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  1. 2. Group Members Hamid Hussain Dileep Kumar Monday Writing Research Report Dr. R.A SHAH Anas Aslam 12:00 to 3:00 pm Shaikh Hafiz Course Anoosh
  2. 13. Providing Quality Service Maintain High Level Professional Standards Optimum Use of Resources
  3. 14. Meet The Energy Requirment Reliable and sustainable Natural gas Supply Efficiency, Responsibilty, ethics
  4. 15. SUPPLY CHAIN VISION Achieve high level of customers satisfaction through low cost Highly Efficient Operations Leading food company
  5. 16. SUPPLY CHAIN MISSION Optimize And consolidate Resources Develop and Manage effective SCM Network Create Continuous Improvement
  6. 17. Demand Analysis Supply Analysis Sourcing Strategy Strategy Communication Supplier Selection Implementation Supplier Management Suppliers Pool Hussain Can Co. Largest Can Manufacturer in Pakistan
  7. 18. Type Of Need Strategic or operational Repetitive Or Non-Repetitive Size (quantity/ dollars) Procurement Cycle <ul><li>Recognize </li></ul><ul><li>Describe </li></ul><ul><li>Define the need </li></ul> Classification Of Needs  Specification Of Need Speed Timing
  8. 19. Determine sources, investigate, and select supplier/analyze bids Prepare and issue the Purchase Order Follow-up the order (including expediting) Procurement Cycle 3 4 5
  9. 20. Purchase Dept Financial Accounts Dept Based on these quotations a &quot;Purchase Order&quot; is drafted by the Dept Three copies of the Purchase Order are prepared; these are : <ul><li>Supplier's copy </li></ul><ul><li>Account Departments' copy </li></ul><ul><li>Purchase Department's copy </li></ul>The invoice from the supplier of the material also reaches the Accounts Payable section. The payment is made to the supplier as per terms and conditions settled before the contract is signed Quality Assurance Officer <ul><li>Receives and Inspects The Material </li></ul>Procurement Cycle
  10. 21. Procurement Cycle Receive and inspect The Material Clearance of the Invoice and Payment to Supplier Close The Order/records 6 7 8
  11. 23. Finance Mr. Shahid Jafri Internal Audit Mr.Noorani HR Ms. Meher Mr. Salim Abbas Chairman MD Dr. Faizullah Abbasi Mr. Azim Iqbal Customer Services Management
  12. 25. Hamid Hussain (Chief executive Officer) Board of Directors Age 22 MBA (Marketing) Harvard University (USA) Member of the Personnel Committee Profile
  13. 26. Board of Directors Kashif Iqbal (Managing Director) Managing Cash flows and Budgeting Profile Age 22 MBA (Finance) LUMS University (PAK)
  14. 27. Board of Directors Faizan Ahmed (Executive Vice President, Markets ) Profile Age 23 MBA (Marketing) Institute of Business Administration (Pak) Market and Product Specialization
  15. 28. Board of Directors Muhammad Hassam (Executive Human Resources) Age 21 MBA (HR) Human Relations and Corporate Dealings Profile Iqra university (PAK)
  16. 29. Board of Directors Zaid Nisar (Chief Financial Officer ) Profile Age 22 MBA (Finance) University of Chicago Auditing and financial affairs
  17. 54. Pull / Push / Lift your pie charts
  18. 55. Push your pie charts
  19. 56. Pull your pie charts
  20. 57. Lift your pie charts
  21. 59. Customer profitability Customer equity Lifetime value Customize for each customer
  22. 63. REFERENCES
  23. 64. Thank You !
  24. 66. Thank you ! Designed By: Hamid Hussain [email_address]