video camera for filming the majority of my shots and scenes.