Uas genap 2012 2013 lampiran soft file


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Uas genap 2012 2013 lampiran soft file

  1. 1. SOURCES: 1. speaking through the silence: narratives, social conventions and power in java, written by L. Berman, published in Oxford by Oxford University Press in 1998. 2. THE FOUR CARDINAL POINTS OF ANY GOOD WRITING: EXPRESSION, CONTENT, ORGANIZATION & TECHNICAL ACCURACY, written by Uway Onukwugha in 2006, taken from internet at, accessed on 2 March 2012. 3. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH IN EDUCATION: AN INTRODUCTION TO THEORY AND METHODS, written by R. Bogdan and Sari Knop Biklen published by Allyn and Bacon in Boston America in 1998. 4. Arabic Loanwords in Javanese Dialect in Sepanjang Sidoarjo, a Thesis (unpublished), written by Muhammad Fadholi, taken from State University of Surabaya East Java in 2002. 5. AN INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLINGUISTICS, written by Janet Holmes, published by Longman in London in 2000. 6. Guiding Principles for Effective Peer Response, written by Jette G. Hansen and Jun Liu, taken from ELT Journal, Volume 59, Number 1, Januari 2005, P. 31-38. 7. INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH IN EDUCATION, written by Donald Ary, Luci Chesar Jacobs, and Asghar Razavieh, published by Wadsworth Thomson Learning in New York USA in 2002. 8. An Expanded Sourcebook: Qualitative Data Analysis, 2nd Edition, written by Matthew B. Miles and A. Michael Huberman, published in California U.S.A. by Sage Publications in 1994. 9. TERMS OF ADDRESS USED AMONG BATAK TOBA PEOPLE LIVING IN SURABAYA, written by Nalawi Abdul Karim Mawardi, taken from a Thesis (unpublished) of State University of Surabaya in 2005. 10. 30 Years of EFL/ESL: A Personal Reflection, written by Jack C. Richard, taken from International Journal Volume 3 Number 2 page 23-54, published in Australia in 2003. 11. Preparing ESL Students for Peer Response, written by Edvan Cholis Berg, taken from TESOL Journal Volume 8 Issue 2 page 20 – 25, published in 1998 in Boston America.
  2. 2. 12. Strategies of Indonesian Learners of English across Individual Differences, written by John Mistar, taken from Dissertation (unpublished) of Monash University in Melbourne in 2002. 13. Teaching using Integrated Skills, written by Fredy Lemm, taken from internet at, accessed on 10 May 2013. 14. A Course in Language Teaching: Practice and Theory, written by Peny Ur, published by Cambridge University Press in 1996. 15. PEER RESPONSE IN THE TEACHING OF WRITING AT MA SITI AISYAH PALANGKA RAYA, written by Faridah Herawati Saudah, taken from a Thesis (unpublished) of State Islamic College of Palangka Raya in 2004.