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Album cover anayslied

  1. 1. Album coveranalysis
  2. 2. The title is the largestsize writing on thealbum showing its The Album coverimportance. This is called levels.stands out from They have used aanything else on the picture of twoalbum and is the first elevators for this.thing you look at This relates to thewhen you see the Album name asAlbum. Then below an elevator goesyou have the album up and downname Levels. Both levels. It also usesare in different fonts a shadow effectnormally seen, this is around theanother factor to why picture to makeit stands out. the elevator stand out in the middle.The Album name is also the same name as the number onehit on the album which is called levels. The name levels isalso styled as le7els with a 7 instead of the v, to make it
  3. 3. The title You can tell theMagnetic man is genre from thisthe name of the album cover quiteartist, there is easily. The font forno name of the magnetic man isalbum on the the main clue, thiscover, this isnt is in a very technicalvery common. style giving theThe font of the views thetitle ‘ Magnetic impression of aMan’ looks like dance/electronicsome future genre albumstyle. All theletters have The letter Mbeen slightly looks like itschanged, maybe slowly breakingadding a line or apart as wellputting a line which could bethrough the sayingletters. something to The main picture on the album is what seems to be the letter ‘M’. However it looks as if it is breaking. do with the There is also a strong light behind it which gives us album or artist. the impression the light is trying to break through.
  4. 4. The art work isThe Genre of this very similar toalbum is easily Banksy’s artrecognised from work. This alsothe album cover. gives anFirst of all we have impression thatthe blood and it is a modernpattern splatters, album. The stylethis could mean of the art workone or two genres is graffiti andof music, the style of thehouse/dance or writing isheavy rock. We slanted withcan then look at fading, a lot likethe title which is graffiti.very electronicand computerised, We also can seewe also have the the mouse maskguy dressed up which is anwith normal iconic imageclothes however a that wemouse mask. associated with deadmouse.
  5. 5. You also have the dark image and he expression on 50 cents face, which is angry. This also gives buyers an impression of the genre. We can also see tattoo on the hand which could be gang inflicted, which gives us another picture of the genre.The artist, 50cent, is looking In the picture westraight at us. have a highThis is called angled light, thisdirect mode of could imply thataddress. he is being interrogated, thisThe album title is would alsosituated at the explain thebottom in a font expression andwhich implies that the dark room.the genre will behip hop. The fontis quite graffiti like The bling on hisand uses colours wrist is used tosuch as white and promote to stand out.We also know thathis name is thealbum title.