Buried alive


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Buried alive

  1. 1. Synopsis: A revenge killing that takes place in the south east of England.
  2. 2.  In shot one, we see Sam in a chair watching TV he falls asleep through this shot. Once fallen asleep Sam’s to have flashbacks of Kims death as Emma stabs her in the chest. we then see a close up shot of Kim’s face. We then freeze the frame on her Face, the picture will then change to a negative shot and the title next to it says Meg Barron-Cutts. We will then have the camera lifted so that we get a birds eye view of meg and then… Sam wakes with a jump in shock in a sweat. Freeze frame on Sam’s face and then change the shot into negative and a title saying Gus McCulloch. The shot is a montage of plans and pictures and maps of where Emma is, we then focus on a picture that is in the plans in black and white of Emma. Freeze frame on the picture and then go into negative and a title saying Ellaoisa Gorvin.
  3. 3.  We then see Sam plotting Emma’s Position. Moving the points on the map and looking at location charts. We then have some continuity editing. Sam reaching for his coat walk/ drives to find Emma. Emma walks down the path, Sam walks behind at a small distance. Sam runs and knocks out Emma, then beats Emma with a bat. close up of hands being tied up, and then hood over the head. Blackout on screen – we then see costume and makeup titles on screen. moving images of Emma legs being dragged through a gap in the hedge. Sam then throws her down, on the floor. Sam then starts to dig a grave for Emma’s body. Take off hood and cuts hands free and then throw her unconscious body into a gave. pitch black see a title. We the see a lighter click on, See a close up of Emma’s face. We the see the title appear next to the lighter. The lighter then gets blown out by wind. We then hear a click and another click and then pitch back.
  4. 4.  We are aiming to create a mystery, dark, action thriller that draws the audience in. We listened to our focus groups and responses to our questionnaire. So we have made the story line in the style and tone that the our audience want. The audience wanted us to appeal to a female audience, one of the ways we are going to do this is have the lead character as a female. All the shots will be a low lighting and shadowy. Towards the end of the film opening the shots will be nearly pitch black. “Spooks” influenced us with the negative effect as it creates a spooky, uneasy atmosphere. This does this by using the effect to distort our faces and to change the colour to foreshadow that these characters will be important.
  5. 5.  Following the questionnaire and focus group. We discussed as a group that we should make our action thriller apple to both men and women. However we think that no one under the age of 15 should see it as it promotes violence and includes troubling images. We also think that people over the age 55would not really be interested in action thrillers. In our questionnaire the people that responded said that we should make it more appealing to women by making the lead character a female this is centred around Emma. The audience also wanted to see some romance thought out so Sam trys to save Kim. We are going to attract our audience by following there advice and guidance in the questionnaire and focus group.