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Amazon assignment

  1. 1. Name: Hamid Hussain Reg; 6831 Class: Monday (9:00 am to 12:00 pm) Course: Computer Application to Business и Submitted to: Mr. Syed Hasan Adil
  2. 2. BRIEF OVERVIEW • is the world’s largest e-commerce site • During the dot-com “boom,” they hired aggressively as investor cash came in • The site needed to streamline its content development strategy • This included a shift from an editor-created to a user-generated content model • Has over 35 e-commerce main product categories and hundreds of sub-categories o Each category has at least one full-time editor  Some have several editors Each editor is responsible for maintaining front page of each “store” and sub-pages, including product detail pages, has developed separate websites for Canada, UK, Germany, France, China and Japan. vision is to become•  The competitive rivalry amongst the e-retailing industry is intense. From some of the largest to the smallest companies, dotcom businesses are abundant, making competition intense. competes directly with big firms such as Barnes and Noble and EBay. The Value Chain The value chain analysis undertaken examines the operational effectiveness of activities that enable to perform better than its competitors; i.e. the distinctive value chain activities that are difficult to imitate. Where configures its value chain activities to create unique value for customers, reduce its costs of carrying out these activities and reduce the cost of its customers’ transactions.
  3. 3. Global Internet Trends Internet Usage Figure 5 and Appendix 3 show that the five countries with the highest internet usage are USA, China, Japan, Germany and India. has a presence in all of these countries except for India. This indicates a potential opportunity for
  4. 4. Amazon Vision ‘‘Earths most customer centric company Start with customers and work backwards’’ Selection Wide product range Books, videos, many more …and they have a category ‘Crazy Things’ under Toys & Games ! Convenience Selection available on your screen Various price ranges – New & Used Delivery in shortest possible time Prices Prices revised daily Many times Free Shipping ‘Goldbox’ – Discounts on new categories Customers Effective Process management Satisfied Customer Low costs Competitors Turn them into collaborators Superior Technology Platform – value for competitors to use the platform, advantage for Amazon to offer wider choice Collaborators Amazon Marketplace – Customers and retailers can sell their new and old items Amazon Merchants – Larger third party Merchants Categories • Automotive Parts / Motorcycle & ATV • Cell Phones and Accessories • Clothing & Accessories** • Collectible Books • Industrial and Scientific
  5. 5. • Jewelry • Shoes • Toys & Games (holiday approval only) • Watches List of Amazon® Product Categories Amazon US Category Name Category Code Apparel & Accessories apparel Automotive automotive Baby baby Beauty beauty Books books Camera & Photo photo Cell Phones & Service wireless-phones Classical Music classical Computers pc-hardware Computer & Video Games videogames DVD dvd Electronics electronics Gourmet Food gourmet Grocery grocery Home & Garden garden Health & Personal Care hpc Industrial & Scientific industrial Jewelry & Watches jewelry Kitchen & Housewares kitchen
  6. 6. Magazine Subscriptions magazines Miscellaneous universal Music music Musical Instruments mi Software software Sports & Outdoors sporting Tools & Hardware tools Toys & Games toys Unbox Video Downloads amazontv VHS vhs Amazon UK Category Name Category Code Books books Classical Music classical Computer & Video Games video-games-uk DVD dvd-uk Electronics electronics-uk Home & Garden garden-uk Health & Personal Care hpc-uk Jewellery & Watches jewelry-uk Kitchen & Housewares kitchen-uk Music music Sports & Leisure sports-uk Software software-uk Tools & Hardware tools-uk Toys & Games toys-uk
  7. 7. VHS vhs-uk Amazon Canada Category Name Category Code Books books-ca Livres en Français books-ca-fr Music music-ca Classical Music classical-ca DVD dvd-ca VHS vhs-ca Software software-ca Computer & Video Games| video-games-ca HOW AMAZON.COM FUNCTIONS?  Content Management • With millions of products, needs help from the public to keep the pages up-to-date and filled with useful information • “ User-generated Content”  Content Features • Reviews • List mania • “ How-to” and Buying Guides • Product manuals • Customer Images • Ref-tags • Discussion Forums
  8. 8. • Wikis List mania! Examples • Customers create their own lists to share with others o Each item in the list is linkable to a product • Examples: o Top 15 Movies of 2005 by fattyjoe37 o The Best Albums of 2006 by Volant solo o “Awesome Books” by fantasy rules Guide Examples • Customers create their own guides to share their expertise with others • Examples: o How to set up a wireless home network o Taking a better picture with your digital camera Visitor Experience • Customers indicate that they enjoy the “community” aspect of shopping • They trust the collective opinions of other shoppers more than the manufacturers • The “Amazon Review” has become a very powerful force in the industry o Buying decisions are made for purchases both off- and on-line Customer Reviews • has thousands of unpaid writers voluntarily submit their reviews o Top reviewer Harriet Klausner has written over 12,000 reviews without pay for the site Personalization at • developed an infrastructure where each visitor page is personalized • The homepage displays items that thinks you are likely to buy
  9. 9. • Visitors indicate that they like the personalization  Personalization • Personalization technologies are also easy to manage and popular with visitors o Previous purchase data collected o Cross-referenced with other sales data o A “personalized” store homepage suggests products based on like-minded customers  Includes “recommendations” embedded into page Automation at • Data is king at Amazon • Many examples of data driven automation o Channel management  Web site real estate management system  Automated e-mail measurement and optimization o Merchandising  Customers who bought X also bought…  Recommendations  New releases, top sellers  Purchase Circles o Advertising  Automatic ad generation and bidding Electronic Media and E-Commerce • What makes the site attractive to consumers?
  10. 10. o Strong reputation for good customer service o Secure from “hackers” o Large selection of products o Easy navigation  Clean Web design that maximizes click-through and/or sales